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  1. 1. Rejection of Liberalism<br />=Totalitarian Government<br />Laura Friesen<br />&<br />Teresa Fox<br />
  2. 2. Total Government Control<br />In Saudi Arabia the head of government and head of state is the same person, the King. The King selects all his cabinet members, but still has to listen to the leaders of the Wahhabi Islam religion. King ABDALLAH bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud has to work with the religion otherwise they will force him out of government.<br />Under Hitler’s control the German the business, military was all controlled by the government. All nations people are put under the concept of collectivism for the country. <br />It can also be argued that Saudi Arabia dose not have total Government control because the King has to be conscious of his actions because of the Wahhabi religion. If they do not agree with his decision the religious will overthrow his government. <br />
  3. 3. Strict Controls/Laws<br />Saudi Arabia does have strict controls and the laws sometimes inhibit the people from doing what they want. The citizens usually do not choose their jobs, where they want to travel and who they want to marry. Many of the laws or controlling factors come from the Islam religion, such as women should not go out in public without hair coverings.<br />Strict Laws were put in place to the law in order and keep a peaceful nations. Nuremberg Race Laws made it so Jews could not marry or have any relations with Aryans. Jews were declared “subjects” instead of Germans. <br />
  4. 4. Military State<br />Saudi Arabia spends about 10% of their GDP on military expenditures which is quite high in world standing, but as of 2004 there is no conscription. <br />Rebuilding Germanys military was one of Hitler's highest priorities. In used the secret police to instill fear and terror into his own people. The Military was under control of Hitler and they had to pledge allegiance to Germany. The Secret State Police (Gestapo) duty was to round up all the Jews and undesirable living within Germany’s boarders and send them to their deaths. The Schutzstaffel (SS) were formed especially to be Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguards. <br />
  5. 5. Terror and Fear<br />The military and government do not use terror and fear to get their people to follow the laws, but they are one of the leading terrorist countries. Their extremist religionists believe it is honorable to sacrifice themselves in order to instill their Islamic values, beliefs and culture<br />Before Hitler created instability and unrest in the German people. Showing them that they need more, that they deserved more. After Hitler began his reign over Germany he suppressed the people from thinking any differently then he wanted them to. He used violence to make the resisting members of the nation fear speaking out. The Night of broken glass was a deadly night where many Jewish people were killed and robbed of their livelihood and sent to concentration camps. <br />The government of Saudi Arabia does not use extreme forms of terror and fear to force the nation into submission to their religious laws. <br />
  6. 6. Ultra Nationalism<br />The people of Saudi Arabia are ultra-nationalistic because they use terrorism to try to bring people to their religion. Three persistent themes of their ultra nationalism is Arab unity, the unresolved conflicts in the Palestine's and the conflict with Israel. <br />Hitler was totally focused on bringing Germany back to its National glory. He didn’t think of benefiting any other country but his own. Everything he did was for Germany, and Germany only. He convinced the people through propaganda that they needed to fight and die for their country, and anyone that got in the way of their victory must be destroyed. <br />
  7. 7. Single Leader<br />The leader of Saudi Arabia is a King, and he is also the head of government and head of state. He makes all the important decisions with his hand picked cabinet members.<br />Hitler became Chancellor in 1932 and soon after in placed the Enabling Act, which would end democracy and establish a dictatorship. Hitler manipulated his way into getting the people to elect him supreme chancellor for life. <br />
  8. 8. Conformity<br />The people of Saudi Arabia all conform in that they all believe in some form of Islam. Most to all of the Arab women have to cover their hair in public, should not work, drive, or have an education. Most families participate in arranged marriages, and all work to the good of their own nation.<br />All German citizens were forced to take oaths devoting themselves to their country and all their decisions. No unions were allowed to be emplaced to keep any unexpected actions from happening. People of different religious backgrounds or unacceptable stature were discriminated against. Hitler used eugenics to keep the undesirables to stop reproducing. <br />The Conformity of the Saudi Arabians are based on religious values and customs, not the force of government control. Its traditional for women to stay at home and keep covered up. <br />
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