Group 3 Final Draft Presentation


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This is the final draft of the group #3's project.

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Group 3 Final Draft Presentation

  1. 1. By: Kerri and Taylor
  2. 2.  One definition of positive deviance, is participating in an activity that society views as negative but it is done for a positive reason.
  3. 3.  One example of positive deviance from our history would be the Revolutionary War.  The British society viewed the Americans as deviant defying them, but the Americans were trying to gain their freedom and provide better lives for their people.
  4. 4.  One example of positive deviance would be a parent stealing from others to provide food for her children  The act of stealing is considered to be extremely deviant but when it is done to feed children it is not viewed as negatively.
  5. 5.  Another form of positive deviance is someone that is such a good person, that their positive qualities deviates from the rest of the society  For example Mother Teresa was a wonderful person, that helped children and did not participate in any negative deviance
  6. 6.  Another example of positive deviance includes people not following the norm of society and having positive results  For instance very few people have their own gardens but they save money on vegetables but other members of society spend more money at the store
  7. 7.  Another type of positive deviance includes performing a deviant act in order to gain the acceptance of a particular group in the society.  This would include gang initiations, committing a crime to be initiated and continuing to commit crimes to be accepted and to gain a second family
  8. 8.  A child or youth stealing in order to be accepted by peers also falls under this category.  They participate in the deviant act of stealing, but gain positive attention from peers.
  9. 9.  Teen alcohol and drug use can also sometimes fall under this category. Youths tend to engage in these activities in order to please members of their peer group, and to fit into the crowd. While the act of drinking and using drugs is negative and harmful, at times the positive aspect of acceptance from others can be more important to the teen.
  10. 10.  In conclusion, As you have seen on this slide show there are many forms of positive deviance some good and some bad. Whether you think you are a deviant or not, it is not necessarily determined by you, it is determined by the society in which you live in