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Everything happens for a reason. God put us on each other's ways for a reason, for a reason or for lifetime. Since God is the designer, then it must be for the better of every one comes across that pathway. To every BBS 8th grader, to every student of mine, to 8B in particular and to my inspirer (s), I devote this presentation. If I was put in your way for a reason, I hope I was able to serve that reason. If I was brought in your way for a season, the season is over and I hope I was able to serve that season. Farewell!

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To My Inspirer(S)

  1. 1. “ I Will Always Love You” To my Inspirer (s) Thank You
  2. 2. To My Inspirer (s) 1st day of school, I stood in front of my class and said: “To me, what you will become is more important than what I will give you”. I told them: ”I care”. They felt it right, and we got connected. [If you care about people, people know. And, if you pretend you care about people, people ….. KNOW!] They new from day one that I genuinely care for them. A sparkling look shined from the back of the classroom with a beautiful smile, as if it was saying: “ Miss, I care too…..” It was the birth of a newborn truthful spiritual connection between me and him!
  3. 3. To My Inspirer (s) As time has passed, the connection became stronger and the need to meet every day was there. Homeroom was meaningful. One caring advice a day, left a mark among the group and to him it made a Difference. The connection grew even stronger, and his care curved into APPRECIATION . One more time, and from another corner somewhere at the back, another beautiful worried pair of eyes shined with confident yet restless smile, as if it was saying: “ Miss: “I need you…..”
  4. 4. To My Inspirer (s) As time never waits, and the clock keeps on ticking, the connection is in glue now. My time with them within the walls of our classroom was joy to me. Advisory was meaningful. During the preparations for the International Day, the connection was in steel. He took the lead and expressed genuine care to his classmates. “ His caring acts that curved into appreciating words and smiles, has developed into…….. LOVE”. I started reading love in his eyes……………………….”. He listened to every word I said with his heart and felt every look and gesture of mine. The other two pair of confident, yet restless needy eyes has turned now into trusting yet depending eyes. He was the Dynamo of the International Day. He said Miss: “ You deserve a Noble Prize”, and I replied: “I do not mind one!”  We had to break for the Independence Day. They all left very happy. He left the class at that day so happy with his love in his big heart. To me, it was a break to recount my measures.
  5. 5. To My Inspirer (s) First day after the break, I walked down to meet them for homeroom. He was waiting for me, leaning against the door with the loving spark in his eyes and a beautiful shining smile on his face, as if he was saying: “ Miss: I have missed you”. Deep inside me, I replied:” I have missed you too honey”. But,….. taking into consideration the rest of his classmates, I smiled back to him and said: “Hi”, and continued walking into the class addressing them with a new inspiration. Nevertheless, he was the nucleus of love on which I have built upon. His mates have felt his love. He inspired the whole class. I could have never reached any further with them, if I had no nucleus to spin my care and love around. I needed a strong base to construct upwards, and he provided me with that solid base of genuine pure love.
  6. 6. To My Inspirer (s) As time has passed, the connection became adhered. The need to meet every day was there. Homeroom was meaningful, and advisory was an opportunity to change. It is worth admitting that, it was because of them both, because of his genuine love to me and his precious emotional dependence on me, and because of his friend’s academic and mental dependence on me; I took a life decision… I decided to step on my stress, to ignore my pressure and never let them down. I have decided to continue this year to the last day with them. “ I am attached to them as much as they are attached to me”. I new I had the knowledge, the inspirational power and the trust that they needed to help them pass their obstacles. It is as if I am telling them: “I am there for you. I won’t let you down”
  7. 7. To My Inspirer (s) His big love is now everywhere. It started spreading to other classes. He has set another solid base of inspiration for me all around. Moreover, and out of this bigger crowd, here comes another energetic, brilliant, beautiful and fascinating eyes shouting all around: “ Miss: I love you………..”. She is rocking and influential. Thank God I have made that decision. Thank God I was put in their ways… I know I have made a difference in their lives. And I know as well, my job is not finished yet……. I promise I will not leave you at this stage. I will continue teaching you how to sail even in the worst conditions of weather, and through the highest tidal waves. I will be there for you until you can sail on your own. Oh God, they are learning a big deal!
  8. 8. To My Inspirer (s) As I always like to think the other way round, it is me who has learnt from them. Yes, they taught me lessons for my life. I have learned so much from them. I have learned to change my objectives to serve “who” matters rather that “what” matters. I have learnt from them that love is miraculous and can bring difference around. I have learned that love is a common language that can cross all language, age and every blocking boundary. “ Love is like playing the Piano. You have to know how to play by rules first and then you start playing out of your heart.”
  9. 9. To My Inspirer (s) At this stage, they made me able to play fabulous soft music out of my heart to every listener. Music is every where, and love is all around. Inspiration has reached every destination within my classroom walls and way beyond. And this is the result: _ During the parent conferences, a mother calls me to say: “My daughter is spreading your luxurious emotions all around the house”. I interpreted her message as, her daughter has been inspired through out the year, and she has learnt the hard lesson. She was able to transfer her emotions rather than her actions. She spoke out of her heart. She has very high spirits any way. _ Another mother approaches me during the KG2 graduation to introduce herself and say: Ms. Amani. My son is talking about you every day at home. He is to the point that he is beyond loving you…….. AND _Two historical memorial days: The 2nd and 3rd of June 2009
  10. 10. To My Inspirer (s) 1- I open my room in the morning to find a gigantic poster hanging up the wall with their beautiful smiling faces. (tears started dropping but I managed to hide them). 2- My photo on their T-shirts roaming all around the school all day long with their love expressed in writing. (My heart started crying). 3- A poem written by their hearts rather than by their hands. They have expressed their love to me in their own words. I was knocked down to earth. I was not able to hold my tears any more. 4- As I walked around, every one who came across my way got inspired by their brilliance. I have received compliments like I have never received before.
  11. 11. To My Inspirer (s) 5- She waits for me on her way home to give me that fabulous gift to keep as a memory! 6- Another “she” walks up the stairs (that she has always complained about) to share her feelings with me and leaves me a memory of her fragrance! 7- Both of them walk to the class room saying: “Miss, your own brand design (Armani) has arrived and they leave me another memory! 8- I have even received “Champaign” to celebrate the success of the year! (non-alcoholic of course  )
  12. 12. To My Inspirer (s) 9- They gather themselves during the open review day to totally knock me down with an unexpected way of saying goodbye. I always new what goes around comes around. But I never expected that my presentations to them will come around on me. I meant to touch their hearts with my presentations and inspire them to do better. Their presentation blew my heart away. I meant to love them and they delivered devotion to me. Their farewell presentation was devastating, overwhelming, destructive or whatever synonym can describe that feeling. The blackberry was just a tool to say: “ Miss we want to stay in touch with you”.
  13. 13. To My Inspirer (s) I just want to tell every body in 8A, B, C, D: “I love you all”! To 8B in particular: “ You are my everlasting memory”! To him in particular, to his beautiful trusting and more settled eyes I would say: “Relax, you are an awesome young man. You have the charisma and you spoke on your class mates’ behalf at all times”! To her in particular I would say: “ if you say, I mean the sun to you, I would say you mean the world to me”. The world and the sun has to go together. You are amazing with your brilliant emotions and abilities to lead and inspire. & To him, to my inspirer, to the owner of the most pure and loving heart, to the Mountain Man who started climbing up to the top, I would say: “I will always love you” !You have carved your everlasting space in my heart. I am there for you as long as I am alive. I will continue to take your hand and support you up your mountain no matter how high you decide to go. I want you high on top. You are a pioneer!
  14. 14. To My Inspirer (s) Thank God . Thank You . & I will Always Love You