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Aleveo Presentation

  1. 1. *aleveo Good ideas can come from anywhere
  2. 2. Seed speaks nothing of the tree it will become. Fortunately people do. Ideas and reasonings drive the future, theirs, yours and ours. They lead to innovation. CVs are broken. They describe who the person was, but not who is or who it will be.
  3. 3. Seeds are everywhere, so is innovation. So are ideas. They talk, can’t you hear?
  4. 4. Innovation moves the world. Innovation has an attitude, says no to no.
  5. 5. Entrepreneurism drives innovation. It’s the drive to change the status quo through outstanding perseverance.
  6. 6. Entrepreneurism lives on ideas.
  7. 7. Entrepreneurs change the world. They shape your company from within or outside. Does your company look for the seeds of entrepreneurs?
  8. 8. Does it seek for those willing to contribute?
  9. 9. Youth is motivated to innovate. They seek and embrace new. They love different. They want to prove themselves to the world. Thats you.
  10. 10. But you should be aware...
  11. 11. This is not how they see themselves.
  12. 12. This is how.
  13. 13. And this is where they want to work, and how they want to be seen.
  14. 14. Then they will be it, for you.
  15. 15. Are their ideas reaching you? They are seen with fresh eyes that know no limits. They are the future, today. They serve your interest.
  16. 16. They are a customer feedback. Youth are your customers. If they are not yet, they will be.
  17. 17. Customer Feedback Ideas are signs of possible improvements, but also a sign your customers are not satisfied. It can be better. You can be better. Ideas are the REAL feedback you want for your products and services. A constructive feedback. And it’s given to you for free. Customers want you to serve them better.
  18. 18. They are a source of innovation and differentiation. New propositions. Better products. Better Services. Better You.
  19. 19. They are a source of talent.
  20. 20. Haahh!! Youth has no experience! Their CVs are blank, they are nobody. Their ideas mean nothing.
  21. 21. Was an undergraduate paper that barely passed.
  22. 22. logo designed by a student
  23. 23. iPod Touch Advertisement by a student, bought and adopted later by Apple.
  24. 24. They have great ideas, but they are discarded. They have no one to talk to, mostly due to prejudices to lack of experience.
  25. 25. They most often have more than just ideas. They have the skills to act on them.
  26. 26. These prejudices lead to high youth unemployment rates.
  27. 27. Young women and men warrant special attention because jobs provide not only a source of income, but also of dignity and self-respect. Sustained unemployment can make youth vulnerable to social exclusion, as youth who enter the workforce with limited job prospects, underdeveloped skills, and inadequate education are most at risk for long-term unemployment, intermittent spells of unemployment and low- wage employment throughout their working lives. Furthermore, youth unemployment and poor jobs contribute to high levels of poverty. Focusing employment creation efforts on youth could help reverse these trends, and spell the start of active and productive workforce participation and the promotion of social integration. Youth unemployment rates tend to fluctuate in line with overall unemployment rates, illustrating the close tie to general economic trends. Yet during times of recession, the rise in youth unemployment tends to be more substantial than the concurrent increase in adult unemployment, supporting the notion that youth are the first to be laid off during economic downturns. These findings suggest that many employers view youth as being the most expendable if layoffs and downsizing become a necessity. Accordingly, lack of aggregate demand may only partially explain the youth unemployment problem.”  * from a United Nations Background Paper - Expert Group Meeting on Jobs for Youth: National Strategies for Employment Promotion, December 2002.
  28. 28. Ok. There might be some good ideas out there, but how do we get to them?
  29. 29. Student design, Electrolux Design Lab competition Organize competitions.
  30. 30. Problem.
  31. 31. Innovation doesn’t wait for you to ask for it. It needs no permission. It can happen at anytime, anywhere, and right now. Are you available?
  32. 32. You need a channel that will be open all the time for ideas aimed at you or your sector. If you are not listening, your competitors might be.
  33. 33. We made it.
  34. 34. The only way to have good ideas is to have a lot of them.
  35. 35. At Toyota, it’s 1.000.000 ideas per year. From anyone.
  36. 36. We* collect students’ ideas about you, your products and markets and share this with you. *aleveo
  37. 37. We* filter them by hand, so that only reasonable ones reach you.
  38. 38. It’s FREE. To receive ideas from students, and to access all ideas. Our policy is to serve students interests, and all such services are provided for free.
  39. 39. But you can also open a challenge (a call for ideas), set the requirements and awards (honorable mention, internship, job, sponsorship, anything you want)
  40. 40. Opening challenges costs 30€ per month. It allows you to open unlimited challenges It’s a way of verifying you and protecting the community from fraudulent challenges It provides us with a budget for incentives for members to participate, and means of expanding the creative community
  41. 41. Job/Internship Offers Students’ idea logs and ratings are means of differentiating based on their proactive capabilities and articulation capabilities. If you need more, there’s also a CV there. All it takes to apply to your job offer is - “I’m interested”
  42. 42. It’s FREE. Completely.
  43. 43. * Innovation Crowdsourcing Constructive feedback for you, without obligations to anyone.
  44. 44. But you can be our sponsor too, and we will help your goals by promoting you to the community for the support you give them.
  45. 45. You choose how much you want to support us with. Our suggestion is 1200€ sponsorship per year. We’ll make it worth it to you. The slots are limited.
  46. 46. Social Innovation Creating a culture of innovation at the university level where students continuously seek for improvements to EVERYTHING and share them in conversations while developing multidisciplinary practical skills.
  47. 47. * Higher employability for the youth due to practical involvement, your engagement, recognition and eventual internships, awards or sponsorships
  48. 48. * Annual Youth Trend Research Available to you as a sponsor for free.
  49. 49. *aleveo from may 20th 2009