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Ode Tech Lit 1

  1. 1. Brittani Potter EDU 10201-2 History Grade 10 E. Analyze connections between World War II, the Cold War and contemporary conflicts
  2. 2. World War II 1939-1945 September 1, 1939- World War II officially begins by German and Soviet Union invasion of Poland Many countries such as France and most British countries declare war on Germany
  3. 3. U.S. Enters World War II December 7, 1941-Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war against Japan U.S. joins France and Britain in the Allied Powers
  4. 4. Germany surrenders on May 8, 1945, a week after Hitler’s alleged suicide End Japan continued to fight as long as they could hold out, of which was only a few months WWII Japan surrendered September 2, 1945 aboard the A.S.S. Missourideclared the end of World War
  5. 5. President Roosevelt officially declared, by Presidential Proclamation, the end of World The war War II on December 31, 1946. is over!!
  6. 6. Post-war Countries United States came out of war with better economy due to selling war machinery to European countries Post-war Germany in shambles and greatly in debt to several countries
  7. 7. Soviet Union a Super Power? Soviet Union exits World War II as a powerful country Communism was the basis of the Soviet Government Soviet Union attempts to control other countries and spread communism throughout Europe
  8. 8. The U.S. fears communism will spread and possibly Communism: start another world war “Red Scare” - Everyone A threat accused everyone of being a communist dressed in Many people jailed and red killed over accusations of being Soviet Union spies
  9. 9. The Cold War A non-physical war begins in 1945 between the U.S. and the Soviet Union Threats were traded between the two super powers for over 30 years U.S. practiced “containment,” which was the stopping of communism from spreading from already communist nations
  10. 10. Berlin, Germany separated into 4 different sectors The Non-Communist sectors were led by the British, Berlin the French and the United States Wall The Soviet Union controlled the other part of Berlin
  11. 11. The Berlin Wall Soviet Union builds wall around non- Communist area of Berlin in 1961 The wall was built to stop people from entering freedom in West Berlin The Berlin Wall was finally brought down on November 9, 1989, reuniting families and friends from both sides of the wall
  12. 12. The Korean Conflict Communist North Korea fought against South Korea and the United States for control of South Korea North Korea wanted to unite both North and South Korea under one Communist government Not considered a war, the Korean Conflict lasted only 3 years, beginning June 25, 1950 and the armistice being signed on July 27, 1953
  13. 13. The Vietnam War Another war started because of the fear of the spreading of communism 58,209 American casualties in the years of the war, 1959-1975
  14. 14. The Vietnam War A war lasting 14 years was bound to end at some point, and it did, in April of 1975 The war did not end in favor of the non- Communists countries, but the world gave a small sigh of relief knowing such a major war had come to an end
  15. 15. A Deadly Chain of Events World War II led to a huge fear of communism The fear of Communism not only led to tension between powerful countries, it led to two very bloody and costly wars Even to this day, people still fear Communism and the chance it could spread to more countries