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c.v for mohamed ammer


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c.v for mohamed ammer

  1. 1. Ref №: CV6032224 Last Login: 2009-07-16 Last Update: 2009-07-16 Confidential CV Laboratory Technician, Chemist Privacy Setting: Confidential Your CV will appear in employer searches of the CV database. Employers will be able to view your CV; however, to maintain your confidentiality, your contact information and the name of your most recent employer will remain hidden. Employers can still contact you via the Secure Email Option. Personal Information Birth Date: 19 July 1952 Nationality: Egypt Visa Status: Citizen Residence Location: Alexandria, Egypt Marital Status: Married Number of Dependants: 3 Driving License: Egypt Professional Experience August 1978 - August 2000: 4 ibn anas moharam bic alexandria egypt. ministry of interior, criminal investigation laboratory, cairo, egypt. alexandria, egypt, Egypt Company Industry: Interior design Job Role/Department: Management major CHEMIST,CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION LABORATORY EXAMINER, IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS OF DRUGS OF ABUSE, FINGERPRINT EXAMINER, LATENT PRINT EXAMINER,MANAGER V- BIOMETRIC Identification Services,Depatment of police, and CHEMIST Education January 1997: Ministry of interior,Fire Research Institute, CAIRO, EGYPT., Cairo, Egypt Certification/diploma, Fire Fighting General Consideration,Fire Command and
  2. 2. safety ‫معهد الدفاع المدنى - مصلحة الدفاع المدنى -وزارة الداخلية المصرية يشهد هن السيد العقيد / محمد عبد‬ ‫الفتاح على عامر بمديرية امن البحيرة اتم بنجاح دراستة البرنامج التخصصى للدفاع المدنى والنقاذ فى‬ ‫المدة من 6991/11/03 والى 7991/10/23 وبتقدير عام دجيد( وبحمد اللة تعالى وبتوفيقة‬ January 1986: Research Center- Alexandria, University,EGYPT., Alexandria, Egypt Certification/diploma, Gas Chromatography,G.C AND H.P.L.C. Appratus and instruments applied on analysis. Responsibilities involve the use of Laboratory appratus and instruments such as gas chromatographs methods for the identification and analysis of oil,petrolum,kerosen., narcotics, poisons, practical experience of Laboratory work in chemistry department of petrolum and minerals.. August 1983: NARCOTICS LABORATORY,UNITED NATIONS NARCOTICS LABORATORY, Vienna, Austria Certification/diploma, IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS OF DRUGS OF ABUSE, NARCOTICS, OPUIM, HASHISH, AMPHETAMINE, HERION, BARBITURATE COMPLETED A Training programme in methods for the " IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS OF DRUGS OF ABUSE at the UNITED NATIONS NARCOTICS LABORATORY from 9 MAY TO 10 August 1983 at Division of Narcotic Drugs..using of computer controlled Laboratory appratus and instruments such as gas chromatographs, G.C., , High performance Liquids Chromatographs H.P.L.C. APPRATUS, , , SPECTROPHOTOMETERS, , Potentiometers, atomic absorption, Thin Layer chromatography T.L.C. methods., ion chromatographs automatic distillation, ,density meter., PH, .andconductivity meters, ., automatic and manual viscosity meters and ULTRA VIOLET U.V., ., Infrared analyzers, sometimes in conjuntion with the integrated LIMS Automatic data trnsfer controlled Lsboratory appratus and instruments, , ...the Laboratory technician reports of the results May 1977: ministry of interior - criminal investigation laboratory cairo- egypt &Wepco -West Desert Petroleum, Alexandria, Egypt Bachelor's degree/higher diploma, B.SC.OF CHEMISTRY,B.SC.FROM POLICE in computer science 1-Faculty of Science,ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY, B.SC.OF CHEMISTRY
  3. 3. May-1977 ,2-B.SC.FROM POLICE Academy of egypt 1978 .courses in; Operating Systems [Dos, Windows 95/98/2000]. ,, 2-Computer System Analysis& Applications [very good] 3- Advanced Programining Techniques [EXCELLENT]. 4- basic Preparations for the Computer Documentation [VERY GOOD] . 22 YEARS MY EXPERIENCE IN Forensic laboratory experience in criminalistics case work,major chemist. and chemist in the research Laboratory,Wepco -West Desert Petroleum Company - Alexandria -Egypt. and in the Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Ministry of Interior,CAIRO,EGYPT ,Major Chemist for 22 years experience . my Personal skills ; Flexible, Ambitions, Self motivated,Hardworker,Excellent Team player, Open minded with excellent oral and written Comnunication Skills and good solving ability. Excellent information Technology , good Management career level, years of experience; 23 years and as a Laboratory Technician reports to the chemist depending on his assigned plant division and department My Responsibilities involve the use of computer controlled Laboratory apparatus and instruments such as Gas chromatographs G..C.-, h.p.l.c., ,spectrophotometers, potentiometers, Atomic absorption, ,ion chromatographs automatic distillation, density meter, ,PH. and conductivity meters, Automatic and manual viscosity meters and Infrared analyzers, sometimes in conjunction with the integrated L I M S automatic data transfer. in oil and gas industry ..-Research . and Fire extinguish system,Alarm system, Safety parctices,Industrial safety, Microbiological tests, ,multi- national environment, Technical Training Department, and Computer skills literate... From the Ministry of Interior, Fire Research Institute,CAIRO, EGYPT, Diploma in Fire FIGHTING General Consideration, Fire Command and Safty at 1998 with grade of [GOOD]. course in Gas Chromatography in Research Center - Alexandria University... Career Level Career Level: Management Notice Period to Work: Immediately Last Monthly Salary: US$5,000 Target Job Target Job Location: Egypt Target Industry: Industrial Employment Type: Employee
  4. 4. Employment Status: Full time Minimum Monthly Salary: US$5,000 Skills Skill Skill Level Years of Experience Last Used Operating Systems (Dos,windows, Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less 95/98/2000, XP). COMPUTER System analysis Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less &Applications (grade very good ). 1998 Advanced Programming Techniques with Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less grade Excellent 1999 Basic preparations for the Computer Expert More than 10 years 3 months or less Documentation with grade very good at 1998. course in detect the Handwriting Forgery of Expert More than 10 years More than 1 year Documents &currency and counterfieit of coins or paper m course in chemical and physical analysis at Expert More than 10 years 3 months or less 1980, from Criminological Science Research Instiute,mi course in Identification and analysis of Expert More than 10 years 6 months or less poisons at 1983 FROM Criminological science research Insti Course in High Performance Liquid Expert More than 10 years More than 1 year Chromatography from Febuary 1987 until April 1987,from the scient COURSE IN Spectroscopy and X-Rays Expert More than 10 years More than 1 year Diffraction,scientific Research & Technology, petrolum research In Fire Fighting General Consideration,Fire Expert More than 5 years More than 1 year Command and safety, environment,fire extinguish system,A Alarm system, Safety parctices, Industrial Expert More than 5 years More than 1 year
  5. 5. Skill Skill Level Years of Experience Last Used Safety, Technical Training Department, Microbiological T Operation &Maintenance trainer in oil / Expert More than 5 years More than 1 year petrolum-Research Languages Language Skill Level Years of Experience Last Used English Expert More than 10 years More than 1 year Arabic Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less Memberships Organization Membership/Role Member Since ministry of Interior,cairo egypt police -department. August 2000 Wepco -west Desert Petroleum Company CHEMIST IN Research Laboratory, January 1971 -Alexandria, -EGYPT Laboratory Technician, CHEMIST..