Great Money Making Tutorial


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Earn money from online no credit card need , no money needed , zero investment

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Great Money Making Tutorial

  1. 1. GREAT MONEY MAKING TUTORIAL FOR WHOLE LIFE First read carefully and make money for free without any investment (no credit card needed) no money needed for each and every step. NOTE: - People from all over the world are able to earn money from this program Click the link and sign up (Or) Read the tutorial and then sign up if you get satisfied (or) if you have doubt regarding this tutorial you can mail me at note ------------->don't click on your own ads in twitter , face book and also don't click on your own short url's this will made revtwt to ban your account and also it put fine when you request your money. If you agree the above rules then you can continue further reading. Revtwt helps us to earn money in 3 days One from twitter Second from face book (you only post 2 ads in your face book account) Third from short URL earnings (you can make any no of short URL’s) -----------> for one valid clicks you generally get 0.15$
  2. 2. Twitter tutorial as follows INTRODUCTION Now as most of you are aware your twitter success revolves around followers, thus the more followers the more clicks you'll get daily. I'm averaging about 600 clicks a day from ten accounts. My largest account has over 5000 followers and my smallest has roughly 2000 followers. The PPC Company I'm introducing pays on average $0.07 per click. BUT!!! If you use the correct search options you could achieve $0.25 per click. So here are the steps. STEP 1 * Create 10 twitter accounts * Ensure that each account has a photo (using photos of pretty yet believable girls works the best) * NOTE THAT TWITTER DOES NOT REQUIRE A VALID EMAIL FOR AN ACCOUNT! THUS YOU CAN CREATE 10 ACCOUNTS WITHIN HALF AN HOUR
  3. 3. STEP 2(In this step you are going to make money) * Time to sign up to the PPC affiliate program * Revtwt will pay money through PayPal (minimum payout is 20$ by PayPal), BUT A PAYOUT OF A $100 OR MORE CAN BE DONE VIA CHECK * Here is the link for the sign up process click the above link to sign up and earn money. * PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SITE CAN BE AUTOMATED TO POST UP TO 3 ADS A DAY ON EACH TWITTER ACCOUNT ( or ) you also manually post ads , but post one add between 2 hour gap otherwise twitter will ban your account * THIS PROGRAM CAN ONLY BE USED ON 10 TWITTER ACCOUNTS PER AFFILIATE ACCOUNT * DONT CLICK ON ANY OF YOUR OWN ADS!! THIS WILL RESULT IN A PENALTY PAYOUT TIME OF UP TO 7 DAYS OR ACCOUNT DELETION (I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY!) * Simply add your 10 twitter accounts by clicking on the twitter accounts link. Automate each account for 3 add posts per day
  4. 4. * NOTE YOU NEED 50 FOLLOWERS PER ACCOUNT FOR ADD POSTINGS TO OCCUR STEP 3 * Get followers using a software bot (Or) * NOTE THAT YOU CAN ONLY DO 500 FOLLOW REQUEST EVERY 24 HOURS (SOFTWARE BOT I RECOMMEND)- PM ME IF LINK IS DOWN *Mega upload link for friend adder: STEP 4 * Wait 24 hours then clear all the twitters, who are not following you back * This ensures that you can add 500 people again without being blocked or being flagged
  5. 5. * THIS SITE IS AWESOME FOR CLEARING "YOU FOLLOWING ONLY" TWEETS WITH ONE BULK this site contains so many tools for bulk follow and unfollow. STEP 5 * Set up controlling platform for all your accounts (THIS MAKES THIS METHOD THE EASIEST AND MOST REWARDING BY FAR) * My ten accounts is updated one shot by an msn bot, thus I just post something to the bot over msn messenger and all my accounts are updated one shot!! (FEEL THE POWER)--->you can use yahoo messenger or Google talk see for more options in * This step ensures that you look like a real person, so I normally post things like "Work is boring etc", and this step ensures that you don't have to sign into each account and update each one (Saving you at least 20 minutes each time) * The bot setup is done through the following site >>>>> Awesome bulk update site * Once you have signed up to this site add all 10 your twitter accounts (providing full log in details)
  6. 6. * Once that is done look for the link which states MSN/Messenger update (and follow the steps) * Note that you don't have to use MSN messenger for bulk updates you may also use the site directly or various other steps STEP 6 (Basically rinse and repeat) * Remember to follow new people every day to increase your following (use bot and ensure that you use different search parameters each time, don't follow more than 500 each day) Note --------> this is very important don't go for bulk follow (i recommended 500 following is limited for each day) Twitter allows 2000 following is maximum limit if you cross this limit your twitter account gets suspended permanently (read twitter FAQ for conditions) Similarly don't do bulk follow using ( twitter-desktop/) and unfollow using ( Note don't do the follow and unfollow in the same day (this will ban your twitter account)
  7. 7. Do follow in one day and unfollow in next day * Bulk remove twitters that who are not following you back * Post realistic updates to your accounts each day (bulk update recommended) My advice regarding this technique * Stick with it! At first you will see only a $1 a day then $5 then $10 etc.... This is a technique that takes roughly a month to reach its peak * SEARCH FOR PEOPLE FROM USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, ARGENTINA!!! APPLY THIS TO ALL YOUR FOLLOWING SEARCHES (USE YOUR OWN LOGIC AS WELL I GUESS) * DON'T SPAM! ONLY ALLOW FOR 3 AUTOMATED ADD POSTS EACH DAY * USE YOUR LARGE TWITTER FOLLOWING FOR CPA OFFERS LATER ON AND EARN EVEN MORE CASH!!! This is a great technique for people who only wanted to spend 20 minutes a day on creating a reliable stream of income. Post any questions and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.