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  1. 1. EASTER BISCUITS 3 oz. butter or margarine Oven temperature: fairly hot (400°F., mark 6) 2-k oz. caster sugar Yield: 15--20 1 egg, separated 60z. self-raising flour Grease 2 baking trays. A pinch o, salt Cream the butter and sugar and beat in the egg yolk. Sift the flour with the 1~ oz. currants salt and fold into the creamed mixture, with the currants and mixed pee/. Add ~ oz. mixed peet. chopped enough milk to give a fairly soft dough, cover and leave in a cool place to become firmo Knead lightly on a floured board and roll out l inch thick. Cut 1-2 tbsps. milk or brandy A little caster sugar into rounds, using a fluted cutter about 2t inches in diameter. Put on the baking trays and bake for about 20 minutes, until lightly coloured: after 10 minutes baking brush the biscuits with the egg white, sprinkle with sugar and continue cooking. Imperial/Metric Conversions Capacity Mass T emperature t pint= 142 mI 1 oz=28.35 9 32°F= O°Celsius t pint=284 mI 20z=56.7 9 212°F= 100°C 1 pint= 568 mi 40z=113.4g 225°F= 107°C t litre=0.88 pints 250oF= 121°C 80z=226.8g 1 litre= 1.76 pints 12 oz= 340.2 9 275°F= 135°C Note: ml=millilitre(s) 16 oz=453.6 9 300°F= 149°C 1 kilogramme=2.2 lb 325°F= 163°C Length 350oF= 177°C Note: g=gramme(s) 375°F=190oC 1 inch=2.54 cm 400oF=204°C 6 inches=15.2 cm 425°F=218°C 100 cm=1 metre 450°F=232°C =39.37 inches Note: cmescentirnetrefs) Note: To convert the recipes in this book to metric measures we have found that it is more practical to use a 25 9 unit in place of the oz. a 5 mi spoon in place of the teaspoon, a 15 mi spoon in place of the tablespoon. and to reckon 500 mi to the pint. Recipes converted in this manner will yield slightly less than the original. so it is best. to ensure that recipes containing meat are nutritionally balanced, to allow slightly more meat per persono i.e. 450 9 to the lb. The above is based on information agreed by the U K Federation for Educatíon in Home Economics, 1970. Oven Temperature Seales As the metrication programme advances, electric cookers will be introduced with the oyen thermostat dial marked in °Celsius instead of °Fahrenheit. If you have one of these new cookers, or use metric recipes where oyen temperatures are given in °C. follow the table of equivalents below. Ga Oyen Marks Electric Scale °F •. quot;Celsius Scale I 225°F 110°C I 250 130 2quot; 1 275 140 2 300 150 3 325 170 4. 350 180 5 375 190 6 400 200 7' 425 220 8 450 230 9 475 2.40 - ---- ----- Simnel cake: - Hot cro~s bu.ns: : ~,'. . East~r biscuits: -biscui ts- ~':«:rl!kue {D('dlQ.A~l. cookles .bL~pt>-f. Corv1