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Published in: Self Improvement
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  1. 1. ,(!) .82 Ea.!'IIII'l:~'. buns You will need 12 oz. plain flour t level teaspoon salt You wil/ need ... 12 oz. plain flour t level teaspoon eech mixed spice and 1 level teaspoon salt ground cinN.wn t level teaspoon each mixed spice, 9 OZ. butter cinnamon and nutmeg Preparation time 9 oz. soft brown sugar 2 oz. sugar 30 minutas 5 large eggs, lightly beaten Preparation time 2 oz. butter, melted rind of 1 lemon, grated 25 minutes 1 egg, beaten Cooking time 6 el. stoned raisins 4 oz. currants 4 oz, each sultanas and currants 2 hours 45 minutes Cooking time 1-2 oz. mixed peel 3 oz, each glacé cherries and candied pee./ 15-20 minutes For tbe yeest liquid: Oven setting 2 OZ. almonds, blanched and chopped 1 level tablespoon dried yeast abeut 4 tablaspoons milk 350°F; Gas Mark 4 Oven setting 1 level teaspoon sugar 335°F; Gas Mark 3 2 level tablespoens apricot jam, sieved t pint warm milk (110°F) 425°F; Gas Mark 7 10 oz. almend paste t pint warm water less 3 tablespoons 4 oz. plain flour Greaseand line a 9-inch cake tino Sieve flour, salt, spice and cinnamon. Halve cherries and chop peel. Cream butter and Blend yeast with mixed warm milk an? water,. sugar and sugar until pale and creamy, add lemon rind, Gradually beat flour. Leave until frothy, about 20-30 rmnutes. Sitt together in eggs. Add 3 tablespoons of flour towards ~nd to prevent remaining flour, salt. spices and sugar; add fru!t. Sti.r butter mixture curdling. Fold in remaining flour, fruit and enougtl and egg into yeast batter, add flour and fruit, Mix well. milk to make a soft dropping consistency. Spoon halt Knead douqh on a floured table for approximately 10 rninutes, mixture into tin and spread evenly. Divide dough into 12 pieces and shape into buns by using Make almond paste in usual way (see Quick Típ below) the palm ot one hand, first pressing down hard and then RolI one half of paste to a 9-inch circle. Place on top ot ' easing up. Place on a floured baking sheet spacedwell aparto mixture in tino Wrap remainder of paste i~ foil. Spoo~ 11'1 Put inside a greased polythene bag and leave to nse at room remaining mixture and hollow out c.entre shghtly. Bake In a temperature tor about 45 minutes. Remove bag. Make a cro~s moderate oyen for 30 minutes then In a very moderate oyen with a very sharp knife to just cut surface of dough. Bake In for 2* hours. Cool in tin for 15 minutes. Turn out on to a wrre a hot oyen for 15-20 minutes. Cool on a wire tray. tray. Remove paper. For the glaze, bring 2 tablespoons milk an~ 2 table~poons Brush centre and edge of cake with apricot jam. RolI water to the boil, stir in 1t oz. sugar and b011 2 rmnutes. for remaining almond paste into strips and ~Iait; place round Brush hot buns twice. edge of cake and in the centre. Decorate with coloured eggs QUICK TIP aUICK TIP To make almond paste combine 10 oz. ground For a more definitely shaped almonds with 10 oz. castor cross place two strips 01 sugar, then mix lo a stiff paste short crust pastry on to the wíth juice of half a lemon buns etter glazing and before and one large egg. baking.