Math And Technology


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Math And Technology

  1. 1. Slides 3-5: RM Brings Math Framework to Individual Teachers Slides 6-8: Math Course Takes ‘Real Life’ Approach to Algebra Slides 9-11: Middle School Math Students Given Free Access to Online Homework Help Slide 12: Conclusion
  2. 2. RM Brings Math Framework to Individual Teachers By: David Nagel • RM Math Player is an • RM Education has recently interactive technology that can released a RM Math Player. benefit the understanding and retention of difficult math concepts. • This does not require a license which makes it easier to get for the low budget schools.
  3. 3. RM…. Contd. More Info? • The RM math player allows for exciting, fast-paced lessons that speak to all learning styles. • This is has proven to improve test score and student performance. • This player is designed for grades 6-12. Dave Nagel, “RM Brings Math Framework to Individual Teacher,” T.H.E. Journal, 4/21/2009,
  4. 4. What do I think?? I think that the RM Math Player sounds like a Great Idea. Especially since it is a fun way to learn difficult math concepts. It seems to be great for schools with low budgets and not every teacher needs to use it. One of the perks of it is that it covers all teaching styles for the kids that need to be approached in a different way. Click on me to find out more about me…
  5. 5. Math Course Takes ‘Real Life’ Approach to Algebra By: Scott Aronowitz  American Education Corp  This program gives developed a program to relevant scenarios by answer the age old question of taking the fundamentals “What does algebra have to do and applying them to the with real life?” real-world situations.  This program is called the Anywhere Program.
  6. 6. Math Course… Contd.  The Anywhere Program is computer based.  This allows students to use a number of tools to help them with the assignment as well has help to better comprehend it.  These tools are: Scientific calculators, pictures and diagrams, video tutorials, interactive feedback, and more… Scott Aronowitz, “Math Course Takes ‘Real Life” Approach to Algebra,” T.H.E. Journal, 4/16/2009, http://www.the
  7. 7. What do I think?? I think the Anywhere Program seems like a great way to learn Math. This should help kids be more aware of why they need to learn certain concepts. I think it is nice that it is all done on the computer so the students will already be more intrigued.
  8. 8. Middle School Math Students Given Free Access to Online Homework Help By: Scott Aronowitz  Hotmath is a website that offers extensive homework  This program was offered help. free to students enrolled in math classes through the Math Forward institution The teachers have a get free access to Hotmath. login code that they can give to their students to use for free.
  9. 9. Middle School Math… Contd.  Hotmath guides students through the odd number problems.  It also offers video tutorials, interactive activities and games , practice exams, and math workbooks.  An individual Hotmath for subscription costs $49 and an additional $29 for access to video tutorials. Scott Aronowitz, “Middle School Math Students Given Free Access to Online Homework Help,” T.H.E. Journal, 4/9/2009,
  10. 10. What do I think?? Hotmath is a good program especially since it is free to the students. I think it would be good for more schools to think about buying this program. I think this is helpful to students because it shows how the problems are solved unlike the back of the book that just gives the answers.
  11. 11. Math can be fun and exciting while still incorporating important math concepts. Technology can help students learn better, including most people least favorite subject… MATH. So more school’s should look into math programs such as the ones I’ve talked about. With these programs, students can go from…