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Oct01 090914005848 Phpapp02

  1. 2. Ph: +91-44-4224 4224
  2. 3. 08:45AM All Days Sathyam English 2012 11:45PM,03:10PM,06:30PM,10:30PM All Days Santham Hindi Kuraban 12:00PM,03:45PM,06:50PM,10:30PM All Days Sathyam English 2012 10:20PM All Days Season English Inglorious Bastards 06:40PM,10:15PM All Days Serene Hindi Kuraban 12:00PM,03:45PM,06:50PM All Days Season Tamil Kanden Kadhalai 10:20PM All Days Six Degree Malayalam Pazhassi Raja 03:20PM,06:45PM All Days Six Degree Tamil Aadhavan 12:30PM All Days Six Degree English Twilight Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab kahani Hindi Studio-5 All Days 12:30PM,10:20PM Peraanmai Tamil Studio-5 All Days 03:45PM Tum Mile Hindi Studio-5 All Days 07:00PM A Christmas Carol English Serene All Days 12:50PM Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab kahani Hindi Serene All Days 03:20PM
  3. 4. 10:30AM Sat & Sun Serene English A Christmas Carol 09:30AM Sat & Sun Studio-5 Hindi Tum Mile 10:00AM Sat & Sun Six Degree English Twilight 09:15AM Sat & Sun Seasons Hindi Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Kuruban Hindi Santham Sat & Sun 08:30AM
  4. 5. Ph: +91-44-2642 4477 / 2643 1022
  5. 6. 12:00AM,03:30PM,07:00PM,10:25PM All Days Devi English 2012 10:20PM All Days D.Paradise English Twilight 12:00AM,03:30PM,07:00PM All Days D.Paradise Tamil Pazhassi Raja 01:00PM,04:00PM,07:00PM,10:00PM All Days Devibala English Final Destination 12:00PM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM All Days Devikala Tamil Aadhavan 12:00PM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM All Days A Abirami Tamil Kanden kadalai 11:45AM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM All Days B Abirami Tamil Aadhavan Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Pazhassi Raja Tamil Abirami All Days 12:00PM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM Peraanamai Tamil Ss Abirami All Days 12:00PM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM
  6. 8. 03:10PM All Days Inox English Pazhassi Raja 02:20PM,07:05PM,10:20PM All Days Inox Hindi Kurbaan 12:30PM All Days Inox Hindi Ajab Premki Ghazab Kahani Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Aadhavan Tamil Inox All Days 11:50AM,03:45PM, 2012 English Inox All Days 12:05PM,03:30PM,06:50PM,10:10PM Kanden Kadalai Tamil Inox All Days 03:50PM,07:00PM,10:15PM
  7. 9. Ph: 044-42082233/9444902345
  8. 10. 11:30AM,03:00PM,06:30PM,10:15PM All days Sangam English 2012 Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Kanden Kadalai Tamil Padmam All days 11:45AM,03:15PM,06:45PM,10:15PM Aadhavan Tamil Roopam All days 11:30AM,03:00PM,06:30PM,10:15PM
  9. 12. 01:00PM,04:00PM,07:00PM,10PM All Days Sai Shanthi Tamil AdheyNeram Adhey Edam 11:45PM,03:15PM,06:30PM,10:00PM All Days Shanthi Tamil Peraanamai 12:15PM All Days Casino Telugu Kurradu 06:45PM All Days Casino Telugu Ek Niranjan 03:30PM,10:00PM All Days Casino Telugu Villagelo Vinayakuda 11:15AM,02:30PM,06:15PM,09:45PM All Days Suriyan Tamil Pazhassi Raja 11:15AM,02:30PM,06:15PM,09:45PM All Days Mini Udhayam Tamil Tamilzhakam Movies Movies Language Theatre Days Show Timings Kanden Kadhalai Tamil Bharath Hall All Days 11:15AM,02:45PM,06:15PM,09:45PM Aadhavan Tamil Udhayam All Days 11:15AM,02:30PM,06:15PM,09:45PM Peraanmai Tamil Chandran All Days 11:15AM,02:30PM,06:15PM,09:45PM
  10. 13. For Other Weekend Activities in Chennai, Please Visit ChennaiThisWeekend.com