Taming the Commute Beast


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Timbuk2's CEO Mike Wallenfels' presentation on bike commuting in San Francisco. He cycles 38 miles each way from Novato to Timbuk2's office in San Francisco Mission District.

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  • Video of bridge riding and egrets flying across path.
  • Taming the Commute Beast

    1. Taming The Commute Beast<br />Mike Wallenfels, CEO of Timbuk2 <br />
    2. My Commute<br />Larkspur To SFO<br />Novato to SFO<br />
    3. Why?<br />Or….Why Not?<br />
    4. The Numbers<br />People who commute by single-occupancy motor vehicle: 91,064,400 (77.7%)<br />People whose commute is 1-5 miles each way: 33,988,000 (29%)<br />People whose commute is 10 miles or less each way: 59,772,000 (51%)<br />America's cars and trucks consume 10% of world's oil supply [League of American Bicyclists ]<br />
    5. The Numbers<br />New bicycle commuters can expect to lose 13 pounds their first year of bicycle commuting. [Bicycling Magazine]<br />Who’s Commuting Around The World? <br />Japan 15% of commuters bicycle to work<br />Netherlands 50% of commuters bicycle<br />China 77% commute by bike<br />Only 1.6% of U.S. commuters bicycle to work<br />
    6. Fitness<br />The real reason to motivate!<br />
    7. Fitness “Perspective”<br />Old View<br />New View<br />
    8. Fitness Facts<br />Larkspur to SFO<br />Distance: 20.23 mi <br />Time: 1hr 37min<br />Speed: 12.94 mi/hr<br />Calories: 1272 <br />Novato to SFO<br />Distance: 37.62<br />Time: 2hr 44 min<br />Speed: 14 mi/hr<br />Calories: 2142<br /><ul><li>Make your commute part of your fitness or training routine.
    9. Use training device or web site to track progress…one ride at a time</li></li></ul><li>Apps<br />
    10. Tracking and Sharing<br />
    11. Save The Planet<br />Another Car Off The Road<br />
    12. Save The PlanetOne ride at a time…<br />Over a year….<br />110 Gallons of gas<br />2124 lbs of CO2<br />Carbon sequestered by 23.5 tree seedlings grown for 10 years<br />Undetermined reduced anxiety!<br />
    13. Money<br />Real facts that help the cause<br />
    14. Car Commute<br />Bike Commute<br />72 miles round trip<br />Gas/day: $13.92 (National Avg. 18 mpg at $3.48/gallon)<br />Bridge: $5 (Fastrack)<br />Total: <br />$18.92 / day<br />$94.60 / week<br />$4,540 / year (48 wks)<br />24 Hour Fitness? Membership: $300 / year<br />Bike – Bus combo<br />Bus return home: $5.35<br />Total: $5.35 / day<br />Savings: $13.57 / day<br />Drive – Bike – Ferry combo<br />28 miles round trip<br />Gas/day: $5.41<br />Ferry: $7.85<br />Total: $13.26 / day<br />Savings: $5.66 / day<br />Total Savings: <br />$19.23 / week (2 rides)<br />$923 / year (48 weeks)<br />
    15. Getting Started<br />Taming the beast<br />
    16. Planning Your Ride <br />How many miles and when? <br />Fit your time and goals<br />Time of day: To work, From work, or Both<br />Choosing your route<br />Ask questions<br />Resources: Bike groups, blogs, Google, and friends <br />Whatcha do when you get there? <br />Clothes<br />Washing <br />How do you get back (or visa versa)?<br />Public transportation options…not just a bike! <br />Bike > Bus > Bike<br />Car > Bike > Bike > Ferry > Car <br />
    17. Choose Your Route<br />Streets and Paths<br />Bike Lanes and Traffic<br />
    18. Bike Friendly Roads<br />
    19. Bike Paths<br />
    20. Bike Lanes<br />
    21. City Riding<br />
    22. Gear You Need<br />It’s fun to buy stuff<br />
    23. What To Bring<br /><ul><li>Keep it simple (light)
    24. Bike Necessities
    25. Commute bike
    26. Pack / Bag / Pannier
    27. Lights: front and back
    28. Pump and tube
    29. Clothes: Cold, Rain, Hot, and “perfect”
    30. Work Necessities
    31. Keep to a minimum
    32. Washing / Hygiene
    33. Work stuff…you have to bring home
    34. Lunch in…or dine out</li></li></ul><li>Keeping Motivated<br />How not to quit<br />
    35. Keeping Motivated<br />Plan: Schedule your week ahead AND put it into your schedule. Create a rhythm. <br />Start Small: Once a months > once a week > twice a week > every day<br />Find a Partner: Find another commuter to get motivated with. <br />Gear Up: “No such thing as bad weather…only bad gear” <br />Check Weather: Check it and commit<br />
    36. Weather Apps<br />
    37. Resources<br />San Francisco Bicycle Coalition <br />Marin County Bicycle Coalition<br />Bay Area Bicycle Coalition<br />Bike To Work Day May 13th<br />
    38. Thank You! <br />Questions?? <br />