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Christmas Cards 1

  2. 2. Christmas Cards • A Christmas card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas • Christmas cards are usually exchanged during the weeks preceding Christmas Day on December 25th. • By:Mireya,Sofía,Cris and “Nicolás”
  3. 3. • The Christmas decorations are very famous in Great Britain . • The Christmas decorations are, for example : • -balls, bells, stars, christmas trees, candles... • The best decorations is the Christmas tree . It is very funny The colours of Christmas are : • Red, green and gold. • By María, Cristina, Sheila and Mónica
  4. 4. • On 24th December, families have dinner together and Santa Claus goes to our homes with presents. Next day it is Christmas. • On 28th December, Spanish people celebrate The Holy Innocents. • On 31st December it is New Year’s Eve and we eat twelve grapes. • On 6th January The Three Wise Men go to our houses with presents. • By: María M, Yassine,Jorge,María N and Abraham.
  5. 5. Father Christmas brings gifts on 24th of December, at Christmas Eve. He´s wearing a red and white jacket, a red and white hat and red trousers. He´s wearing black boots and a black belt. He´s wearing glasses. He´s got beard and a moustache. They’ve got eight reindeers. They drive the sleigh.The most famous reindeer is Rudolf. By Irene, Marta, Sara, Laura.
  6. 6. • 1st December • We always get an advent calendar. • We can open one door every day until Chrismas Eve. • 10th December • About now , Mum makes mince pies and the Cristmas cake. • 15 th December. • We send Christmas cards to all our friends and family. • We also buy presents for our family and good friends • 21st december • It’s time to decorate the Chistmas tree and to put • Chistmas decorations up in the living room. • 24th Demeber • It’s Christmas Eve.We always and hang our christmas stokings at the end of our beds • 25th December ( Lunchtime ) • We have turkey, roast patatoes, spruts and other vegetables for Christmas dinner...and Christmas puddíng of course!We pull crackers and wear paper hats. • ¡Merry Christmas every one and a happy new year! • 25th december • It’s Christmas day. We can open our stokings and other presents now! • By :Elena, Alejandra, Álvaro C, , Álvaro J. Cristina.G
  7. 7. • There are different bringers of gifts in the world. For example: • -In the U.S.A the bringer is Santa Claus. He brings the gifts on 24th December. • -In Italy the bringer is the Befana, a very special witch. She brings the gifts on 5 th January. • -In United Kindown the bringer is Father Christmas. He brings the gifts on 24th December. • -In Spain the bringers are The Three Wise Men. They bring the gifts on 5th January, as the Befana • -In Russia the bringer is Ded Moroz. He brings the gifts on 24th December. • -In France the bringer is Père Noël. He brings the gifts on 24th December. • By Pilar, Tania, Tomás, Daniela and David
  8. 8. CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS Christmas stockings are big socks with Christmas pictures. At Christmas ,British children hang up the stockings above the fireplace. At nigth ,at Christmas Eve, Santa Claus puts the presents in the stockings. By Mario, Miguel Carlos, Julia, and Alba.
  9. 9. • At Christmas we sing carols as: Santa Claus is coming to town, Silent Night, We wish you a Merry Christmas... • Christmas carols are Christmas songs. • They tell about Jesus born , Santa Claus, peace in the world... • By Lucía, Sonia, Juan, Miguel A and Daniel
  10. 10.  A traditional English and British Christmas dinner includes roast turkey or goose.Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, rich nutty stuffing, tiny sausages wrapped in bacon (`pings in a blanket) and lashings of on gravy. By: Alicia, Sonia, Darius, Wilmer, Sergio.
  11. 11. snowman Christmas tree bells star stockings lights Father Christmas sleigh gift reindeer puding crackers card angel Baby Jesus candies By Katherine, Andrei, Natalia, Juan Pedro and Jeison holly mistletoe Advent calendar candles