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Working Title Films
 A British film production
 company       based     in
 London, UK, founded in
 Although Workin...
The company found fame after releasing          Production Process
‘four weddings and a funeral’ which                The...
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Factfile on working title flms


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Factfile on working title flms

  1. 1. Working Title Films A British film production company based in London, UK, founded in 1983. Although Working Titles Films is a British company they produce American films as well. This is because they could expand box office profits as the target a u d i e n c e i s international and they Budgets are important to any filmmaker or film companies. Budgets could depend on would be interested in how big the film would be; Big budget watching films that movies can afford well-known actors, relate to reality for better settings and able to distribute the many people in Britain film more leading to attracting more audiences resulting in higher profits. American films tend to have a much bigger budget making their films more successful whereas, British films don’t causing them to not gain as much profit as they could. However, spending less on production means more profit is made when the film is distributed depending if the film attracts enough of an audience. Working Title and Film4 make films using established directors as they would have great experience in creating big movies, working in a professional environment and also they would have links to distributors, studios, actors etc. New directors are used to Working Title 2 (WT²) was launched as a subsidiary company explore the new talent and the in 1999 which focuses on the lower film may be a big success budget film originally produced by creating a good beginning for Working Title films. the director and making a They also have offices in Australia bond of loyalty between the and Los Angeles and Universal director and producer. Studios own 67% of t he company, this makes the debate of whether Working Title is truly British.
  2. 2. The company found fame after releasing Production Process ‘four weddings and a funeral’ which  The idea is pitched to financiers was a hit in the box office in 1994.  The script is developed to a final draft and sales treatment is presented to potential financiers.  With the script complete, the producer and director decide how they want to film it and who British companies such as Working Title will help them. films tend to make heritage films as they  The producer must secure enough funding to focus on England of previous centuries; make the film by getting investors, pre sales and the Shakespeare and Jane Austen novels. ensuring the completion bond is in place. British companies would produce these  Then, the full cast and crew are hired and detailed preparation for the shoot begins. films as its easier for them to get British  Shooting begins actors and they have easy access to the  Post-production includes editing, creating sound splendid landscapes of England. effects and music, digital effects and titles Also, they can relate and get the audience resulting in a final cut ready to sale. to identify with the actors and situations if  The producer sells the film, the trailer and the it is distributed in the UK. DVD to the distributor to take to a film buyer, If it distributed in the US, they can make show at screenings and make deals with England appear great and interesting cinemas. attracting tourists.  The film is then marketed to the media with test screenings, posters, trailers, TV spots, radio, newspapers and the internet generating heat for the film for when it comes out in cinema.  The film is exhibited in premieres to get media coverage attracting people to want to see the film in cinemas. Looking at box office performance to see how successful the film was.  The film is then sold in-flight and hotel pay-per- view, on dvd and finally on television. Working Title films About a Boy Ali G indahouse Atonement Billy Elliot The Boat That Rocked The Borrowers Bridget Jones Diary’s The Calcium Kids Definitely, Maybe Elizabeth 40 Days and 40 Nights Four Weddings and a Funeral The Guru Hot Fuzz Love Actually Mr. Beans Holiday Nanny McPhee Notting Hill Pride & Prejudice Shaun of the Dead and many more...