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Merb Presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Merb Presentation

  1. 1. merb “came for Rails, stayed for Ruby”
  2. 2. /whois merb •MVC web framework •kinda like rails •ezmobius wycats •started as a hack
  3. 3. • •3 parts: core, more, plugins •rack based •thread safe •less opinions
  4. 4. •ORM agnostic •view agnostic •JS agnostic •“no code is faster than no code”
  5. 5. merb-core •actionpack light •routing, controllers, bootloader, rack •merb-guts
  6. 6. merb-more •the rest of actionpack, with a little activesupport •merb-mailer, merb-haml, merb- action-args •often useful, but not critical
  7. 7. merb-plugins •sometimes useful •important enough, maintained by merb team •merb_activerecord, merb_helpers, merb_test_unit