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  1. 1. Using an Intranet Within a Company Group C Presentation ● CGI ● Intranet ● Exterior router ● Firewall
  2. 2. CGI ● CGI is a mechanism to run a program from Web browser's demand. ● It actually tends for Perl etc. to be often used though CGI can use any development language.
  3. 3. Intranet ● Intranet (Intranet) is an approach to which it tries to raise lowering the cost and vender independence by using standard technology of the Internet when computer network in limited range such as in-house is constructed.
  4. 4. Exterior router ● Exterior router is a router connected with the AURP tunnel. ● The AppleTalk packet is done and encapsulation and the opposite operation are done to other protocol headers.
  5. 5. Firewall ● The firewall is system's that prevents it from invading the computer network in the organization from the outside. ● Computer moreover which such a system is built in.
  6. 6. Citation ● E-Word ● Wikipedia ● CISCO ervice/info/tips/terms/index.shtml