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Drama Club Halloween Movie Script

  1. 1. Drama Club Halloween Movie Script Characters: (*note: the character names are pending, I just gave them temporary names so it would be easier) Lockhart – The main protagonist. She’s your “Sherlock Holmes”. Parfait – The “scapegoat”. Everyone expects her to be the real killer but actually isn’t. She is suspected to be the killer because the victims were known to be enemies with Parfait. She’s the perfectionist who cannot tolerate when someone exceeds her at something. Parfait is victim #3 which proves that she wasn’t the killer. Parfait as a bossy perfectionist treats everyone as inferiors especially the outcasts like Moe. Moe – The main antagonist. The quiet lonely girl in school. No one really notices her, she’s the type to blend in with the background. She gets bullied in school because people think she’s “antisocial” and “weird”. When she can no longer tolerate her harassment she decides to get revenge on those who went against her. ”The straw the broke the camel’s back” Vicky – Victim #1. Lockhart’s best friend. She is the reason why Lockhart gets into this investigation. She was voted class president, beating Parfait, because of her popularity. Unfortunately, Vicky was the one who first triggers Moe’s psychotic vengeance. Sonny – Victim #2. She’s the varsity captain of the pretty much all sports(volleyball, basketball, soccer). She’s the jock, very athletic. Parfait sees Sonny as competition because Parfait isn’t the best at sports. Sonny is the 2nd victim. Uno– Lockhart’s friend who helps in her investigation. Dos– Lockhart’s friend #2 who helps in her investigation. Random Girl A (scene 2) Random Girl B (scene 2) Random Girl C (scene 2) Shouting Girl (scene 2) must wear PE uniform Random Girl D (scene 3) must wear PE uniform Random Girl E (scene 3) must wear PE uniform Random Girl F (scene 3 must wear PE uniform Police Officer (scene 3) must wear police outfit Random snotty girls (flashbacks) Teacher (scene 1)
  2. 2. Scene 1: Bomb Scare This scene starts out with all the girls franticly evacuating school because of the false bombscare. Teacher: (currently outside) Ladies! Calm down, we’ll all be fine! Okay I’m going to be taking roll now… Lockhart: (looks around for Vicky) Has anyone seen Vicky? Uno: No… come to think of it I haven’t even seen her leave the school building… Lockhart: Do you think she still might be in school? Teacher: Vicky.. is Vicky out here?! (long silence) Lockhart: Shoot! I think she’s still inside! (Lockhart runs back to school ignoring the shouts from the teacher and her friends. Once she gets inside school she goes through all the classrooms looking for her friend, Vicky. Before she has the chance to find Vicky, she hears a muffling sound in the closest and goes to open it.) Moe: (mouth and hands are taped) mmmphhhh! Mmmmhmmp! (Lockhart removes the tape from her mouth) Ouch! Lockhart: Moe? Who put you in here?! Moe: (avoiding eye contact) I’m not sure, everything went by so fast. The last thing I remember was hearing the fire alarm… Lockhart: Everyone’s outside right now! Have you seen Vicky anywhere? I can’t find her! Moe: No I haven’t seen her but thanks for helping me out (she quickly runs out to meet up with her class outside) Lockhart: (continues to search for missing friend) Arghh where is this girl! (she hears footsteps coming down the hallway) Vicky?! Is that you?! Parfait: (walks in nonchalantly) Lockhart: (skeptical) Parfait?!? What are you doing here? You do know that everyone’s out because of the bomb scare right? Parfait: (laughs condescendingly) Did you really think there would actually be a bomb scare in this school? This is Guam, nothing happens here. I’m sure someone just called in as a prank. Speaking of which, may I ask what you’re still doing here? Lockhart: Oh, I can’t find Vicky. Have you seen her anywhere? Parfait: (disgustedly) Oh, her. No I haven’t seen her (walks away indifferently) (As Lockhart continues to check all the rooms the music becomes more intense. The music stops as Lockhart opens the last room to find a pair of feet lying on the ground. The camera moves in closer revealing that the girl lying on the ground was Vicky.) Lockhart: Vicky! You alright?! (runs and kneels down next to Vicky but finds something wrong. Lockhart pushes ear closer to Vicky’s chest trying to hear a pulse. She hears no pulse and she screams for help.) --End Scene—
  3. 3. Scene 2: Revelation It’s been a week since the incident but the death Vicky continues to be talked about in school. Random Girl A: I still can’t believe a student of this school was found dead in a classroom. It’s been the talk of the century! Who said this school wasn’t interesting! Random Girl B: Yeah I know right? I can’t believe Vicky committed suicide AT this school! It’s so weird! People even think that she was the one to have called the school for the bomb scare. What a dramatic way to end one’s life, dontcha think? Random Girl A: I heard the police talk about an overdose of sleeping pills during an interview. They still can’t find the bottle of pills she used. The police aren’t even sure if the death was suicide or by accident! Random Girl C: Isn’t it weird how this was so unexpected! Vicky was probably the last person I’d expect to be suicidal. She was popular, rich, pretty, everyone loved her! Who’s taking her place for class president anyway? Random Girl B: I think Parfait is since she’s VP. (Camera view switches to Lockhart, Uno, and Dos who happened to overhear the conversation) Uno: I can’t believe she’s gone… Dos: Me neither… You okay Lockhart? (Lockhart was spacing out) Lockhart! Lockhart: (snaps out of it) Oh! Sorry! Uno: You’ve been doing that a lot lately… think about something so hard that you forget that you’re even on Earth. Lockhart: Sorry, I’ve just got a lot on my mind… Dos: You’re not the only one… Lockhart: (pause) …Do you think there’s a chance that Vicky might have been, I don’t know, murdered? Uno: We’ve gone through this before Lockhart, the police can’t find one single trace of evidence that supports a murder. Lockhart: Yeah but we know that Vicky doesn’t even own sleeping pills! I know Vicky wouldn’t kill herself. She’s not that type of person! I seriously believe that someone forced her to take the meds. Uno: C’mon Lockhart? Do you hear yourself? You’re talking about murder! This is Guam for crying out loud, we’re not in one of your CSI or SVU episodes! (Uno quickly stops talking as she notices her harsh tone, she pats Lockhart on the back reassuringly) I refuse to believe it too but it’s not our place to jump into those conclusions. (Suddenly a girl comes running in screaming and yelling grabbing everyone’s attention) Shouting: SOMEONE PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE! OUR TEAM CAPTAIN’S UNCONSCIOUS IN THE LOCKER ROOMS!
  4. 4. Scene 3: Victim #2 Yesterday Sonny was found dead in the girl’s locker room. A couple of girls were being questioned by the police. (In the gym) Random Girl D: I’m not sure officer. After volleyball practice, Sonny was just telling us that she was gonna go take a quick shower… ----- Random Girl E: And when she didn’t return for the past hour someone went to go check on her… ----- Random Girl F: When I went to go check up on her I just saw her lying on the floor… She had these strange marks on her face too, she looked like she was beat up real bad It looked like the volleyball attacked her face! It was the most horrible sight I’ve ever seen! ---- Random Girl D: Was anyone else at the gym? Uh now that I think about it… --- Random Girl E: It was just us volleyball girls, oh and student council was decorating the gym for Halloween but I don’t think any of them went inside the bathroom.. --- Random Girl F: Nah I’m pretty sure Sonny was the last one to go inside the locker rooms unless student council had a bathroom break or something. Anyways, can I go now? I have the urge to go write a descriptive journal entry about my first murder interrogation! (Back to Lockhart’s team) Lockhart: This is not a coincidence. Uno: … Lockhart: Uno!! Uno: What?! It’s just really hard for me to believe that this could be related to serial murder Dos: The evidence is kinda.. convincing Uno: Do you seriously believe that these two deaths are related somehow?! Lockhart: Uno think about it! Vicky was the class president, Sonny was the school’s best athlete! Whoever the killer is, they’re after everyone with some sort of high reputation. Dos: Uno, I think Lockhart has a point. The victims are too related to be a coincidence. Lockhart: Well we know one thing, Sonny didn’t commit suicide and her death wasn’t an accident. She was murdered and that could be the same for Vicky. Uno: But we’re not detectives, we can’t investigate this! Why are you so adamant about finding this murderer? Do you have some sort of uncontrollable desire for danger or does your curiosity prevent you from thinking straight?! Lockhart: Uno.. I can’t just let Vicky die being known as a quitter. We have to clear her name!
  5. 5. Uno: “we”?! Lockhart: I can’t find whoever did this by myself… C’mon, for Vicky? Dos: I’m in, this is kinda exciting! Uno: (hesitantly) Fine but I’m only doing this for Vicky. Scene 4: Investigation (Uno, Dos, and Lockhart are sitting together discussing their suspects in a classroom) Lockhart: Let’s assume that whoever murdered Vicky and Sonny is the same person. The only people that were in our school that day of Vicky’s murder were Parfait, Moe, and maybe the maintenance. Uno: Why was Moe at school?! Lockhart: Oh I found her stuffed into a closet that day with her hands and mouth taped shut, poor girl. Dos: I’m so glad I’m not her! Uno: I wonder how she got inside a closet (long pause for thinking) Lockhart: Wait, what if the murderer was the one that stuffed Moe in to the closet? It makes sense… what if Moe just happened to be in school at the wrong time and that’s why the killer locked her in the closest! Dos: I’ll go look for Moe, maybe she could help us (leaves the classroom) Lockhart: Okay. so Moe’s definitely not our killer (crosses out Moe’s name on the chalkboard) So we only have Parfait and the maintenance. Unless someone else was in school and we didn’t know about it. Uno: But who would actually have the guts to murder! I mean Parfait is pretty cold hearted but I don’t think she’s that cold hearted to kill. Lockhart: (sarcasm) Unless some crazy person snuck into our school and went on a killing spree.Okay so let’s get our facts straight! We know that the killings took place a week apart from each other. We also know that these two girls had a high reputation. Uno: So probably the killer wanted to gain something if the two victims were both eliminated. Lockhart: Maybe the rumors are true, maybe Parfait finally lost it. I mean think about it, she was the Vice President. She lost the presidential race against Vicky. I would be pretty sore if I was Ms.Perfect and I lost against Ms.Popular. Uno: Hmm.. and Parfait isn’t the best at sports… If Parfait was the killer maybe she killed Sonny because she was scared that her athletic abilities might pose a threat… Parfait: (with her arms crossed and snooty attitude) So you guys think it’s me huh? Lockhart: Parfait! What are you doing here? Parfait: (holding a strange object) I overheard you talking down the hallway. And I would just like to prove that you two are wrong. I may have been in school when Vicky died but I was nowhere near the girls locker room where Sonny was. I was too busy with the other student council members decorating for Halloween. And would I really risk my chances of getting to Harvard by killing a girl? Even if I was desperate that wouldn’t even be an option for me. (Parfait leaves without a word of goodbye) Uno: the nerve of some people! Eavesdropping onto our conversations, but hearing that, we really don’t have solid proof that Parfait’s our murderer.
  6. 6. Lockhart: She’s lying. Uno: How could you tell? Lockhart: She wasn’t even decorating the gym during Halloween! It’s never the class president’s job to decorate, that’s always the committees! Uno: Is there an actual possibility that Parfait could of done it… Lockhart:. (has a shock of realization) Did you see what she was holding... Uno: yeah, it kinda looked like a letter opener. Why would she have that? Lockhart: It wasn’t a letter opener…it was a knife. Shoot, let’s hurry! (thinks for a second) Now that I notice it, it’s been exactly a week since Sonny died… Uno: Do you think there’s a sort of pattern? Lockhart: I’m not sure yet but we’ll find out. (signals Uno to follow) And no one’s suppose to be in the hallways right now. (Lockhart quickly leaves the room, followed by Uno.) (Camera switches to Dos’s point of view) Dos: (spots Moe running down the hallway) Moe! Hey, I needa ask you something! Moe: (terrified look on her face) Dos, you have to run! She’s coming! Dos: who’s coming? Moe: … Parfait! She’s coming!!! Dos: Parfait? Moe: PARFAIT’S THE MURDERER! (with that Moe continues to run through the hallway, Dos tries to catch up to her) Dos: (running) MOE!! (Moe runs out of sight) (Camera switches back to Lockhart and Uno) (Uno and Lockhart follow Parfait who is carrying the strange object in her hand. The camera follows behind Parfait as she continues to suspiciously walk through the halls. Parfait gives a last look at the camera before she enters a classroom. Lockhart + Uno are unable to follow Parfait into the classroom and roam around looking for her until they hear a scream. They quickly run to the scream’s origin) Dos: (bumps into Lockhart and Uno) Guys! Moe’s in trouble! She was panicking saying that Parfait was following her… Lockhart: The scream came from this room hurry! (Lockhart swings the classroom door open seeing Moe in cradle position, covering her ears and shaking. Everyone runs up to her checking to see if she was alright) Moe: (scared) Par..Parfait.. She tried to hurt me but she jumped out the window when you she heard you guys coming… (sobbing) If it weren’t for you.. I would have… would have.. Lockhart: (comforts Moe) it’s okay Moe, you’re safe now. (Lockhart, Uno, and Dos peer out the window to see Parfait lying unconscious on the ground) Guys go get a teacher, I’ll stay here and take care of Moe. (Dos and Uno nod solemnly and go out to get a teacher) Moe: Lockhart, thanks so much… (starts to breathe irregularly) Lockhart: Moe… you alright? Moe: can’t.. Breathe..
  7. 7. Lockhart: shoot that’s right you have asthma, I’ll get your inhaler for you! It’s in your locker right? (Lockhart quickly leaves the classroom to Moe’s locker) Moe: (weakly) NO ! (tries to stop her but can’t catch her breath) Lockhart: (As Lockhart opens Moe’s locker she sees a bottle of empty sleeping pills, a deflated volleyball that looks overused, and a note from Parfait talking about Halloween props) ~Flashbacks~ Flashback #1: (At cafeteria) A couple of girls have dared Vicky to steal Moe’s daily pills she usually takes during lunch. Due to peer pressure, Vicky took them out of Moe’s bag when she wasn’t looking. As Moe was searching franticly through her bag, Vicky shakes the pills infront of Moe’s face tauntingly. As Moe tries to grab them, Vicky tosses them into the trashcan. The girls that dared Vicky were laughing like hyenas while Vicky showed a face of remorse seeing Moe go back to the trashcan and try to look for her medication. Lockhart also being in this scene gives Vicky a “you shouldn’t have done that face”. Flashback #2: (At the gym) During PE, the class was playing volleyball for the day. Moe being uncoordinated became bullied during the game. Everyone used Moe as target practice because she didn’t give any effort to move out of the way. Lockhart was in this scene as well. The camera shows Lockhart with a helpless and sympathetic expression. Flashback #3 (At Hallway) Parfait being stuck up as she is, walks through the hallway with her head up high. Parfait bumps into Moe causing both girls to drop their belonging. Parfait angrily yells at Moe to pick them up saying that it was her fault. When Moe picks up the fallen books and hands them to Parfait, Parfait grabs her belongings and pushes Moe causing her to fall to the ground. Lockhart notices these misdemeanors. (After the flashbacks the camera will reveal Moe standing in the end of the hallway staring at Lockhart who has gotten all the pieces of this mystery together. The camera view will black out and once visual is reestablished Moe will no longer be in the halls) Voice of Lockhart: No one’s quite sure where Moe had gone, actually most of the students haven’t even noticed that she was gone yet. Fortunately, Parfait’s jump hadn’t kill her. She walks around school with a broken leg but other than that she’s the same old Parfait. She doesn’t know who pushed her off the building, strangely she even thinks it may have been an accident. Yeah I know, how can being pushed out a window be an accident? The deaths of Vicky and Sonny became old news and no one even expected a serial murder but I know that this won’t be the last time we hear of Moe.