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This is a presentation I am making to the Brazil Newspaper Congress in Sao Paulo on August 18,. 2008. It is a call to newspapers to include the community (in the persons of bloggers, vloggers and podcasters) in the newspapers' websites and printed pages.

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  • Brazil Presentation

    1. 1. THE NEW INFORMATION CONSUMERS & CREATORS: John Wilpers, Senior Consultant, INNOVATION International Media Consulting Group CBJ Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug. 19, 2008 Attracting, retaining & involving them
    2. 3. • Time-crunched • Wired (Facebook, MySpace, iPod, Twitter, blogging…) TODAY’S YOUNG PEOPLE ARE: • Creative (creating content in many forms) • Looking for connections • Focused on specific interests • Expecting interactivity
    3. 4. If they are like young Americans, they think your papers are irrelevant: neither about them nor by them nor by anyone like them HALF OF BRAZIL’S 15-34 YEAR-OLDS DO NOT READ A NEWSPAPER
    4. 5. WHAT DO THEY WANT? 2) Information & community around shared interests 1) Local News 3) Variety of viewpoints 4) Chance to participate
    5. 6. What can newspapers do to attract, retain and involve these new information consumers and creators?
    6. 7. BLOGS Their blogs Their content, their thoughts, their interests On your website AND in your paper. NOT in a “blogger ghetto” Written by them or by people like them
    7. 8. BEFORE 1994, THERE WERE NO BLOGS Internet users had no voice. The Web was, well, quiet.
    8. 9. IN 1994, THE FIRST BLOGGER… … emerged erect from his cave (Actually, it was Justin Hall from his Swarthmore College dorm room)
    9. 10. BY ’02, THERE WERE 200,000 BLOGGERS By 2003, 3.5 million bloggers
    10. 11. BY ’06, 35 MILLION BLOGGERS; BY ’07, 70 MILLION Today, 112 million bloggers; tomorrow: ?
    11. 12. • RELEVANCE High-quality local bloggers: A great bet to increase • REACH • REVENUE HARNESS THAT ENERGY & TALENT
    12. 13. SOME DISAGREE Estadao’s monkey campaign was funny, But it ignored a legion of high-quality Brazilian blogs
    13. 14. ECONOMIC AND INTERNET GROWTH IS EXPLODING IN BRAZIL Brazil’s economy is growing so fast that by 2050 it will surpass today’s richest countries. Similarly, Internet use in Brazil is mushrooming.
    14. 15. THAT GROWTH FEEDS INFORMATION GROWTH Hundreds of top-quality bloggers are creating local content in YOUR market.
    15. 16. EVEN IF 50% OF THOSE BLOGGERS ARE ESTADAO’S MONKEYS… … that’s still a TON of good LOCAL content.
    16. 17. INCREASE REACH AND RELEVANCE With high-quality local bloggers, readers see your paper and website as being created by them and for them.
    17. 18. Most mainstream media reject or discourage user-generated content BUT GATEKEEPERS STILL RULE
    18. 19. Bloggers are thrilled to be asked to be part of your paper & website: THE NEWSPAPER MAGIC STILL EXISTS
    19. 20. YOUR BRAND STILL RESONATES Your brand = the best in information; Extend that brand to blogs & vlogs Be THE source of all the best info in town, even if you don’t create it! Aggregate and point off Or host the blogs. Who could resist a blog address like:
    20. 21. IT IS A WIN-WIN: You get: • Great web content • Great print content • Increased ad inventory, and • Viral grassroots PR from happy bloggers The bloggers get: • Big-time exposure in your newspaper and on your website • Increased traffic • Increased income • Prestige and fame!
    21. 22. … AND YOU GET RESULTS! MetroBoston (’00) Denver (‘01) Dallas Quick (’03) TampaBay (’06) BostonNOW (‘07) Paper closed
    22. 23. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC • Four of the top 13 page view URLs were blogs or the blog home page • Our longest time on a page was a blog • Our highest unique page view page was a blog • BostonNOW hosted 3,900 bloggers; 900 of whom posted regularly
    23. 24. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC • Between 12-20% of BostonNOW’s site traffic was to blogs; much of the classic “long tail” variety • In less than 12 months, we attracted 773,000 unique visitors • Who viewed more than 2.1 million pages
    24. 25. THAT’S ALL VERY COOL, JOHN But show us the MONEY
    25. 26. BLOGS ARE YOUR SALES DIFFERENTIATOR: Demonstrating: • Connection with young readers advertisers want • Community involvement & loyalty • Interactivity
    26. 27. BLOGS CAN BE USED BY ADVERTISERS • Clients can own a segment & deliver their message their way • Clients can interact with their consumers • Clients can use print to promote their Web presence
    27. 28. EXAMPLES OF SALES RESULTS • A $90,000 deal with a large regional bank mixing web and print budget to reach young college grads with text and video content, and banners • Two $10,000 deals with real estate developers to offer content, interact with consumers, and run print ads and web banners in the real estate section.
    28. 29. THE ALTERNATIVE? “ Newspapers are going to see the relentless emergence of new forms of media that might not even be … positioned as competition, but which have the potential to siphon off audience.” — Andrew Nachison, Co-founder iFOCOS, a media think tank Do nothing and the competition will eat your lunch
    29. 30. A NEW BUSINESS MODEL Incorporate professional AND citizen content, new advertising models, and new audiences so we can continue to fund our journalistic mission
    30. 31. A NEW VISION: INCLUSION "Stop pretending your organization is an oracle. It's not. You don't know everything, and even if you did, you couldn't publish as much as you'd like to. Pointing to outside sources of information — especially local blogs and other media — is a great start …
    31. 32. A NEW VISION: CREATING TOGETHER “… It does not mean that you endorse what these folks are saying or vouch for it, but it does mean that you recognize that others in your community are creating media with at least some information other people might want to see." Dan Gillmor, Director, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Arizona State University
    32. 34. Obrigado pelo seu tempo e atenção cortesa. John Wilpers, Senior Consultant INNOVATION Media Consulting Group 001.617.688.0137 / [email_address] Tchau!