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S Ummary Dan+Sheridan

  1. 1. Summary<br />Music Video<br />Way back into Love<br />
  2. 2. Cinematography<br />the art or technique of motion-picture photography.<br />We used varied shots, frames and angles to produce our music video, Way back into Love. We used lots of close-ups of the artists to present them to the audience. <br />As a group we captured the artists body language by using mid/long-shots. Body language is important because it expresses the themes and feelings of the characters.<br />It was necessary to link the visuals with the sound and the lyrics to create an interesting narrative that makes sense. <br />
  3. 3. Editing<br />to prepare (motion-picture film, video or magnetic tape) by deleting, arranging, and splicing, by synchronizing the sound record with the film, etc.<br />Whilst planning our music video we decided that it would be interesting to use split screens to present a complex narrative which made sense. Editing our music video was simplistic and the transitions were subtle, for example the cross dissolve of two frames and the split screen so audience focus more on the artist. <br />Problems with the split screen was both frames put next to each other didn’t fit for example in the picture the tree looks different in shape and size.<br />
  4. 4. Sound<br />the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium.<br />The only sound that we used was non-diegetic, because it was the song that we had chosen. We had to make sure that the lyrics and the sound fit together so that the complete music video made sense and was relevant to the targeted audience which was teenagers and young adults. <br />
  5. 5. Mise-en-Scene<br />The arrangement of performers and properties on a stage for a theatrical production or before the camera in a film.<br />As most of our scenes were in public areas for example bus station and college, it was very important that we thoroughly thought about the costumes and props that we were going to use. We used bright colours so that we could represent the happiness through exaggerated and cheerful colours. However we did want the costumes to look natural as well as appealing to the younger viewer.<br />The heart within the background is a representation of love which is a theme in our music video.<br />
  6. 6. Narrative<br />Astory or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.<br />The narrative of our music video was “finding true love,” the idea that two strangers, finding each other and finishing with true loves first kiss.<br />We using Propps narrative roles we were able to distinguish the types of characters that may be in a music video our characters could represent the hero and the princess.<br />We also used Todorov’s five stage narrative structure. For example we introduce the characters early in the day when the are getting ready, the plot develops throughout the day showing the two characters meeting. We do not introduce any other characters. The climax is when the meet up in town and the resolution is when they kiss at the end. Our video uses flashbacks to explain the story a bit better. <br />
  7. 7. Genre<br /> a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique.<br />The genre of our artist’s song is a type of pop genre and the sub-genre is romance, because the music is soft easy listening and the lyric’s relate to love and emotions.<br />Targeted audience for this genre type music could be teenagers as well as adults, it’s target audience is a wide range of people because of the pop genre making it more acceptable to audiences.<br />We use props, location, camera work and costume to reflect and distinguish our genre.<br />
  8. 8. Representation<br />In our music video representation of gender can be seen, both male and female singers have equal singing roles as well as camera time to show that both genders are equal.<br />The music video shows both singers getting out and bed and getting ready representing that both are the same instead of a male, female separation.<br />The video we produced represents the younger population with the narrative and also with the mise-en-scene for example the clothing is what typical teenagers would wear (jeans and t-shirt)<br />
  9. 9. Audience<br />When the audience watch Way Back into Love, the content has a significant effect on the viewers behavior. We want the audience to think about love and want them to express love we did not want them to challenge this therefore we tried to make the audience passive. However some people might challenge our narrative of how people fall in love because of the suspension of belief through the heart in the background of the shots and the way that they fall in love very quickly. The audience is a subject to the impact of gender because it is a very stereo-typical video<br />
  10. 10. The end<br />