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Memo About Spar

  1. 1. Barb- Here is the information that I presented to the TLG last Thursday about the SPAR view of Math 8+. In reference to the points, one needs to consider that the Exploratory(EXP) areas refer to Art, Living Arts, Computer Technology and Technology Education. These four areas would be tied to the teams. For example, Art might be tied to the Lynx team for the first quarter and the Quicksilver team the second quarter. Each Exploratory would be with a team for one quarter and would (or may) follow a schedule now followed by the Math classes (as if the Exploratory replaces the Math group of the team). Band, PE and Health would be linked to the Math groups in the new proposal. They would use the present SPAR schedule so that PE and Health would continue to rotate with the Math groups. Each grade level would be split in two so that during SPAR 1, half of a grade would be in Math and the other half would be in PE/Health rotation. Band would continue on its present schedule, although for meeting purposes, Band would meet with the PE/Health and Math groups during the week. Pro: 1. a chance to integrate our subject areas. Since the EXP will be tied to a team, they would be able to integrate their areas with team themes or curricula. PE/Health would be able to integrate with any Math themes if desired. 2. a chance for the EXP groups to be a part of a team. Since every team has a daily meeting about students, EXP might add a different look to a student since EXP has many hands on activities and students are often seen differently than in more core academic classes. EXP would also be able to perhaps suggest a new variety of activities, etc. during discussions about curricular themes, subjects. 3. an opportunity for change, and with change always comes a different perspective. Con: 1. The SPAR team will truly miss the opportunity to meet as they do presently. We have developed a “give and take” relationship with regard to SPAR activities, ie. during Red Ribbon Week, missing some TA time which SPAR absorbed. We have enjoyed and understand the types of activities we all do and include in our curriculums. We understand and utilize the same syntaxes with regard to the presentation of information. 2. Teams will have only three regular teachers for team ideas and activities, as EXP will rotate every quarter, and thus, a team will have to get used to a new team teacher every quarter. For example, Claude might be with the Lynx team for one quarter while they are doing a team topic and have activities that tie into that topic. However, when the quarter is over, Claude will move on and the three team teachers will need to establish themselves with another teacher and incorporate new activities designed with that new teacher in mind. Also this would mean that EXP teachers, while on a specific team, could not be available for team time/duties during Pride time or to be able to open their areas up to
  2. 2. team students to complete team projects as EXP teachers have lunch duty and other study hall duties during Pride time. 3. Joe will not be available for any lunch time duties, such as study hall or remediation. His schedule would require that he have two quarters of 7th graders and then two of 8th graders back to back as he will need to be in the High school for his class. 4. While EXP might be integrating with team activities and themes, EXP’s curriculum may be compromised as EXP teachers all have 10 week curriculums as is and integrating sometimes means that the EXP curriculum would be shortened, abandoned, or not covered. Barb- this is the general gist of the conversation with TLG. You can look in the TLG notebook if you would like to review the notes of the meeting. It is near the telephone and is the green notebook. The main thing would be for the SPAR team members to be careful about suggestion how SPAR feels as a team or how feels they feel before the information is presented, discussed and a decision is made.