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Existing Magazine Radial Analysis


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Published in: Education
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Existing Magazine Radial Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis By Katy Bixley This task was to analyse pages of a music magazine. The front cover, the contents page and a double spread page. This is useful to my group so when we make our own music magazine we know what is effective and what sort of images, fonts and colours we need to use to make our magazine have potential.
  2. 2. ‘ New Musical Express’ in red bold letters connotes power and passion. By using block capitals it stands out to the audience. The use of short letters makes it easier for the reader to remember the name. Fading background is affective because it makes them look as though they are outside. This indicates that they may be outdoor people. Using a new band on the front cover links to the main topic of the magazine, it being a new decade. This small bold print tells the reader what else is in the issue. This informs the reader who is in the issue and may attract them as its someone they like. This looks like a stamp or a sticker which automatically stands out. By using an explanation mark it adds excitement. Well known bands in bold white writing stands out and catches the eye of the audience. This is affective as it will grab attention and promote the band. Blue connotes fresh which links to the title as its fresh new music for a new decade. It also is stereotypically a boy colour, which links to the band and the fact that the target audience is mostly male. The band standing close together with arms around each other shows closeness and friendship. Fans don’t want bands to split up therefore it gives them reassurance. From NMEs media pack, 73% are male leaving 27% female. (IPC Media pack 2008) The target audience for this magazine is males aged 17-30 ABC1.This is seen on the front cover by using a boy band that look around the same age. The preferred meaning is that they are successful and a close band which wont result in splitting up.
  3. 3. Q Magazine is more about upcoming artist and re releases. This magazine also does many interviews. This months issue focuses on the English band The Gorillaz. The name of the magazine ‘Q’ is short and memorable. Red connotes passion for the music. It is also a very powerful colour that attracts the audience. “ World Exclusive” makes the reader feel treated. As if they are important and are being told before everyone else when in actual fact a lot of people will be reading it. Comments like this makes the reader feel close and personal with the band. They are talking about personal things friends would tell. Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United football player interviewing the band Stereophonics is quite different and unexpected. However, it is successful because they are both very popular and famous. The key feature of this front cover is the band Gorillaz. The unique cartoon links to the uniqueness of the band as they are very different to most bands around today in the music industry. The image of the ship suggests they are doing a world tour or maybe just releasing new music. Hence the “set sail” comment.
  4. 4. ‘ New Musical Express’ – it is short and easy to remember. When said it sounds like ‘enemy’ which is seen to be quite rebellious and edgy. The colour red connotes strength and passion. Content Analysis - the key features of this front cover is Gwen Stefani. With her standing in the middle of the page looking as though she has attitude but being cool about it. This suggests that she has new or maybe a new song out. ‘Tick Tock’ is one of her singles. Layout - the focus is on Gwen Stefani which indicates that she is the biggest topic of this magazine. It represents the magazine as quite up to date, follows the popular music and musicians. Gwen Stefani – the preferred meaning of this image is that she has attitude, is cool and sexy. This is constructed by her pose, her eye contact and a little bit of flesh showing. This indicates that she is sexually confident but not promiscuous. Colour - the main colours on this front page are orange, gold and white. These colours are fresh and feminine. The representation of gold is rich and powerful. The significance of this is that she is rich and can be seen as quite powerful as she is a role model to many young females. Jarvis Cocker is a very famous English musician. Language such as ‘new’ makes the reader feel as if they need to read it as its new. Using the word ‘meet’ also draws attention from the audience as they feel included and special that they are going to meet him.
  5. 5. NME – New Musical Express. Shortening the name of the magazine helps the reader to remember the name. The red block capitals helps it stand out and connotes power and passion. This statement links to the stereotype of musicians – “sex, drugs, rock and roll”. Facts like this makes people want to read inside. Connotations of red is warning. This is seen to be a warning sigh to inform the reader about something. This attracts the audience as its new for an existing band. NME Awards is very popular. This informs the audience and entertains. Black and white image suggests that the band have got a bit of an edge to them. Maybe even a little retro. It draws attention as it is different and looks powerful. It also makes the band look classy and unique. The representation of the band shows female domination. She is the only band member that is looking straight on into the camera. Its shows that she is in control. This camera shot is a depth of field. This shows the importance and the roles of the band members.
  6. 6. Conventions of Cover Layout <ul><li>All covers have bold block capital font for a masthead which makes it easier for the audience to remember it. </li></ul><ul><li>Most front covers have a dominant picture on the front cover of the main feature of that issue. </li></ul><ul><li>Most mastheads are bold and red. </li></ul><ul><li>There are not as many cover lines on music magazines unlike gossip magazines. </li></ul><ul><li>They all have band names in the middle of the page, they are normally large and bold. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Contents – informs the reader and lets them know what is inside the issue. It also tells them where to find something. Connotations of red is powerful and awareness, this contents does aware the audience what is inside. The contents looks very neat which is easier for the readers to find what they are looking for. Content Analysis – the key feature seems to be about a ‘new; magazine. A change for the new decade, picking up new information for the reader hence the radar. ‘ January Sale’ is a tradition that happens after Christmas. It is bold block capitals which makes it stand out. The colour red over powers the reader and makes them feel it is good to do. The colour blue represents freshness which is important as the main topic of this magazine is new, a fresh start to the year and the decade. The white boarder lets the writing stand out and makes the page look fresh. Having an editors column makes the reader feel as if it is a letter personally to them. Its friendly and feels personal. It makes the reader feel as if there is a special connection between them. The slanted writing makes the magazine look edgy. It shows that its different and has different styles.
  8. 8. Offer to save money. Bold block capitals letters stands out to the audience. This advertisement gets them more readers as they believe it’s a good deal. The white banner makes the picture and text stand out to the reader, helping them find what they want to find. It also looks neat. The key features of this page is Haiti. This suggests that there are a lot of people including bands such as Radiohead are helping out the people in need of help by raising money. This tells us that the band are willing to help those in need. The contents is in alphabetical order. This is helpful to the reader as if they want to see a specific article. The red font connotes awareness. It shows there is a lot of entertainment in the magazine for the reader.
  9. 9. The layout has both pictures and text. This is effective as it gives the reader more for the imagination. The layout represents the magazine as fun and factual. There isn't a key feature on this page, however the Gorillaz seem to take up a lot of space. Other key features include must hear music, heroes with reviews and interviews. Using the colour red brings awareness to the reader. It also signifies importance as red is usually warning. This is effective as contents pages inform the reader what is inside, awareness of where to go and what to read. The target audience seen to be more for males, young to middle aged. The layout is quite basic whereas female layouts are more busy and pretty. A white background helps the key features and topics to stand out. White connotes freshness, which links to the fact that the information is all new and fresh to the audience.
  10. 10. Conventions of Contents Pages <ul><li>All contents pages have used red font. This may be because it stands out more. It brings awareness to the reader. </li></ul><ul><li>Magazine Q groups articles but NME contents is in alphabetical order. </li></ul><ul><li>Two out of the three contents pages have included images of the featured stories. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Ellie Goulding – conventional ‘pretty’ woman. Her fashion is almost vintage looking. This is affective because it may make people feel her music is different to others. The background has soft neutral colours suck as creams, browns and pinks. These colours connote richness and vintage. They are also stereotypically girly colours which links to the fact she is a girl. The layout is very neat and organised. This links to context as woman are seen to be more organised than men. The key feature is Ellie Goulding. Her picture takes up half the page and her name is in dark block capitals which stands out. The use of using other famous musicians attracts a more wider audience as it will interest fans of Frankmusik. It stands out as the font is bigger than the rest of the writing. The writing is kept to the left as we read from left to right. The bold and capital lettering stands out to the reader. The dark colour connotes power and mystery. This is affective because Ellie Goulding is a mystery to many people as she is not that famous yet. The dolls and shoes on the window ledge makes the situation feel more personal and friendly, almost as if they are invited into her house.
  12. 12. The black background suggests mystery and power. This suggests is Kid Cudi could bring out something different. Back background also makes him stand out. Content analysis of this double spread page is a new ‘Kayne West’. This suggests that Kid Cudi is very talented and is going to be as successful as Kayne West. The white text looks fresh and stands out. The fresh connotation links to the fact that he is fairly new to the music industry. The white texts also suggests purity which contradicts the picture of him as he is swearing which isnt very pure. This tells us that he may have a bit of a ‘bad boy’ side.
  13. 13. The key features of this page is Mika, about how he has his own planet. This suggests that his music is like being on another planet. Mika is a space suit links to the topic and the title – ‘Planet Mika’. This is effective as makes the reader feel comfortable if they feel like they are on another planet. The city, back road background shows normality, everyday things such as city buildings. This is suggesting Mika landed on planet earth. Whereas the other background with bright show lights suggests fun and a different experience on planet Mika. The red text stands out. It connotes strength and passion. The target audience is mainly females. Mike is seen to be ‘girly’.
  14. 14. Conventions of Double Pages <ul><li>All three double pages have copy included. This informs the reader what the article is about. </li></ul><ul><li>The artists name is in capital letters on all pages, some are bold. </li></ul><ul><li>All the double page spreads include an image of the artist. </li></ul>