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Lauren And Jenny


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Lauren And Jenny

  1. 1. LAUREN AND JENNY Advertising the Envy Touch!!!!
  2. 2. LAUREN “Hey Jenny! Guess what? I got the new Envy Touch For Verizon and I can text at lightning speed!”
  3. 3. JENNY “Lauren I found that out already because you texted it to me ten times and I could barley recieve it because my phone is so incredibly slow.”
  4. 4. LAUREN “Well do you have verizon?”
  5. 5. JENNY “Yeah do you?”
  6. 6. LAUREN “Yes that is how I got the Envy Touch and since you have verizon too you can get the Envy Touch just like me and also text at lightning speed.”
  7. 7. JENNY “Wow!!! I’ll call you later I’m going to get myself the envy touch, but wait how much is it. The only reason I still have my lame phone is because I can’t afford another one.”
  8. 8. LAUREN “Don’t worry about that. As long as you have family plan you won’t have to pay too much. You do have a family plan right?”
  9. 9. JENNY “Of course I have a family plan. I’ll call you back I am going to get myself an envy touch.”
  10. 10. LAUREN “You do that! Talk to you later!”
  11. 11. NEXT DAY....
  12. 12. JENNY “I got it!!!!!”
  13. 13. LAUREN “Cool... ...What did you get again?”
  14. 14. JENNY “The envy touch!!! DUH!!”
  15. 15. LAUREN “Awsome!! I told you it was going to be easy!”
  16. 16. JENNY “Oh yeah one more thing I sort of told all my friends about it and mensioned your name and number, so a lot of people will be calling you. Okay i’m done bye.”
  17. 17. LAUREN “YOU WHAT!?!”
  18. 18. TALKING DUDE!! “You can get you envy touch for $20 with a family plan and without a family plan well let’s just say get a family plan.You can go to your nearest verizon wireless store to get yourself an envy touch or order online at To call and order call 555-1296 you must be 18 or older to call. Call or click to get your envy touch today!”
  19. 19. THE END!!!! By Leah McCloy!!!!