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  • Mac vs PC

    1. 1. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    2. 2. Mac over PC... The sad, yet undeniable truth. Buy a Mac, and you will never go back! Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    3. 3. Let’s start with the basics. • A PC can take hours to configure upon purchase, as one must setup each hardware device separately which is a troubling process. Mac computers automatically detect Internet connections, and connect to them without even asking you. Wireless mice are also detected flawlessly, as are other Bluetooth devices. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    4. 4. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    5. 5. A Macintosh computer is better than a PC because you can put multiple operating systems on it, it has amazing virus protection, there are better and easier programs available, and it is stylish and easy to use. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    6. 6. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    7. 7. Multiple Operating Systems Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    8. 8. Boot Camp, a built-in feature of Mac computers, enables users to run both Mac and Windows on one computer by partitioning their hard drive. The setup is flawless, and works like a charm. Users can choose either XP or Vista, and all that is required is a setup disc. This feature allows Mac users to run applications not available on Mac, simply by using Boot Camp. At startup, the user is given the option of starting up with either Mac or Windows, and can quickly restart the computer to switch back and forth. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    9. 9. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    10. 10. Vmware Fusion Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    11. 11. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    12. 12. Boot Camp Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    13. 13. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    14. 14. Virus Protection Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    15. 15. On Windows you always have to worry about virus protection. You always have to buy a virus protection program like Norton which can by very expensive. It will cost you around $35.00 to buy it. Every year you must renew your license which costs around $30.00. So lets say you where running a business with around 12 people and 12 computers. If every computer was a PC then you would have to spend $480 just for virus protection for one year. Now many of you may say that there are other anti-virus programs that are free. The problem with many of these is that they do not remove viruses they only check for viruses and some of them actually give you viruses. But, no one has figured out a way to put a virus on a Mac. So, if you were running a business and you used Mac computers, you would have saved $480 a year. You do not have to worry about buying any sort of software on Mac because it is already on your computer. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    16. 16. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    17. 17. Norton Anti-Virus Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    18. 18. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    19. 19. Programs Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    20. 20. There are many programs on Mac that are very useful but are not available for Windows. Microsoft Office Professional is a program that many people think is the best program for businesses. The only problem is is that is costs around $680. That’s a lot of money for one program. So again If you had a business with 12 computers than this program would cost you a whopping $8160. That is a lot of money just for one program. For students they have Microsoft office home and student which is $159 which is still a lot of money. A simple and easy program that is offered on Mac but not on Windows is iWork. iWork costs $99.00. Both businesses and students can use iWork. You can also get a family pack where you get two copies of iWork for only $120.00. So 12 copies of iWork would cost you $720.00. You would save a total of $7440 just by using iWork instead of Microsoft Office. Now another main thing that people use computer for is the internet Many studies have been done to show that Safari is a lot faster than Internet Explorer. I did one myself, and found out that Internet Explorer takes 1.3 seconds to load, while Safari takes only 0.9 seconds. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    21. 21. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    22. 22. iWork Over Office Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    23. 23. iWork Over Office Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    24. 24. • Oh, and in case you were wondering,the prices aren’t any better for lower versions of Office, just so you know. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    25. 25. • Oh, and in case you were wondering,the prices aren’t any better for lower versions of Office, just so you know. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    26. 26. • Oh, and in case you were wondering,the prices aren’t any better for lower versions of Office, just so you know. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    27. 27. Common Sense, maybe? • Why would one spend up to $900 on Microsoft Office, when you could just get iWork ’09 for only $99? It’s been proven to create more creative projects, leading to more success in the future. I don’t know about you, but I like to save money. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    28. 28. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    29. 29. Safari Over Explorer Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    30. 30. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    31. 31. iLife over Windows Media Programs Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    32. 32. iLife ’09... • iLife ’09 includes Apple’s popular programs; iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, and Garage Band. Most computer users find these much easier to use than Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Editor, the “non-existent” DVD burning program which one must download oneself, and, well Garage Band absolutely destroys any PC form that exists such as Sony Acid. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    33. 33. Let’s sum it all up... • Okay, let’s break it down for you. • Windows and Mac can be run on one computer • iWork ’09 is up to $800 cheaper than Microsoft Office 2007 • iLife ’09 is way easier to use, and most computer users love it • Mac computers don’t need Anti-Virus programs, while Windows Anti-Virus programs can prove to be a costly investment Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    34. 34. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
    35. 35. Buy a Mac and Be Stress Free!!! And remember, iThink, therefore iMac. Tuesday, February 24, 2009