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Video evaluation pp

  1. 1. Hypasonic – Your Love Chloe Myles Rochelle Fergus-Dormer Sonia Ahmed Kelsea Young
  2. 2. What is the relationship between the music, lyrics and the video? The first thing that you notice when you hear this song is the up tempo backing beat. To match the speed of the song, we worked the editing around the tempo and ensured that every cut was high speed and high energy. To create the same feel between the cuts and in the actual footage we added a lot of high tech looking effects on the footage, all in a range of different colours to add brightness and visual effect. The whole idea was to create the atmosphere of a club, without actually being in it. There were many reasons for this, one being that due to budget and age restrictions we could not actually go to a club, however, we used this to our advantage and we can now say that by not actually being in a club, we are reaching out to all ages as they do not feel restricted. “Say a little prayer for me”, on this particular section of lyrics we instructed the main star of the video to dance and lip synch whilst doing “prayer” actions with her hands to create relevance between the lyrics and audio. At the beginning, the opening line “The moment I wake up”, we see a close up of the main characters face, with her eyes opening to show that she is now waking up, we then have an establishing shot of her bedroom to classify her location and activity and to also create a clear understanding of the lyrics.
  3. 3. What is the relationship between the music, lyrics and the video? (-continued) <ul><li>At the beginning of the song, the tempo of the music is fast, but it is still a building crescendo waiting to reach it’s peak at the chorus. Because of this, the narrative is also in a crescendo, with the opening scenes matching the tempo of the music. When the beat finally drops, so do the cuts, editing and narrative into new extremes. On the bridge of the song, where the music becomes “tinned” and slightly slows, we follow this beat and tempo with the actions of the main star of the video, she dances in beat with the music, this time slower than before so that the audio and visual are in comfortable synchronisation with one another. The repetition of the lyrics in this song has its advantages and it’s disadvantages. One advantage of this is that the audience soon becomes familiar with the lyrics, and of course, remembrance is an advantage in the music industry, however, we had to be even more creative with what would be in the frame for each time the lyric was repeated. On one instance of “Your love has got a hold on me”, we are showing her hugging the picture of her and her “ex” boyfriend on her phone, showing that even though they are separated, she is still thinking of him and his love still has a hold on her. We also reiterate the fact that his love has a hold on her in a more in contextual way on the end fade of the “to be continued” page flick. This is showing that the fact that they are not together is not the end of their relationship, their particular story has not ended, and the “story” is represented metaphorically through the flicking of the page, something that we know occurs in the reading of a book. When Kelsea is lip synching the words, “See I’ve never met no-one who makes me feel this way”, she is skimming the natural curves of her body in a tasteful way, re enforcing the use of the word “feel” in the lyrics, when she is doing this, she has a smile on her face to represent the happiness that he makes her feel. In context to the tempo of the music and the dancers, when Rochelle and I were creating the dance, we immediately knew that it would have to be high energy, because of this the choreography was club like and high tempo. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Is the concept narrative or performance? <ul><li>Our video performance based conforming to characteristics of the dance genre that is created around this performance of dance. We developed this characteristic of the genre by also including a narrative deliberately at the start, as that is what we wanted our audience to view and understand as soon as the video commenced before the performance was acknowledged. Hopefully this can be easily understood as we see a female who appears depressed due to her recent break-up. A phone call appears in the frame with two other females arranging to take her out attempting to cheer her up that is also presented in the text that the main character receives. The remaining house scenes display the main character getting prepared for a night out by her friends. This narrative is additionally highlighted by the effect of saturation. This was used as it highlights emotions as the scenes were gloomy when she appeared most depressed and alone, however, when she receives the text from her friend informing her that her and another one of her friends were on their way to cheer her up, the colour in the video goes from Greyscale into colour, lots of colour! The narrative then progresses to her friends bringing over clothes for her to go out with them in, to forget her worries and to cheer up, even though the main girl is hesitant to begin with, she eventually caves in, gets changed, and allows them to finish getting them ready by doing the usual female routines of hair, makeup and perfume. The narrative is constantly broken up by the lip synching of the main girl. The reason why it is only the main girl miming is to reinforce her importance and to show that it is her that the lyrics are relating to. Although there is a narrative, we had to keep all of the successful aspects of a music video such as the lip synching, and we did this to the most professional way of our ability by including outfit changes and a dance sequence. The ending shots consist of her miming the words “So I’ll say”. She then puckers her lips and this fades into a shot of the words “To be continued”. This is further luring the audience into finding out the rest of the narrative through future videos which could not have been done if it was a simple l music video of no meaning. </li></ul>