Navy Social Media Network Snapshot


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This snapshot was compiled by the U.S. Navy Emerging Media Integration team to discuss methods of utilizing the Navy Social Media network to best distribute our Navy messages.

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Navy Social Media Network Snapshot

  2. 2. The Navy Social Media Directory and email distribution list<br />There are nearly 400 POCs on the Navy social media distribution list representing the more than 170 commands on the social media directory, plus others.<br />Some ways the directory and email distribution can work for you:<br />Become a fan/follower/subscriber of the commands and units listed on the social media directory—many with multiple social media presences,<br />Follow all official Navy Twitter accounts in one step by following the @NavyNews list,<br />Coordinate with CHINFO on using the distribution list to further distribute Navy-interest content<br />
  3. 3. Tagging users/pages on Facebook engages other Navy social media POCs without emailing the distribution list<br />To “tag” (or copy) another user or Page:<br /><ul><li>Type “@” and their username/Page name in the same text box where you are typing in your update
  4. 4. A drop down of suggested names will appear (if it does not appear, wait a few seconds, or refresh your page)
  5. 5. Select the one you want to tag and it will automatically hyperlink to that page (You must be a fan/friend of the page you want to tag)
  6. 6. The “@” symbol will disappear when you select the user name
  7. 7. The update will appear on your page (as usual) AND on the page of the tagged user(s)
  8. 8. Comments and “likes” will only appear on your original post</li></li></ul><li>Answering questions or adding to discussions on other Navy pages when content is “within your lane” is encouraged<br />As appropriate, page administrators hand off questions to the appropriate subject matter expert and/or the person with release authority to respond to specific questions or comments<br />If you are a subject matter expert, don’t wait to be asked, please join in the conversation!<br />If you have questions on whether you should comment on a post in an official capacity, ask your command’s Public Affairs Officer<br />EXAMPLE: MCPON commented on the U.S. Navy Facebook page providing leadership on an area of his expertise<br />
  9. 9. Profile of the U.S. Navy Page– what you can expect when U.S. Navy Page features your page/content<br />Most active fans are Navy veterans; 17-24 yr olds looking to join the Navy; or parents/siblings of Sailors<br />95,000+ fans and growing<br />Fan base mostly in the U.S., but spans across the globe<br />Navy Reserve promotion received 204,701 impressions and increased Navy Reserve fan base by 4 fans<br />US Navy Life promotion received 117,533 impressions and increased Navy Life fan base by 270 fans<br />*We encourage you to make us aware of relevant, quality content that may be of value to the U.S. Navy Facebook page fan base, so we may consider for posting, but please note we may not be able to post every request.*<br />
  10. 10. To extend the reach of the Fleet and Family Support message, CHINFO tapped into Navy social media network<br />CHINFO FFSP Tests Extended Navy Network<br />Sent email to social media distribution list with request to share FFSP message on official Facebook Pages<br />13 additional Navy Facebook Pages re-posted message<br />Extended the reach of FFSP’s message to 5 major Navy geographic hubs (Japan, Hawaii, Norfolk, San Diego, Naples)<br />
  11. 11. The message would have received decent reach and interaction on Facebook without the request for help…<br />CHINFO FFSP Tests Extended Navy Network<br />
  12. 12. …but achieved extended reach as a result of CHINFO email distribution (minimal & shared effort)<br />CHINFO FFSP Tests Extended Navy Network<br /><ul><li>Reached 13% more people on Facebook alone
  13. 13. Extended reach to 5 major Navy geographic hubs</li></li></ul><li>We can do more to leverage the Navy communications network by using other tools and syncing up Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 presences<br />CHINFO FFSP Tests Extended Navy Network<br />Provide link to original news release or other source content- story or other source<br />If no news release exists, consider a blog post on an official blog property<br />Post coordinated content to website (on homepage) to reinforce consistent messaging and send fans to place where they may obtain additional, value-added information<br />Post updates to official Twitter accounts linking to key information<br />
  14. 14. Lessons Learned/ Next Steps<br />Best Practices<br /><ul><li>Linking back to Facebook fan page where original content was posted drives traffic to the source
  15. 15. Requesting help in spreading important messages should be done when message is relevant across commands/units
  16. 16. Respond to posts on other Navy pages when you are a subject matter expert on the topic
  17. 17. Use all social media presences to push the message to maximum number of followers (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, etc)</li></ul>Next Steps<br />Test concept again with next announcement/news item that is relevant across several commands/units<br />Provide several outlets for sharing including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email-to-a-friend, and Bookmarking<br />Loop back with commands who shared message to thank them for their support and ask how we can better support them<br />CHINFO will be working to “tag” our distro list for more targeted message distribution<br />Seek alternative methods of reaching command social media points of contact after hours, besides through email.<br />