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The Geniuses Of Kasur


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It is the complete document on the Geniuses of Kasur

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The Geniuses Of Kasur

  1. 1. 1 “THE GENIUSES OF KASUR” By: Advocate Ahmad Ali Kasuri M.A. LL. B. Topper in LL.B. Examination Punjab University Awarded Medal of Honour by the Chief Justice Pakistan Publications of this author: 1- Humanization: 2- Muhammad Ali Jinnah: 3-Introduction to Law: 4- Chengiz Khan: 5- Woman: 6- The Geniuses of Kasur: 7- Mogul Empire to British imperialism or Chengiz ta Engraiz. +92 333 493 5920
  2. 2. 2 Children are the best identification of a land. Soil of Kasur is richly fertile, fecund and prolific in having such productive and genius cluster of personalities of the world, who always remains scintillating as coveted star of this terra- forming. And to encompass their ambitiously manifested multiphase role, let us embark upon this study voyage that shall definitely save us from disheartening from Kasur and its glorious inhabitants, who not only had faced very bravely all the unwholesome circumstances and psychosis tempests of worst maneuvering which escalates very unreasonably against those whereas contrary to that illicit propagation they sustained with iron determination for persistently incessant endeavor with ever spiraling ambitions blended with perseverance per se to be strategic, disciplined and rewarding struggle ,that inspires many hearts, forever. They are dedicated to making the most of the ambition, enterprise, and potential, having proficiency to initiate any of positively constructive goings-on either an intellectual venture or a material entrepreneur in the particular or assorted sphere. Actually it’s their sparkling beam of humanization with dignified characteristics of octangular panorama that writ-large on their pleasing personality that has articulated them altruistically to feel self- assured and reliance with burgeoning confidence after having been attached to the existing revitalizing working environment of their own made-up circumference adorned with their well- cogitated and highly reflected veritable reservoir of faith, nobility, respect, ideology, allegories, consensuses of opinion, cosmopolitan-approach, and practicability. Thus they truly witness that humanization is really a matter of recognizing the common humanity even of one's opponents and including them in one's moral scope. They also demonstrate that leadership is essential to getting things done, very appropriately. Thus their role is the best enlightening sign of the qualities of good leaders— having blessed with self-knowledge, self-reverence, self-control, commitment, willingness to look to others for support, being open to change, and a desire to go the extra mile for realization of in-coming goal, and out- going goal— that can therefore determine whether anyone chooses to follow them, adherently.
  3. 3. 3 And all that has been possible after their realization the need to be clear about their own values, priorities, and preferences and not let someone else, or society, to define for them," Envisaging from the annals of history, witnessing the present and to forecasting the future, I am hitherto pretty much confident that Kasur is always generously blessed with brilliant, magnanimous and progressive brains having all acumen that plausibly plays their ever beneficial character in welfare and amelioration and thus prove as they are amongst the wholesome, groomed and blessed personas of the world to be respected by holding in a very high esteem by the community because of their righteous, pragmatic and dynamic leadership competency. All & above from mere fables level, and apart from any sort of frivolous hype up; let us enshrine, in the heart of our heart and adorn even more fabulously, the geniuses of Kasur; and know all by these presents, that how much, these celebrities are prestigious, prodigious, dashing, lavishing, ravishing and striking ones: as thitherto a tint of such ever- shining personalities is given who always had rendered abundantly in many a sphere , even in statesmanship, as well as in military and civil bureaucracy; and thus have very nicely demanded contribution toward bringing peace, promoting humanization and evolving prosperity; around the globe. A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THE GENIUSES OF KASUR: Most venerated readers, with due deliverance I do hereby humbly submit before your honour, that in the following lines, there is a summary, precise, or substance of the (Names, characters, institution or events related to Kasur. The details, pedantries, and elaborations about all these can be had from any good encyclopedia, please. SAINTS: -Baba Bulley Shah Sahib -Baba Kamal Chishti Sahib -Baba Abdul Khaliq Sahib -Baba Imam Shah Sahib
  4. 4. 4 HISTORIAN: -Abaidullah Abdul Qadir Khwashgi Kasuri (He is the writer of the oldest book on Kasur namely “AKHBAR UL AULIA MIN LISAN IL ASFIA”) -Professor Dr. Muhammad Shafee. (Sitara-i-Pakistan) (He is the writer of modern book on Kasur namely AULIA-I-KASUR) HISTORICAL/ POLITICAL/ SIGNIFICANT FEUDALS/ LAND LORDS FAMILIES: -Syed Family -Mogul Family -Afghan family -Rajput family -Jat family -Arain Family -Dogar Family -Gujar family -Kamboh Family -Sheikh Family -Kashmiri Family -Ansari family -Meo Family - (And some others) IMPERIAL MINISTER: -Raja Toder mall (In the era of Akbar the great Mogul) MILITARY GENERAL: -Lt. General ®Mohammad Javed Nasir PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN: -Mian Moeen ul din Ahmad Qurashi FOREIGN MINISTERS OF PAKISTAN: -Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali -Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri. (S/O Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri) LAW MINISTER OF PAKISTAN: -Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri. (S/O Moulvi Abdul Qadir Kasuri)
  5. 5. 5 CHIEF MINISTER: -Sardar Mohammad Arif Nakai. PREMIER/ GOVERNOR: -Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Muhammadot. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN SENATE OF PAKISTAN: -Malik Mohammad Ali Khan Khai DEPUTY CHAIRMAN PLANNING COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN -Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali SPEAKER: -Rana Mohammad Iqbal Khan DEPUTY SPEAKER: -Sardar Hasan Akhtar Moakal PROVINCIAL MINISTERS: -Rana Phool Mohammad Khan. (And some others) CRICKETER: -Ali Ahmad (Ex Star Player Pakistan Team) - (And some others) WRESTLER: -Ustad Gulzareykhan Rustam-I-Hind -Showkat Pehalwan Olympian- (And some others) VOCALIST: -Bedy Ghulam Ali Khan (Legendry Represent as Tan Sain) -Ustad Barkat Ali, -Ustad Amanat Ali, -Ustad Salamat Ali, -Ustad Chotay Ghulam Ali - (And some others) MUSICIAN: -Ustad Ghulam Mohammad - (And some others)
  6. 6. 6 SINGER: -Malika i Tarnum Noor Jahan (Real name Allah Rakhi) - (And some others) MILITARY ELITES: -Brigadier ® Mohammad Qayyum -Brigadier ®Mian Zafar Hasan Rathore -Brigadier ® Mohammad Majeed -Brigadier Mohammad Javed Akhter -Brigadier Dr. Irfan-Ul-Haq -Colonel ® Azhar Hasan Rathore -Colonel ® Ahmad Javed - (And some others) (Note:1- as Brigadier ®Mian Zafar Hasan Rathore is concerned it is worth mentioned that the 1st General of Pak Army EME General Masood was his uncle whereas General Aslam and General Arshad were his cousins and also a good numbers of his relatives were on the higher MILITARY and CIVIL positions) (Note: 2- General K.M. Azhar and General Muhammad Hussain also related to Kasur) (Note:3- In Indo-Pak, war of 1965 , the Khaim Karan, Kasur battlefield proved as the decisive one, and consequent upon the victory of Pakistan, under the dynamic commander-in-chief General Mohammad Mousa Khan Chengazi) (Note:4-Brigadier Shami Shaheed, Colonel Ghulam Hussain Shaheed, Captain Naseem Hayat Shaheed, Captain Muneer Shaheed, Soldier Talib Shaheed are amongst the famous heroes of Kasur during the 1965, and 1971 wars of Indo- Pakistan. (Note:5- Some traditions reveal that Indian Military deployed at this sector, planned in 1965 war, on a specific day to have their morning tea at Kasur, and lunch at Lahore gymkhana. But they were badly defeated and their own area Khaim Karan was conquered by the valiant & brave Pakistan military. In 1971 Indo- Pak war, the Kasur based courageous and bold Pakistan military won over the Indian Qisar-i-Hind.)
  7. 7. 7 UPPER ECHELON WHO HAD RENDERED THEIR SERVICES IN KASUR: -General Mohammad Mousa Khan Chengizi (C-in-C) 1965) -President General Pervez Musharraf (served as Captain 1965) -Chief Secretary Punjab M.Hafeez Akhter (served as AC) -Chairman Railways Captain Naseer Akhter (served as AC) -Chief Secretary Punjab Mahar Jeven (served as AC) -Secretary interior Punjab Ch. Nazir Ahmad (served as AC) -Secretary Housing Pakistan G.M.Sakkandar (served as DC) -I.G. of Police Jahangir Mirza (served as SP Kasur) -I.G. of Police Malik Asif Hayat (served as SP Kasur) -(And some others) CIVIL BUREAUCRATS/ ELITES FROM KASUR: -Hanif M. Akhtar Lincoln National Life Ins Co USA (CSP 1965) -Mr. Abdul Hameed Auditor General of Pakistan. -Javed Mehmmood Chief Secretary Punjab -Maqbool Ahmad (Member BOR) -Brig. ® M. Zafar Hassan (Joint Secretary Communication PK) -MianTayyab Hasan (Ex. Secretary Finance / Cabinet) -Abdul Hamid (Ex. Auditor General of Pakistan) -Hamid Ali (Joint Secretary Interior PK) -M.Samaee Saeed (Secretary Excise Punjab) -Jalal Ul Din Akbar Zaidi (Ex. Director Accounts) -Akmal Hussain (Collector Customs) -Abdul Rehman Abid (Deputy Commissioner/ Director) -Showkat Ali (DC Customs) -Hamid Nawaz (Assistant commissioner) -Ghulam Fareed (DDOR) -Syed Zameer Ahmad (DDOR) - Khalil Ahmad (Bhatti) Member(BOR) -Arif Latief Senior G.M. Sui-Gas (SNGPL) -Mujahid Anwar G.M. Sui-Gas (SNGPL) -Dr. Aman Ullah Khan (USA) -(And some others) POLICE SERVICE OF PAKISTAN: -Qamar Ul Din DIG -Rana Mohammad Aslam SSP -Mehmood Masood SSP -Mohammad Tahir SSP
  8. 8. 8 -Amanuullah Pasha SSP -Caption Atta Mohammad ASP -(And some others) EMINENT LEGAL PRACTITIONERS: -Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri (the celebrated legal mind of PK) -Mian Mohammad Hassan Rathore -Mian Nayyer Hassan Rathore -Sardar Showkat Ali -Mian Hameed ul Din Kasuri -Ahmad Raza Kasuri -Ahmad Ali Kasuri -(And some others) (Note: - The incumbency board of the District Bar Association of Kasur revealed that Mr. Shafiq Akram Advocate was the President for the most of the period of 1947 to 1982) PROMINENT MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS: -Dr. Asad Ur Rehman Director Health. -Dr. Masood Humayyun (Ex. Chief Executive Sir Gangaram) -Neuro Physician Dr. Mohammad Naeem (Meo Hospital) -Neuro Surgeon Dr. Abdul Hameed (General Hospital Lahore) -Dr. Kazmi Medical Superintendent Lahore General Hospital. -(And some others) LAWYERS WHO HAVE GOT TOP POSITION IN LL.B. EXAMINATION PUNJAB UNIVERSITY: -Advocate Ahmad Ali Kasuri (This Author) -Dr. Abdul Qudus MBBS (Sandal Clinic Kasur) COLUMNIST: -Irshad Ahmad Haqani (Jang) Ex. Minister for InformationPK -Advocate Ahmad Ali Kasuri (The Pakistan Times) (This Author) - (And some others) SOCIAL ACTIVIST: -Mohammad Nawaz Adv. Chairman T.B. Association Punjab -Advocate Ahmad Ali Kasuri (This Author) Chairman PCYO - (And some others)
  9. 9. 9 BANKERS/ ECONOMIST: -Moinuldin Qurashi (World Bank) Ex. Prime Minister, Pakistan -Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali Ex. Foreign Minister, Pakistan -Muhammad Bill (PICIC Bank) -After Ahmad (MCB Bank) - (And some others) CAPTILIST: -Saith Abid Hussain -Saith Mohammad Ashraf -Mian Muhammad Saeed (USA) - (And some others) JUDGES: -Rana Zahid Hussain Judge High Court -Mr. Kazmi Sessions Judge -Mohammad Akram Additional Sessions Judge -Abdul Sattar Additional Sessions Judge - (And some others) EDUCATIONIST: Khursheed Mehmmood Kasuri & His Family, Running The Followings Educational Systems 1-Beaconhouse 2-Informatics 3-The City School 4-The Educators POETS / WRITERS: -Muhammad Ali Zahoori Kasuri -Mumtaz Mufti - (And some others) BIG LAND LORDS: 1-Muhammad Nawaz Shareef (Ex. PM) Brothers Sugar Mills. 2-Ms. Nelofar Mehdi (PACKAGES). - (And some others)
  10. 10. 10 RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS: -Dr. Khalid Mehmood Ph.D. (World Islamic Mission UK) -Maulana Mohammad Shareef Noori Kasuri (Author 12 Speeches) - (And many others) Ph.D. SCOLARS: -Dr. Atta ur Rehman Ph.D. (Govt. Collage Kasur) -Dr. Manzoor Elahi Ph.D. -Dr. Maqsood Safdar Hassani Ph.D. -Dr. Kunwar Maqsood Hasani Ph.D. -Dr. M. Aslam Sarohi Ph.D. -Dr. Abdul Rasheed Ph.D. - (And some others) FINE ARTIST OF KASUR: -M.S.ASI (Chagatai Art Drawing) Alumina NCA -Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali (Ex. FM) -Muzzafar Ali Chagatai -Mian Ghafoor Ahmad (Ex Principal NCA) - (And some others) RUSSIAN LENNON AWARD HOLDER: -Sardar Shoukat Ali Advocate. TEACHER OF BULLEY SHAH & WARIS SHAH: -Khawaja Sahib Ghulam Murtaza Kasuri RELIGIOUS SCOLARS of SADAT-I-HAMDANIA: Chiragh Shah Kamal Shah Mubarak Shah Tayyab Shah (He owned a big & old private library) SITARA IMTIAZ (MILITARY): -Col. ® Ahmad Javed adorned with the most coveted medal of honour & privilege Sitara Imtiaz (Military) on the 23rd March, 2007
  11. 11. 11 SITARA JURAT (MILITARY): -A Kasuri Hawaldar Muhammad Shaffi Awarded Sitara i Juraat (Military) on conquering the famous fort/ qila Qaisar i hind in 1971 TRADITIONALLY RENOWNED FREEDOM FIGHTER: -Nazaam (alias Nazaam Lohar) -Malungi HEROES OF PAKISTAN MOVEMENT: -Barrister Sir Abdul Qadir -Sardar Muhammad Hussain of Qila Ganja Kasur. M.L.A. (Who had arranged a very crowded public meeting addressed by the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1929 at the area of Khudian Kasur) -Mian Iftikhar ud Din M.L.A. -and some others. GLORIOUS KASUR: Present day Kasur is originally planned during Mogul period and its area is consisted on various fortified hamlets and fertile plains. It was allotted as good grace by MOGUL (Mongols) Emperor Babur to AFGHANS (Pathans). And it was inaugurated in 1592 AD in the era of Jalal ul din MUHAMMAD AKBAR Chagatai Tamuri descendant of Chengis Khan Mogul, the great. This beautiful city was principally comprised on 12 Palaces locally called KOT.
  12. 12. 12 THE NAMES OF 12 KOTS: -Kot Pacca Qila -Kot Nawan Qila Kot Azam Khan Kot Ghulam Mohammad Mohayyudin Khan Kot Murad Khan Kot Haleem Khan Kot Peeraan Mohammad Khan Kot Fateh Din Khan Kot Usman Khan Kot Badar-ud-Din Khan Kot Ruken Din Khan Kot Nawab Hussain Khan THE NAMES OF FORTRESS IN KASUR: Qila Ganja Kalan Qila Dola Pukhta Pacca Qila Nawan Qila (And some others.) JOINT CHECK POST ON INDO-PAK INTERNATIONAL BORDER: KASUR city,the capital of Kasur district is located 55 KM southeast of Lahore. Kasur is adjacent to Pak-India border and there is JCP where the guard changing as well as flag revelly & retreat cermony held daily. KASU IS THE SON OF KING RAM: While archieving traditions about the name of Kasur, is learnt that it was founded by prince Kasu, the son of King Ram and named as Kasurpur. (One of Kasu's brothers was Loh and the City of Lahore was named after him.) MUNICIPALITY: It was incorporated as a municipality in 1864. THE ALLUVIAL VALLEY: It is an aggregation of 26 fortified hamlets (kots) overlooking the alluvial valleys of the Beas and Sutlej rivers.
  13. 13. 13 MAJHA AND HITHAR: It is built upon the high bank which marks the termination of the Majha and looks down upon the lowlands of the Satluj Hithar. RAILWAY AND ROADS: It is connected by road with Amritsar and Firozpur and by rail with Lahore and Karachi. KASUR MANDI: It is a local trade centre of many kinds of things, which are sold and buy here, since long. INDUSTRIES: Industries include tanning, cotton ginning, oil pressing, weaving, and leather-goods production. IRRIGATION BY FIVE CANALS: The surrounding area consists of a flat alluvial plain bordered by the Ravi River to the northwest and the Sutlej River to the southeast. Five canals, used for irrigation, flow through the district. BRB canal and twin canals are very famous. AGRICULTURE: Agriculture is the principal occupation; wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the region. CHANGA MANGA JUNGLE KASUR IS THE BIGGEST JUNGLE OF PAKISTAN: A forestry plantation was started at Changa Manga in 1864 and now produces silk, honey and beeswax, and turmeric, as well as seasoned timber. FLORA: Mostly the following trees are planted, Kikar (Acacia arbica), Shisham or Tahli (Dalbergia sissoo), Beri (Zizyphus jajaba), Toot (Morus marlaccae), Sharin (Albizzia lebbek, Dharek (Malia azerdaracb), Phulahi (Acacia modesta), and Nim (Melia indica), Piple (Ficus indica). FAUNA:
  14. 14. 14 Jackal, Pig, peafowl and wolf are the wild-life in Jungle. HUNTING: Kasur is attractive to many hunters for prey of various kinds of birds, as well as of rahu fish. POPULATION: Its population is about 30; 00,000.The density of the population is about 750 people Per Squire KM. HABENDUM: Altitude: 218 Meter (715Feet) ASML, Elevation Latitude: 31,6,56 NORTH 31 degrees, 6 minutes, 56 seconds Longitude: 74, 26, 48 East 74 degrees, 26 minutes, 48 seconds KASUR DISTRICT: On July 1, 1976 the city of Kasur Punjab Pakistan became the capital of Kasur District after the area was detached from Lahore District. Total area of Kasur Disttrict is now 3995KM whereas comperitvely Lahore District is just 1600KM. Even at the eve of Indo- Pak partition in 1947 Kasur was also divided. Now it comprises on 3 tehsils Kasur, chunian, Pattioki, and recently another tehsil Kot Radha Kishan is also notified. WEATHER: The city has extremes of climate; the summer season begins from April and continues till September. June is the hottest month. The mean maximum and minimum temperature for this month are about 45 and 27 degree Celsius respectively. The winter seasons lasts from November to March. January is the coldest month. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures for the coldest month are 20 and 6 degree Celsius respectively. RAINFALL: Towards the end of June monsoon conditions appear and during the following two and a half months the rainy season alternates with sultry weather. The winter rain falls during January, February and March ranging from 23 to 31 millimetres.
  15. 15. 15 BEAS AND SUTLEJ RIVERS: The pure alluvial valleys of the Beas and Sutlej rivers and water of these two irrigating rivers called DOABA is the reason behind the good quality products of Kasur, spacilly local Kasuri Methi, local fish Rahu, local sweet Andarasy, local Kasuri ice- cream Falooda and so on…. PUNJABI RESEARCH CENTRE INTERNATIONAL: Punjabi Khoj Garh is situated in Kasur near Mustafaabad Canal (Lulyyani Nahar) MUNICIPAL PUBLIC LIBRARY KASUR: Municipal Public Library Kasur is situated in the premises of the Municipal Administration Offices Complex, Baldia Chowk Kasur. It is the biggest public library in whole of the District Kasur. Its building is very beautiful, capacious and magnificent. And apart from its healthy environment & atmosphere, the reading material and reference books are of high standard, as well as very properly arranged under the very nice- mannered and of friendly nature librarianship of a Kasuri Mr. Riaz Ali. KASUR MUSEUM: A very well- managed Kasur Museum is an addition to the decoration of Kasur, under the highly dedicated, well-versed, and archeology- oriented curator of a Kasuri Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Manj. It is being run in Old Dome- head court building (Gunmbad wali Adalat) also called Maqbara Wakeel Ahmad. Its dome is unique and standing away from the pillars. The material available there in the museum is of antique and worth-seeing in nature. And that is very aptly arranged, also. WATER TREATMENT PLANT KASUR: There upon a time the pure, refine and healthy water of Kasur was renowned one but for some decades the tanneries-emission chemically polluted water become nuisance, injurious and pernicious to life as well as making barren the soil. To meet this gigantic issue, a Kasuri Parliamentarian, SARDAR ASSEFF AHMAD ALI had initiated the drastic measures and become successful in procuring about half billion of rupees in the
  16. 16. 16 beginning for the environmental protection project of Kasur. An institution KTWMA established to construct and run WATER TREATMENT PLANT KASUR. It is now working and considered the largest one in Asia. KASUR A RELABLE MARKET OF LEATHER, CLAY AND COTTON PRODUCTS: Kasur has been considered a very reliaby market of leather, shoes, carpets, clay-potery, wooden- items and many a woven fabrics e.g. Tent, Zeen, Khadar, Khais, Chader,and Lungi are also famious in the region. KASURI METHI: Kasuri Methi (fenugreek) is used as vegetable in various eatables. Fresh Methi herb does not contain any smell but after drying, it becomes fragrant and possesses a specific type low grade smell. RADIO: Radio channel in Kasur City. (FM 92) HISTORICAL AND PRESNT-DAY WORTH-SEEING PLACES IN KASUR: Amongst many other historical places including masajids (Mosques) Shrines, Churches, Mandars, Gurdwras (Temples) Tallabs (Pools for swimming and bath) of old and new era. And present day district judicial complex, District administeration complex, WAPDA complex, Telephone Exchange, DHQ Hospital, District Public School, BIPS (School) BIT (Hospital), Colleges, Banks, and some other governmental and private buildings etcetras, however, the followings are also worth- mentioned as -Shrine of Buuleh Shah -Shrine of Kamal Chishti -Railway Station (The marvellous, splended building. -Steel Bagh (Kasur Garden/Park) It was inaugurated by Mr.Steel -Old Dome- head court building (Gunmbad wali Adalat) -Old graveyards called Bara Qabiristan and Mai Jutto Quberstan -Sugar Mill Pattoki -Brother Sugar Mill Chunian. -Old Qatal Garhi
  17. 17. 17 -Old Gool Bagh near Railway Station Kasur (Note:- It is said that at both the sites of Old Qatal Garhi and Old Gool Bagh near Railway Station Kasur, many a innocent were hanged to death in public, by the English Rulers. KASUR TEHSIL: It is said that Kasur Tehsil is one of the largest Tehsil of Punjab, having its special Additional Session judge, Railway station, Post Office.and other buildings.And the judgments of the criminal trial courts at Kasur were considered of very high standerd. SUI GAS SUPPLY: In 2004 the work for laying a gas pipe line from Lahore to Kasur was completed, allowing the residents of Kasur, access to a gas supply for domestic purposes. KASUR-LAHORE MOTORWAY: The Kasur-Lahore Motorway, a 6-lane highway is under construction and about to be completed, soon. This is particularly important for Kasur as many people commute from Kasur to Lahore. REVIVAL OF GLORY: This author started work on “The Geniuses of Kasur” in his early boyhood but every one use to say, OK, but these Geniuses are doing nothing for the convenience of the general public of Kasur. Instead of being flustered I remained but optimist. And to avoid negative cursing the darkness I am resolved to enlighten positively some candles on my part and initiate some constructive activities: I would like to narrate as what with the circumference of my friends I have contributed for promoting Kasur welfare cause. (A)- Participated in DEBATING AND PLEADING during my academic educational career and it continues perpetually to demonstrate even in my professional life, thus convincing others about the geniuses of Kasur as well as personally meeting to influential people including these 3 Kasuriats, SARDAR ASSEFF AHMAD ALI Deputy Chairman Planning Commission of Pakistan, HANIF M. AKHTAR Advisor to
  18. 18. 18 President of USA, and M.RAMAZAN AZHAR, Chief Liaison Officer of UNO, in Pakistan and asking to those geniuses to play their role in the development of Kasur. (B)-By utilizing my graduate -level study of JOURNALISM I had been working as a freelance columnist to various national English/ Urdu newspapers and focusing on promotion the image of the cause of Kasur. ©-Apart from the press and publications I proactively participated in social activities for Kasur, by joining NGO’s (PCYO and APYF): so that the BETTERMENT OF KASUR is attained. THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF MY ACTIVITIES IN NGO’S PCYO AND APYF KASUR DISTRICT: I have joined the PAKISTAN CRESCENT YOUTH ORGANIZATION (PCYO) and organized it in Kasur, under the dynamic leadership and president ship of Mr. Tariq Haleem Ch. I have also been nominated/ elected as the Chairman to the PCYO and APYF (ALL PAKISTAN YOUTH FEDERATION) Kasur District since 1999 and have convened/ coordinated the following events in Kasur. i- A welcoming reception in honuoring to Mr. Robert Ottatisch, Secretary General Hope-87 (Vienna) Austria had been managed here at Pattoki (Kasur) in 1999, on the eve of launching the CLRC (CHILD LABOUR REHABILITATION CENTRE) Kasur. The centre is working, now. Ii- The huge TREE PLANTATION PROGRAM for healthy environment had been organized in Kasur District in October 1999 and more than 10000 tree plants were planted in schools, colleges, and other institutions, and also in Changa Manga Jungle of Kasur District. Two gorgeous ceremonies also arranged; one at Changa Manga jungle and the other here in the Bulleh Shah Municipal Hall Kasur. Mr. Tariq Haleem Ch. President PCYO; Dr. M. Afzal Ch. Chief Conservative Officer Forest and Mr. Robert Ottatisch, Secretary General Hope-87 Vienna, Austria were the Chief Guest and they lead the youth and planted trees as well as distributed Stipend & certificates amongst the participants of the said Program.
  19. 19. 19 Iii- The 1st “YOUM-I-TAKBEER” was very ceremonially celebrated at Masjid Noor Chowk Kasur on 28 May 1999 in commemoration of getting and testing the atomic competency by Pakistan. Iv- The biggest ever SCIENCE & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION had been coordinated in Kasur in 2000 that was inaugurated by Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Federal Minister of Science & Information Technology Government of Pakistan. Dr. Nelofer Mehdi convened the seminar. Eventually Kasur was provided internet facility. v- An effective Campaign was launched to start MA CLASSES at Government colleges in Kasur. Resultantly now such classes are being run here. vi- A number of FREE MEDICAL CAMPS have, have been held here in Kasur and apart from medicine and blood, donations, ceiling fans and air conditioner given into charity to the D.H.Q. Hospital Kasur in 1999 Vii- A tradition under the PCYO Kasur has set in, to host foreigner’s delegations on the eve of the annual fair/ festival at the shrines of Baba Bulleh Shah in Kasur. The 250th ANNIVERSARY OF BULLEH SHAH was celebrated with all zeal & zest & enthusiasm here in Kasur on 27th day of August 2007 and this time at the 7th consecutive year, a welcoming address delivered by me. Viii- convened the first DISTRICT YOUTH ASSEMBLY, Kasur, was convened and selected Youth Members to the Provincial Youth Assembly, Punjab having its first session on the 31 May, and 1st June 2007 in Lahore. Ix- Individuals, who worked with me, are groomed in various areas as some qualified CSS, and PCS, some inducted on gazette posts, some become highly professional one and some participated politics and were elected as NAZIM and on some other seats. x- Many a LITERARY AGGREGATIONS are being arranged, and discussion focused on the PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT OF KASUR.
  20. 20. 20 CHANGE COMES IN KASUR: In 2008 here in Kasur construction, renovation, development work by the Government, starts tangibly for restoration of the glory of “BEAUTIFUL CITY KASUR” and within just one year positive change is visible. Kasur will be a model city by completion of all the development works, which are under the way of progress. For example the following projects……. -Encroachments are being demolished and removed. -Roads are being widened and carpeted. -Kasur sports complex is being renovated, another is planned. -Old open drainage is replaced by culvert swage system. -Parks are under way of renovation and some others are planned. -Proper infrastructure and lightening system is being ensured. - Electricity, Telephone, Cables etceteras are being rehabilitated. -Offices are being administered by good governance. - New educational Complex is constructed. -pure, refine, and filtered drinking water is being supplied. ROSHAN BHELAH WILL BE THE MODEL VILLAGE: It is said that the village roshan bhelah will be the model village of not only of Kasur but of the Punjab. As many facilities of modern world are being planned to be provided there, including: -Stadium. -Other playing and sports complex. -By Air, Rail, Road traveling access. -Model School and College will be there. REWARD IS GIVEN WHERE IT IS DUE: Such deed of kindness really gives us satisfaction, solace, and rapturous euphoria. There are immense salutation, homage, and tribute for all those geniuses who planed and materialized the development of Kasur. Bravo! You all! May You All Live Long!
  21. 21. 21