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  1. 1. Usefulness of computers in the field of education
  2. 2. Computer Education :  To  keep  pace  with  advance technology ,  a  separate  room  for computer  is  provided.  Multimedia  based  Computer training appropriate to the  age of  the student will be imparted  in  order  to  develop  his/ her interest  in  this  fabulous  technology. The school insists on making use of computers as application tool. Children would learn to make use of computers to do their art work , home work , Making cartoon films , banners etc. in future.
  3. 3. The role of computers in education and using the internet in career education has become important in recent times. Education through internet and computer aided learning has simplified education in schools. Due to the benefits of computers in education, internet and computer based learning has become commonplace in schools and colleges. The resources below are on computers and education. Computers in Education
  4. 4. Well, computers are an excellent way to make a class more exciting even though it can never take the teachers place. Computers are everywhere and you will be expected to have computer skills for any job that you go into. Computers surrounds the world of education. Teachers use them to teach distance learning classes for students with special circumstances, enter grades and tracking progress as well as other data, to register pupils, powerpoint to assist teacher in lessons. Bottom line, there will never be a day that you won't use a computer in a school. Usefulness of computer in the field of education
  5. 5. <ul><li>Significance </li></ul><ul><li>Computer programmers write the language and instructions used to to develop computer systems     and the computer programs that power them. Computer programming and its role in technology have evolved rapidly and been redefined many times. Careers for computer programmers can vary depending on the level of programming knowledge and the field chosen. </li></ul>Significance
  6. 6. Computer programmers are required to develop a strong knowledge of computer language. After a computer software or system is created, computer programmers apply the software and systems by translating them into specific codes. Some of these codes include Java, ACTOR, COBOL, and C++. Computer programmers can also find careers fixing and updating programs and systems that already exist. Function
  7. 7. Computer programming careers are divided into two categories. Applications programmers develop the instructions and language that complete a specific task a software program is designed to perform. Systems programmers develop the instructions and languages that allow software programs to function within computer databases, networks and operating systems. Systems programmers also make sure that other computer hardware such as printers are compatible with the systems. Due to their in-depth knowledge of the systems, systems programmers can also find careers fixing the problems that are discovered by applications programmers. Types
  8. 8. The type of career found in computer programming will depend on the type of company and level of education, knowledge and skill. A computer programmer usually has a 4-year bachelor degree in computer science, although computer programming jobs can be acquired with a 2-year associate's degree or a certificate. Computer programmers who do not major in computer science have completed coursework in computer programming, but often hold degrees in math or finance. Computer programmers are required to keep up with changes in technology through constant education in order to advance their careers. Considerations
  9. 9. Though it is predicted that the need for computer programmers will slowly decline, the need for computer programmers with ever-expanding knowledge and skills will remain in demand. Careers in computer programming will continue to be available to the programmers who complete the highest level of education and continue to obtain and apply new knowledge of computer languages. Benefits
  10. 10. As technology advances and new programs and systems are developed, careers in computer programming will continue to change and evolve. Entry-level computer programmers can expect to earn a satisfactory starting salary, while the top 10 percent of the most advanced computer programmers make a yearly six-figure income. With increased experience and education, there is always room for advancement. Potential