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  1. 1. Public Di l P bli Display Your business success is our satisfaction Y b i i ti f ti
  2. 2. Key Success 1. 1 The push of connectivity 2. Attractive Display Media 3. Indoor and Outdoor signage networks g g 4. Technology-enabled targeting and segmentation
  3. 3. • Digital Poster : Still picture portrait, landscape g ta oste St p ctu e po t a t, a dscape • Digital Signage : TVC
  4. 4. MCP Manageable Content Player Your business success is our satisfaction Y b i i ti f ti
  5. 5. What is MCP? Total solution which use to control display layout layout, content, play list and scheduling. MCP can support both stand-alone stand alone and network clients clients.
  6. 6. • Everything Manageable:  • Template • Content Content  • Time • Scheduling • Independent Content Display Independent Content Display • Flexible content deployment • Flexible component integration
  7. 7. • User management g • Log analyzer • Web‐base Management  bb • Support portrait & landscape display • Support Live input • Support Linux base Support Linux base
  8. 8. • Video: MPEG2, MPEG4 WMV DivX, AVI (at 1080P) MPEG2 MPEG4, WMV, DivX • Image: All well-known format • Text : RSS Feed and Normal Text • Web • Live input • Custom Application (Optional)
  9. 9. • Department store, Shopping Mall & Hotel • Digital Poster • Digital Signage • Education • E-Learning g • Digital Board • Banking & Enterprise • Internal & External communication • Integrate with bank queuing system
  10. 10. Digital Signage Usage g g g g Public Information: news, weather, stock market, travel information, etc. , , , , Internal Information: management & corporate message, internal communication social information communication, information. Advertising: inform new menu to customer customer, promotion & campaign news.
  11. 11. Digital Signage Usage (Cont) g g g g Brand building: promote company brand and build brand royalty. Influencing customer behavior : directing customers to different areas, such as dinning behavior. Enhancing customer experience: reduction of perceive waiting time in restaurant waiting area. g g
  12. 12. Thank you y Your business success is our satisfaction Y b i i ti f ti