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Trend One(Film3 0) Trend One November2008 Teaser Eng


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Trend One(Film3 0) Trend One November2008 Teaser Eng

  2. 2. EDITORIAL Dear Readers, The entertainment business is changing. The film, television and gaming industries have become the most important offerers of matters that are constantly competing for the audience's emotional attention during the Emotional Prime Time. The presented key trend study about Film 3.0 describes the increasing convergence in the film, television and gaming sector. Especially video games have become the cash cow in the entertainment sector and have outcompeted the music sector. According to a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the sector had a turnover of 1.7 billion € in 2007. Only the film industry has a still bigger turnover of about three billion €, provided that the turnover of both, cinema and home entertainment are combined. [1] Title picture taken from: Norbert Hillinger Senior Trend Analyst & Head of Digtal Entertainment Unit TrendONE 2 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  3. 3. EDITORIAL We cordially invite you to join us on a trendy trip into the future of entertainment. Learn how next generation games consoles will turn video games into cinematic games and how successful films and television will extend into virtual worlds and Three- dimensional space. Get to know the new possibilities that intelligent in-game advertising, Machinima films or modern film and game promotion, for example in the form of alternate reality games, have to offer. Welcome to the world of Film 3.0! Have a good time! Norbert Hillinger Source:;; 3 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Executive Summary 2. Trenduniverse 3. Film and Gaming Evolution From Film 1.0 To Film 3.0 From Game 1.0 To Game 3.0 4. Future Entertainment Szenario Best Case • Base Case • Worst Case • 5. Convergence on all Levels From Production to Distribution and Promotion • 6. Recommendations Source: Profile TrendONE Links Other Trend studies Disclaimer 4 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TrendONE Key Trend February 2008: “Film 3.0” „Film 3.0“ STANDS FOR THE CONVERGENCE IN THE FILM, TELEVISION AND GAMING INDUSTRY Entertainment-Conglomerate due to Games Consoles, Machinimas and MMORPGs “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” In 1991, Jean-Luc Godard described a whole industry with just one sentence. Being a cult film director and a leading representative/one of the founding members of the Nouvelle Vague, he probably had no idea that this sparking the development of yet another industry. Three years later, the perhaps most famous computer game character Lara Croft was created, marking the beginning of a new era of modern computer games. 2008, the film, television and gaming industries have become the most important offerers of contents that are constantly competing for the audience's emotional attention during the Emotional Prime Time. But instead of competition, the key word is convergence. Only increasing harmonisation of the film, television and gaming sectors opens the way to success for all of them. Next generation game consoles such as Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Wii as well as their disk formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray offer all- in-one entertainment with their fully equipped multimedia home cinema systems with television and internet functions. The television as well as the film business increasingly extend their content into MMORPGs. The games represent a further merchandising expansion, in addition to the customary stages of exploitation of movies, rental and home- video DVD's, pay and free TV. Film 3.0 is three-dimensional and generates new content, which are more and more produced and consumed via the mobile Device on Demand. 5 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  6. 6. CONVERGENCE ON ALL LEVELS VIRTUAL INVESTIGATION WITH CSI The famous TV series CSI – Crime Scene Investigation deals with modern cyber crime in one of its recent episodes. During their investigation, the protagonists come across a hot lead in the virtual world of Second Life. Therewith, Linden Lab's second world plays a central role in a popular TV series. But that's not all. The american television network CBS producing the series, had their crime scenes reproduced in Second Life to provide their fans with the opportunity to do some virtual crime scene investigation themselves. Source: Initiator: CBS Paramount International Television, USA 6 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  7. 7. CONVERGENCE ON ALL LEVELS BLU-RAY WITH WEB CONNECTION One part of the fifth season of CSI: Miami is released at the end of June in Germany as the first Blu-ray Disc, which can access additional functions from the Internet. Thanks to this function called BD-Live is should be possible in the future to connect to the community, so that people who are watching the same Blu-ray at the same time can discuss it. It will also be possible to download additional information such as trailers on new products. As the content can be continually renewed, BD-Live has the ad-vantage over the fixed content of the Blu-ray. Source: Initiator: Universum Film GmbH, Germany 7 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  8. 8. CONVERGENCE ON ALL LEVELS CASTING FOR A VIDEOGAME FULL BODY CAPTURE FOR VIDEO GAMES Softkinetics from Belgium is working by using full body capture for The French game producer Quantic Dream has developed the video game play. This is something similar to a full body Wii. newest thriller game Heavy Rain for Playstation 3. When playing with Softkinetics it is no longer necessary to use In order to equip the already very realistic game with an even additional controllers or special suits. The company will use more film-like nature, the producers decided to create advertising sensor-cameras that are able to register every body position. spots for the game in the form of casting clips. One video shows a Already dozens of games for this new game control where virtual woman that shyly applies for the leading part in the game. developed internally to test this technology. The programming of Without very close inspection of Heavy Rain the difference of film such games is seen as the hardest part since algorithms are very and game can hardly be recognised. complex. Source: Source: Initiator: Softkinetic S.A., Belgium Initiator: Quantic Dreams S.A., France 8 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  9. 9. 4 FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT SZENARIENTRICHTER Source: TrendONE 9 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0
  10. 10. ORDERING FAX: 0049 / 40 / 238 038 - 36 Trend study „Film 3.0 The Convergence of Film, Game & TV“ (112 pages of facts, trends and insights about Film 3.0) + Film and Gaming Evolution + Up-to-date micro-trends of film game & TV + Tangible recommendations Trend study „Film 3.0“ only now 1.880 € DETAILS Company: Name: Adress: THE CONTENT OF THIS STUDY 1. Executive Summary 2. Trenduniverse with Key Trends The rights of use apply only to in-house staff. The study is intended for 3. Film and Gaming Evolution: From the classic Movie 1.0 to interactive Film 3.0 internal or customer-project related use only. The study must not be and the Way from Game 1.0 to Cinematic Game distributed externally. 4. Future Entertainment Szenarios: A Look into a possible future of the Prices do not include VAT (19%). Entertainment industry up to 2020. Taking into consideration mainly the previous developments of the Entertainment Evolution and Thinking Beyond Place, Date, Signature the Findings of Film 3.0. 5. Convergence on all Levels: Convergence on all Levels: Film, TV and Game are Converging Increasingly from Production to Distribution and Promotion. These Trends are Illustrated on the Basis of Micro Trends. 6. Recommendations: Derived from the Developed Theses Please send this order sheet to the number above. 10 Trend Study May 2008 | Key Trend Film 3.0