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Presentation 2. PowerPoint about unit.

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Unit Plan Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. By: Amy Ramell
  2. 2. • My unit plan on weather is about precipitation, different types of weather, and its effects on the human population • The different seasons and the weather during each of these seasons will be discussed • My goals for this unit are to have my students learn more then just the general information concerning weather and to be able to successfully describe and understand the weather and its affects
  3. 3. • Second Grade • Students will mostly be between the ages of 7 and 8 years old • Students should have basic general knowledge of their local weather
  4. 4. • -SC.O.2.2.13 Identify the effects of wind movement. • -SC.O.2.2.14 Observe and describe different types of precipitation. • -SC.O.2.2.15 Describe daily and seasonal weather changes.
  5. 5. • Poster boards • Handouts • Videos • Websites • Smartboard
  6. 6. Seasons •Day one of my unit will be about the weather during each of the four seasons •Students will understand the type of weather that occurs during each season and the appropriate clothing we wear because of the type of weather •We will also go outside and observe our local weather as a class and record it in our weather journals
  7. 7. Precipitation • The type of precipitation we will be discussing today is rain. We will talk about what rain is, and why it happens. • We will be going to the website http://www.wxdude.com/page3.html • We will do a an experiment with rain that will allow us to see how condensation, evaporation, and precipitation works
  8. 8. • What snow is, how it occurs • Snowflakes • http://snowflakebentley.com/ • We will be making our own snowflakes in class
  9. 9. Snow Day! I will be recording each student as they talk about their perfect snow day The video of all of them will be uploaded onto Teachertube (http://www.teachertube.com)
  10. 10. Thunder and Lightning  How lighting is created and how it happens  How thunderstorms are created, what happens during a thunderstorm  Staying safe during a thunderstorm
  11. 11. How Weather Affects Us •As a class we will be learning about the affects of weather •Hurricane Katrina •Collecting money to help Katrina victims
  12. 12. Evaluation • I will be evaluating and assessing my students by having them answer questions, work in groups, and do individual work. • I will observe how they participate and how well they pay attention to the information • Homework, assessments