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Games for Health Japan


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presented at Games for Health Conference 2008 by Toru Fujimoto

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Games for Health Japan

  1. 1. Games for Health Japan Toru Fujimoto Serious Games Japan / Penn State University
  2. 2. Outline Serious Games Japan Updates Games for Health projects in Japan – Game prescription project – Rehabilitainment games – SG Lab’s project Nintendo DS & Wii Games for Health Some implications – Factors of success & failure in DS market
  3. 3. Serious Games in Japan Serious Games Japan community (since May, 2004) Two books on serious games released in 2007 • Serious Games: Transforming Education and Society through Digital Games (by Toru Fujimoto) • Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning! (by Mark Prensky, translation)
  4. 4. A Report on Serious Games Research report: the current status of Serious Games 2008 (by Digital Contents Association of Japan, funded by Japan Machinery Association) Researchers and developers were involved in the project Introduced current games for health efforts in Japan to Japanese audiences
  5. 5. Games for Health projects in Japan
  6. 6. “Game Prescription” project Joint research project by Waseda Univ, Namco, and New technology foundation Four research topics – Psycho-physiological effects of videogames – Evaluation of videogame interaction – Effects of playing videogames on children with developmental disorder – Evaluation of literacy learning system using multi-layer display for developmental dyslexia
  7. 7. “Game Prescription” project The study indicated – Videogame-play may causes psycho- physiological effects – The type and degree of the effect varies according to the player’s preference and the type of the game – The more skilled and concentrated, the more effects actively A DS title “99 tears” will be released in June – Digital novel to “weep and heal” with a personality test to choose right stories
  8. 8. Games for Rehabilitation Namco’s “rehabilitainment” games • Research indicated an improvement effect by using games for rehabilitation • Used at 122 hospitals and nursing-care facilities • “Making rehabilitation fun”
  9. 9. Doki-Doki Snake Beater Developed a new whack-a-mole type game to train lower-body functions Train iliopsoas muscles to prevent falling
  10. 10. SG Lab Subsidiary of Square Enix & Gakken – focuses on advergames and mini serious games Produced a flash-based content for the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health of Tokyo metropolitan government – Video instruction and mini-games to learn to prevent children from dangers in household kodomo/index.html
  11. 11. Nintendo DS & Wii Games
  12. 12. Overall DS software sales in Japan Rank Title Publisher Sales 1 New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 5,009,673 2 Dr. Kawashima’s More Brain Training (Brain Age 2) Nintendo 4,751,569 3 Animal Crossing DS Nintendo 4,574,426 4 Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training (Brain Age) Nintendo 3,715,811 5 Pokemon Diamond Pokemon 2,939,405 6 Mario Kart DS Nintendo 2,827,716 7 Pokemon Pearl Pokemon 2,433,003 Eigozuke (English Training: Have Fun Improving Your 8 Nintendo 2,167,493 Skills!) 9 Big Brain Academy Nintendo 1,630,869 Otonano Joshikiryoku Training DS (Common Sense 10 Nintendo 1,561,842 Training DS) Source: Media Create (as of 12/2007)
  13. 13. Brain Training Games Brain Age (Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training) series (DS) has sold over 17.1M copies worldwide * *Source: Nintendo (as of 10/2007)
  14. 14. New market emerged 810 titles released (Dec. 2004 – Dec. 2007) 220 titles (27.2 %) are learning/practical/non-game titles (including 61 (7.5%) titles of brain training and healthcare-related) 160 140 Learning/ 120 Practical/ non- 100 game titles 80 60 Brain Age & Big Brain Academy 40 released Entertainment titles 20 0 2004-4Q 2005-1Q 2005-2Q 2005-3Q 2005-4Q 2006-1Q 2006-2Q 2006-3Q 2006-4Q 2007-1Q 2007-2Q 2007-3Q 2007-4Q 2004 2005 2006 2007 Source: Media Create
  15. 15. Brain training game followers in the DS market
  16. 16. Nintendo’s “Touch Generations!” campaign expands the market Language learning – Eigozuke (English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills!) - over 2M copies sold Quiz games with twaeked theme – Otona no Jo-shikiryoku Training DS (Common sense training for adults) over 1.3M copies sold Cooking recipes – Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi (DS Cooking Navigator, Nintendo) – 0.9M copies sold
  17. 17. DS learning/non-game software Travel guide, gardening, wine selection, household bookkeeping, stock trading, all school subjects for K- 12, entrepreneurship, magic trick, guitar play, digital book, classic music, driving license test, business manner, accounting, job interview… …and of course, healthcare-related titles
  18. 18. Diet & medical support DS Calorie Navi (by IE Institute) • Instruction, quiz and minigame to be aware of healthy foods and control diet Kenkou Kentei (by Yudo) • Instruction and quiz how to continue proper daily diet and exercise Katei no Igaku (by Rocket Company) • DS version of popular home medical directory
  19. 19. Beauty care support for women Otona no DS Kao Training (face training for adults, by Nintendo) – Use DS plug-in camera to monitor your own face while training Yumemihada: Dream Skincare (Skincare training, by Konami) Female Power Emergency UP! (by Namco Bandai) – Self-improvement support for young working women, tied-in with women’s magazine
  20. 20. Relaxation & mental care Dokodemo Yoga (Yoga training, by Konami) – Video instruction and navigation to learn Yoga Raku Raku Shiatsu Navi (Shiatsu acupressure navigator, Dorasu) – Video instruction and navigation to learn acupressure Kokorobiksu DS Therapy (Psychological test for mental health improvement, by Dimple)
  21. 21. Eye & hand exercise support Flash Focus (Eye training game: by Nintendo) – Training for motion vision, hand-eye coordination, effective vision field, vision focus with mini-games Right Brain Training DS - Speed Reading for Adults (by Interchannel-Holon) – Speed reading training with Shichida method Ambidexter Exercise (by cyberfront) – train ambidexterity with mini-games
  22. 22. Fitness support Teku-teku Angel Pocket (Pedometer software with data manager, by Hudson) Duke Saraie’s Walking Navi (walking exercise, by Dorasu) – Video instruction & navigation to learn health walking Muscle Training Navigator (by Dorasu) – Video instruction and navigation by a famous Japanese wrestler
  23. 23. Fitness with Wii is becoming big… Wii Sports sold 11M worldwide (including bundle)* Wii Fit sold 1.9M copies in Japan (as of April 2008)** Wii Fit (Nintendo) Family Trainer (Namco Bandai) Source: *Nintendo, ** Media Create
  24. 24. XaviX PORT (2005-, SSD) Interactive sports/fitness game console XaviX elder care program Used at over 1000 nursing-care facilities
  25. 25. Ancestors of Fitness games Family Trainer (a.k.a. Power Pad) (1986, Bandai)
  26. 26. …and many other arcade games
  27. 27. Nintendo rules the market… Rank Title Publisher Release Sales Dr. Kawashima’s More Brain Training (Brain 1 Nintendo 12/2005 4,751,569 Age 2) 2 Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training (Brain Age) Nintendo 05/2005 3,715,811 Eigozuke (English Training: Have Fun 3 Nintendo 01/2006 2,167,493 Improving Your Skills!) 4 Big Brain Academy Nintendo 06/2005 1,519,000 Otonano Joshikiryoku Training (Common 5 Nintendo 10/2006 1,381,000 Sense Training) 6 DS Oryo-ri Navi (Cooking Navigator) Nintendo 07/2006 815,000 7 Flash Focus (Eye Training) Nintendo 05/2007 778,679 Kanji Official Examination DS for 2 Million Rocket 8 09/2006 609,683 people (Chinese character training) Company Kanji Official Examination Kanken DS (Chinese IE 9 11/2006 580,510 character training) Institute Motto Eigozuke (English Training 2: Have 10 Nintendo 12/2006 527,429 Fun Improving Your Skills!) Source: Media Create (as of 12/2007)
  28. 28. Sales data shows the reality # of title # of sales Overall DS 810 90.4M Learning/ non-game title 210 23.5M (100,000 + ) 29 20.7M (99,999 - 50,000) 16 1.1M (49,999 - 10,000) 58 1.2M (9,999 - 5,000) 41 (4,999 or less) 76 Average sales (within the - 106,914 category) Median (within the - 8,960 category) Source: Media Create (as of 12/2007)
  29. 29. Lessons to learn from the efforts in Japan Selling your product to the DS market is very tough For DS consumer market, you need all of the below: – Good game – Good customer base (or sales channel) – Marketing budget Dr. Kawashima’s concern: “There are potential liability problems in serious games market. Game companies should make a good use of researchers’ help”
  30. 30. Thank you Contact: Toru Fujimoto