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What We Do:
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Pace Brochusre Part 2


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Pace Brochusre Part 2

  1. 1. PACE PROJECT MANAGEMENT     PACE Project Management specialized in the practice of comprehensive project planning and project management of commercial construction projects. Projects include a variety of market sectors including corporate commercial   construction and interiors, retail sales, retail banking, institutional healthcare, religious buildings and educational institutions out of the ground, alterations and renovations. LETTING, LEASING, PURCHASING, CONSTRUCTING OR MODIFYING   PACE Project Management is prepared to assist your transition team in preparing a comprehensive analysis to support he your decision making. We can provide complete management of the whole process from construction concepts, budgeting and scheduling to final Code Compliance; we can even   manage the relocation of business items between the premises. During the planning cycle, our experiences will help you uncover any possible difficulties that may exist in the proposed work.     Our work varies   from industry to industry; Our performance is exceptional throughout. 1  |203 HINCHEY LANE, SOMERSET, MA 02726   774‐319‐2787‐   
  2. 2. PACE PROJECT MANAGEMENT   Our Services: Project Management – Team Leadership • Development Planning & Execution Construction Oversight Management • Preconstruction & Construction Management Feasibility Studies • Letting, Leasing or Purchasing • Reuse of existing space • Consolidation Planning Design Concepts • Architect selection • Managing the Design Process Budget Estimations • On Conceptual Concept • In-Design Process Overview: We work closely with the Client to ensure their objectives are being met. We carefully review the design development and interpret possible outcomes based on allocation needs and intended use of space. We wil work with your architects and their consultants to minimize your exposure to incomplete details and unnecessary construction claims. Our commitment is to you- the Client in every step of your project.   2  |203 HINCHEY LANE, SOMERSET, MA 02726   774‐319‐2787‐   
  3. 3. PACE PROJECT MANAGEMENT   What We Do: Weekly Job Meeting Documentation The contractor’s project manager responsibly prepares a critique of the contractors meeting minutes at the conclusion of each project meeting; the Owner’s project manager (OPM) oversees and manages contractor’s achievement of the action plan that is an integral element of these minutes. Although the change of communication lies between the contractor and their subcontractors the OPM reaches beyond these boundaries when levels of satisfaction are not met. Timely responses to weekly meeting, from all participants, are crucial to a successful outcome. Construction Observation and Site Visits On site meeting days and on an at-call basis the Owner’s project manager performs a recordable site visit, meets with the project manage and/or superintendent and discusses the contractor’s short term planning strategy. Observes the work-in-place and reports his findings. When issues arise a collaborative meeting with the Architect/Engineers (A/E) will be promptly schedule to expose the issue and to take necessary steps to rectify. Progress Reporting A monthly progress report will be prepared identifying the following areas of interest: • Project financials • Work accomplished to the date of visitation • Anticipated activities for the upcoming month • Issues • Time & Budget Comment   3  |203 HINCHEY LANE, SOMERSET, MA 02726   774‐319‐2787‐   
  4. 4. PACE PROJECT MANAGEMENT     What We Do:   Change Order Review and Negotiation   Change management is a big part of the Owner’s project   manager’s duties. Prior to addressing issues with the Owner the   OPM will meet with the project manager and/or superintendent   to and ascertain from them the interpretation they formulated   prior to making this claim. It is the OPM that needs to determine whether  the issue is a matter of “means and methods” or a detail, if built, will not reveal the desired intent of the   construction. Hence, the issue would become a matter of   concern and review by the A/E, and a formal response would   follow. The OPM controls the timing by which issues decisions   are made to keep the projects activities moving.   Payment Requisition Auditing Monthly, we will evaluate the application for payment   submission to assure that the requested values do not exceed   the work  in place. We will monitor closely the distribution of dollars with the assurance that all tiers of involvement are being   paid from the dollars “paid-to-date” as defined in the application   for payment process. This would mean a waiver of lien would be   required  from each entity identified as deserving of payment for work performed. This is your protection for claims made against   the project by a sub-subcontractor who performed work in good   faith and  failed to receive just payment. This will be a monthly process that ends with a final waiver of lien.     Budget Tracking   We use a simplified spreadsheet that manages your   money, with your approval. Contained in this binder is a copy of a sample document that can be modified for your project. The   upper portion is the expenses section of your project and the   lower the funding section.     Schedule Maintenance   We will demand weekly, notification of release of   subcontracts and tier relationships, early identification of materials’ availability and purchases, delivery scheduling, a   project construction schedule supported by a field generated 3-   k l  k h d h d l h f b dl li         4  |203 HINCHEY LANE, SOMERSET, MA 02726   774‐319‐2787‐   
  5. 5. PACE PROJECT MANAGEMENT         What We Do:   Furniture and Equipment Reuse and Purchase   We will see to it that the contractor manages your select venders in their construction schedules and we will   bring together the appropriate people to assure seamless integration.   Voice and Data Coordination With communications being a key factor of this   project, we will bring into view the importance of this trade to the contractor. We will lead the two to an understanding of   importance on serving the client and project within a high level of collaboration and commitment. We will be certain to impress  the importance of this vendor and every Owner vendor on this project.   Construction Punchlist Management Our goal here would be to require that the contractor   begin two very important functions at the 6-week remaining to complete stage of the project. First, to prepare a   contractor’s punchlist on areas of work called out to be complete. Secondly, we will ask the contractor to seek   architect’s consent and agreement that the punchlist is comprehensive and to being corrective work immediately   thereupon. Contract Negotiation to Include: Furniture, Security,   Telephone, Cabling, Signage and Other Contracts We will join the contractor and at his digression lead   the purchase negotiations for the noted material purchases.               5  |203 HINCHEY LANE, SOMERSET, MA 02726   774‐319‐2787‐