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Arken Franchise Model-Vertical Marketing Solutions

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  1. 1. Vertical Marketing Solutions provides results for Franchisors who want to use cutting edge concepts to create one to one communication via the web, email, and direct mail.
  2. 2. Product Definition Direct Mail Perso- Collater nalized al Urls Web Printing Purls Sites Ad Email Builder
  3. 3. Direct Mail Combining List Graphic Like Pieces Aquisition Design into one run Digital Logistics Printing
  4. 4. • Age • Income • Home Ownership • Children Present Demographic • Length of Residency List • Home Values • SIC • Years in Business • Sales • Number of Employees Business List • Every household in US • Names Where Available • Dwelling Type • Multifamily Resident List • Single Family All predefined by business rules set up at the corporate level
  5. 5. Franchisee • Digital PDF • Sample Data within PDF • Design Control • Up to 8 levels • Allows Corporate to Define Brand • Automatic email notifications • Choice of Marketing Collateral • Select Images Allowed • Templates • Define Offers Available • Sizes • Administrative Control • Personalization • Assigns User Rights • Choice of Images • Tract Usage • Choice of Offers • Purls/Gurls Corporate/ Approval Process Franchisor Level All through an easy to use online system
  6. 6. • Combine Mail Streams Combine from different Like customers Substrates • Combine multiple into one runs from the same stream customer • Mail Density to each Reduces zip code lowers Postage postage cost All through an easy to use online system • Fewer Jobs=Less Admin Cost Reduces Handling • Drop Shipping qualification is easier
  7. 7. • Color Match • Online Approval Process Quality (WYSWYG) • Samples • Postcards • Self mailers Flexibility • Brochures • Franchise Start Up Packages All through an easy to use online system • Software delivers directly Service to print queue after processing • 24-48 turn times
  8. 8. Drop Shipment • Almost every BMC DDU or SCF within 2 days 1-3 Days National of Mailing Distribution • Documentation Drop Shipment Network guaranteeing SCF (Sectional Center Facility) delivery 3-5 days Drop Shipment BMC (Bulk Mail Center) 5-7 Days • Approximately 8% of all Standard Mail is done in Texas Centrally Local Located • Warm Weather “No Drop Climate Shipment” • Lower Labor Rates 10-14 Day All through an easy to use online system
  9. 9. Vmark-Virtual Marketing VMS WEB-TO-PRINT SOLUTIONS   One Vmark store provides a single online environment suitable for selling multiple product types, including customizable documents for print or web, and static documents.   A Vmark system can host a number of unique, branded, e-commerce enabled, stores.
  10. 10. Vertical Marketing Solutions Franchise- Websites Grow your business Strengthen your brand Communicate more effectively
  11. 11. The Franchise-Websites product can deliver value to your company
  12. 12.   - is a template based website application that was built with the franchisor and franchisee in mind. With its easy to use configuration tool and dynamic content capabilities, you will be able to show your customers new informational and marketing messages immediately 24 Hours/day 7 days/ week. With its multilingual capabilities you can reach your target audience with the information they need in the language they read.
  13. 13. HOW DOES FRANCHISE- WEBSITES.COM WORK?  is an Internet marketing tool with an extremely easy- to-use interface.    You can launch individual branded websites—not just a web page—in seconds.   Website branding is strictly enforced by letting the franchisees, or individually owned locations, modify only the content you allow them to edit.    The look and feel remains identical across all websites.   Franchisor and franchisee marketing information is smoothly integrated into one powerful business tool.   Display product promotions, coupon offerings or corporate news instantly on every franchisee site.   All franchisee locations have their own website address.   lets you leverage your growing franchise network to drive improved search-engine results.
  14. 14. Intuitive interface   The Intuitive interface enables you to create and update your sites without any programming knowledge or experience; advanced features allow seasoned users to be more creative and flexible   .Step 1 : Create a Master Site   We start with your already designed website or we can design a site for you.    As another option you can choose a quot;Themequot; for your corporate website from one of our stock themes. Either way, a 'Themed' style sheet will be created for your company to use; you are then free to select the unique Franchise theme or any one of the pre-installed themes. These themes will define website layout, page color, image placements, etc...; only the Master Site can change this theme.   This theme can be changed by the franchisor at any time and immediately   ALL of the franchise websites will have the new theme in seconds.   Along with the Theme selection, the franchisor will select which pages and areas of pages of the website will be available for updates by the individual site owners or franchisees.  You determine which important information is seen on every branded website and which areas of each franchisee website a franchisee or individual owner can control.
  15. 15. Intuitive Interface   Step 2 : Effortlessly launch Branded Websites   Once your website or new design is completed, the franchisor can launch new separately launched websites, not just a page on your website, for all of their franchise locations in seconds!   Arken Technology offers website management services for every level of need.    Our system is designed so that you or someone in your organization can easily manage your corporate wide franchise websites.    However, if you need professional services such as SEO (search engine optimization), flash development, back-end corporate development, or other internet services, we can help!
  16. 16. Intuitive Interface Step 3: Branded Websites are now available for update by   site owners the websites are launched an email will automatically be  Once sent to each location with instructions on how to login and update their websites.  each site is an actual website, each location can have it's  Since own URL (Internet address) or simply use the Franchise domain. will help you Build, Protect, and Dynamically Market your company's brand.
  17. 17.   The Franchise-Websites product can deliver value to your company
  18. 18. The Franchise-Websites product can deliver value to your company
  19. 19.   How Can Franchise-Websites Improve Brand Strength?
  20. 20.   How Can Franchise-Websites Increase Marketing Efficiency?
  21. 21.   How Can Franchise-Websites Increase Marketing Efficiency?