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Los angeles


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Published in: Education
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Los angeles

  1. 1. An exceptional trip Edit by Leo & Ire
  2. 2. Our hotel is… Ermitage Beverly hills 9291 BURTON WAY Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA 90210 USA 21 July – 27 July We spend $ 2857 , $ 355 per night
  3. 3. On the first day… _In the morning we’ll visit: Hollywood walk of fame _We’ll have lunch at: Japanese restaurant, Geisha house 6633 hollywood BLVD, Los Angeles, CA 90028 _In the afternoon we’ll visit: DODGER STADIUM _We’ll have dinner at: AMERICAN RESTAURANT, PIG N’ WHISTLE 6714 Hollywood BLVD, Los Angeles CA 90028
  4. 4. On the second day… _In the morning we’ll visit: Walt Disney Concert _We’ll have lunch at: American restaurant, Patina _In the afternoon we’ll visit: _We’ll have dinner at: AMERICAN RESTAURANT, JONES Santa Monica BLVD, West Hollywood 90046 141 South Grand Avenue,Los Angeles, CA GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY
  5. 5. On the third day… _In the morning we’ll visit : LOS ANGELES ZOO _We’ll have packed lunch _In the afternoon we’ll see: HOLLYWOOD SIGN _In the evening we’ll have happy hour at: CIRCUS DISCO 6655 Santa Monica BLVD, Los Angeles CA USA
  6. 6. On the fourth day… _In the morning we’ll visit: _We’ll have packed lunch _In the afternoon we’ll visit: _We’ll have dinner at: KNITTING FACTORY CLUB 7021 Hollywood BLVD, LOS ANGELES
  7. 7. On the fifth day… CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER _In the morning we’ll visit: _We’ll have lunch at: PERUVIAN RESTAURANT, MO-CHICA 3655 s Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007 _In the afternoon we’ll visit: STAPLES CENTER _We’ll have dinner at: San Manuel Club , in the staples center _In the evening we’ll go to the pub: FLORENTINE GARDENS, 5951 WEST HOLLYWOOD BLVD
  8. 8. On the sixth day… _In the morning we’ll visit: Knott ’s berry farm _We’ll have packed lunch _We’ll have dinner at: _In the evening we’ll go to: CHINESE THEATER MUSSO & FRANK GRILL, 6667 Hollywood BLVD, Los Angeles
  9. 9. On the last day… _We’ll visit: _We’ll have packed lunch… … AND WE’LL LEAVE FROM LOS ANGELES!
  10. 10. Price $ 38.45 Knitting factory club $ 20 MOCA $ 138 Universal studios $ 90 Circus Disco $ 26 L.A. zoo $ 40 Jones No cost Griffith observatory 35.80 $ Patina Free admission Dodger stadium $ 42.50 Geisha house $ 3570.25 Tot. Free admission Guinnes world records museum $ 30 Muss & Frank grill Free admission Chinese theatre $ 108 Knott’s Berry Farm $ 47 Florentine garden $ 43 San manuel club Free admission Staples Center $ 38 Mo-chica $ 16.50 California Science Center $ 2,857 Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel