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Portfolio Samples and Testimonials

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R Gould Portfolio Samples

  1. 1. GD 1. SGI Global Education Custom Course Catalog: information on course paths, payment, and registration 2. Logo for corporate food service 3. Identity for salon that specializies in hair coloring 4. Logo for certified metal and goldsmith 5. Service and support user guide, cover and inside spread 1 2 3 4 5
  2. 2. GD 1. Corporate event invitation featuring noted speaker. Mutiple versions for 10 different markets. See Helen. Helen stood 2. A program brochure that supported her ground. presentation materials for brokers selling Regence BlueCross Helen had one faithful companion, a husky named Charlie. insureance Together they trekked 364-miles of beautiful, frightening, frozen landscape. They faced harsh storms, unstable sea ice, and 1500-pound interlopers. Likewise, Regence is helping to advise, navigate, and reward members in the face of 3. Direct mail invitation to a healthy industry obstacles. cooking Web seminar during the holiday season 4. Regence member brochure 1 outlining befnefits 2006– 2007 Group Preferred Broker Program Reaping rewards for valued work Hear the naked truth about healthy holiday eating. 2 3 We’re dishing up free cooking tips. 4
  3. 3. GD 1. XO Communications: company overview, for new bundled service packages 2. Wine label design for private estate bottled wine from Hendrix Vineyards 3. Mechanical for a 6-pack wine box for La Rochelle Vineyards 4. Identity for non-profit providing interview quality clothing along with training for people on welfare 1 2 5. Logo for personal conditioning trainer 6. Tomato Thyme: T-shirt, new pizza box with story of name change, and gift certificate for former pizza restaurant 3 4 5 6
  4. 4. GD 1. Telecommunications conference theme art 2. Web design firm identity 3. Newspaper advertising for seafood restaurant (also wrote headlines) 4. Restaurant/deli identity 5. Trade advertising series for SGI Customer Education 1 2 6. Branded business trade ad for Regence BlueCross directed at new business owners 3 4 You started this company with an idea and a to-do list. Recall those start-up years—nothing but hard work, a couple of partners, and little time. That first team was a family. Now it’s all “employees,” formal staff meetings and performance reviews. How do you get back to the basics? How do you connect employees as a family? At Regence, we’re helping members do just that. You can join an active and informed health care community. What’s on top of your to-do list? regence.com 5 6
  5. 5. GD 1 2 1. Santa Clara County YWCA TWIN program logo 2. Wine identity for a new winery in Lodi, CA 3. SGI Global Education: Custom Learning Brochure: different classroom vehicles, new SGI brand 4. Kit Bag: Production blueprint and final production model for pre-schooler’ carry-all containing learning tools, books, and games for preschool aged children in Contra Costa Country 3 4
  6. 6. GD 1. Paperback book cover for McGraw-Hill 2. New identity for retail smoked meats store 3. Annual report for Concentric Networks 4. Holiday self-promotion tag, included a recepe aand attached to a round tin 5. Corporate identity for a venture capitial company 2 1 3 4 5
  7. 7. GD R i ta GOULD DESiGN 8060 SW CEDAR ST “I hired Rita Gould to help me with an identity project for a new client recently. PORTLAND OR 97225 Not only did she come back with some excellent design work and choices for logos, but she delivered her work to me in a timely manner and presented to the TEL 503 297 5122 client with professionalism that helped put the client at ease. I appreciate her art rsgdesign@earthlink.net and skill as well as her upbeat attitude. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to more projects together.” —Sara Gray Owner/Designer Just Symmetry, Inc. San Carlos, CA “I was Rita's direct supervisor during a 5-month in-house contract. You don't last long in this business without professionalism and a sense of responsibility which Rita possesses in droves. She brought us a rare versatility and was able to continually tap into her years of experience servicing a wide range of clients from retail to housing to high tech. I appreciated her willingness to master unfamiliar tools and technical challenges and she proved herself a quick learner, a real benefit when schedules and budgets are tight. She possesses a keen eye for design and her production skills were consistently of the highest standard.” —Paul Hightower Art Director DeCarolis Design & Marketing “I have known Rita for more than ten years as a designer. She is one of the best at blending pure creative with well executed production I know. She seeks out proactive communication in preparing files; truly rare. After 14 years in printing sales I can only guess how many jobs I have handled, in that time Rita stands out as one of the very best I know regarding dedication to producing award winning designs and well executed files for printing. Few designers I know are as driven to produce the quality of work that Rita has, she continually puts the design and budget needs of her clients before that of mere design for design’s sake.” —Bill Goodenough Print Sales Representative Graphic Arts Center “As a representative for commercial printing firms, I worked with Rita Gould on numerous projects over a period of seven years. Her work was consistently professional, beautifully designed, and the files and backup materials provided were always perfect. We never needed to ask for explanations or missing bits of information, and Rita would consult regarding cost before starting her design work. Rita has a very complete understanding of print production, and her projects flowed so smoothly that I can’t recall ever needing to ask for more time or money on her jobs.” —Judy McDowell Former Print Sales Representative Far Western Graphics