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Like Write


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Like Write
Team 1

Published in: Sports, Technology
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Like Write

  1. 1. Like-Write Team 1 Fl at C la ss ro om- ASB Unpl ug ge d
  2. 2. Like-write “Writing allows you to share your ideas efficiently and is the backbone of asynchronous communication.”
  3. 3. Like-write Socrates was a great teacher, but he was preserved because his students, including xenophon actually WROTE DOWN what he said.
  4. 4. What is Like-Write? Connections-
  5. 5. What is Like-Write? -interests
  6. 6. What is Like-Write? >:( :D
  7. 7. How will it work? Blogs on steroids :)
  8. 8. Like-Write & People Teachers & Students
  9. 9. Why Like-Write? Self-motivated, Self-directed, PRACTICAL
  10. 10. The Future
  11. 11. The Future
  12. 12. More info:
  13. 13. Photo credits: Google Images