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Aravena Carlos 42284257 Gdtim C


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Aravena Carlos 42284257 Gdtim C

  1. 1. Provider Code: 00025B ID Number: 42284257 Date of Birth: January 15, 1984 For further enquiries please contact: Email: Facsimile: +61 7 3365 1794 December 16, 2009 Mr Carlos Aravena 4-8 Brisbane Street St Lucia Brisbane QLD 4067 Dear Mr Aravena Conditional Offer for Grad Dip TechnInnovation&Mgt Congratulations on choosing to study at The University of Queensland. The University is pleased to advise that you are considered eligible for admission to the following program on the condition that you satisfy all requirements as specified in this letter. Program: Graduate Diploma in Technology and Innovation Management Plan: Undeclared Program Duration: 2 semesters Total Program Units: 16 Commencement: 22-FEB-2010 Completion: 20-NOV-2010 Calculation of Tuition Fees: Refer enclosed "INTERNATIONAL TUITION FEES ADVICE" The fees quoted in the International Tuition Fees Advice are current for your commencing year as stated in this offer and will increase annually thereafter. Faculty: Business, Economics & Law School: Business School Campus: St Lucia Please note: This offer is conditional upon submission of certified copies of your official transcript and award from Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile. Please provide the following documents as soon as possible: Note: Certified copies are required in most instances. A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document, which bears an original signature and stamp with a certification that the document is a true copy of the original by a person approved to certify documents. Certified copies of documents must be sent by mail. A photocopy, scan or facsimile of certified documents can only be accepted if sent by a UQ authorised representative. * A certified copy of the complete official academic transcript of your studies, which should include all subjects you have studied or are undertaking and the results whether passed or failed. An official explanation of the grading system is required. Certified copies of the original language transcripts and official English translations (if applicable) are required.
  2. 2. * A certified copy of your award is required. If your award has not been conferred please provide an original or certified copy of either an academic transcript which notes that the award requirements have been met, or an official letter from the institution confirming that you are eligible to graduate. Certified copies of the original language award and official English translations (if applicable) are required. Your application cannot be finalised until: 1. All conditions outlined in this letter have been met. 2. You complete, sign and return the enclosed Agreement and Response to Offer (ARO) form. 3. You return your payment of AUD$8380, which comprises: AUD$8000: Tuition deposit. Any outstanding balance of fees in your commencing semester must be paid by the fees due date. Penalties apply for payments after this time. AUD$380: 12 months single Overseas Student Health Cover Please note that payment is not required until you have satisfied all conditions of this offer. If you wish to accept this offer now, please complete steps 2 and 3 above. Note, however, that you may not commence the program until all conditions outlined in this offer have been met. This offer is valid until 15-JAN-2010. If you are unable to accept by this date, please contact the International Admissions Section. You may request a deferral for entry to a future semester. However, your application may be re-assessed against the entry criteria for the new semester. Please note the following: * Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a compulsory requirement of a student visa. The University can only accept OSHC payment on behalf of our preferred provider Worldcare. Please refer to the Worldcare website for further information: * If any school-aged dependants accompany you to Australia, you will be required to pay full fees to enrol them in either a government or non-government school. * UQ cannot accept any responsibility for the welfare or accommodation arrangements for students under the age of 18 years of age at program commencement. * Please read the attached 'What to do Next' document for further information. * You are advised to consult the following website for useful information about preparing to study at The University of Queensland: If you require further information or assistance please refer your questions to the contact listed at the beginning of this letter. Remember to quote your Student ID Number (which is quoted at the top of this letter) in all interactions with the University. I wish you success with your studies at The University of Queensland. Yours sincerely Linda Bird Academic Registrar CRICOS Code: 031230G
  3. 3. AGREEMENT AND RESPONSE TO OFFER (ARO) Student ID Number: 42284257 Date of Birth: January 15, 1984 CRICOS Code: 031230G Mr Carlos Aravena I accept the offer of a place in the Graduate Diploma in Technology and Innovation Management program at The University of Queensland, commencing 22-FEB-2010 and agree to the following conditions as part of my enrolment: * I undertake to comply with the statutes and rules of The University of Queensland and with the decisions of the constituted authorities of the University so far as they may apply to me. * I will meet all program requirements and I understand that I may work up to 20 hours per week during the semester as long as the work does not interfere with my studies. * I undertake to abide by the conditions of my student visa, which includes my responsibility to maintain valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for myself and my dependants who accompany me to Australia. * I have read and understood the 'Refund Information for International Students' referred to in the accompanying information and I agree to the terms and conditions. * I will inform UQ International immediately of any change to my visa status. Should I not continue as a fee-paying student in the above program, I understand that The University of Queensland will be under no obligation to accept me into any degree program. * I recognise that the University will not permit my enrolment in any semester unless the appropriate fees have been paid by the due date. Payment method (please tick one): [ ] I hereby pay the following amount, AUD$8380, for deposit of tuition fees for the Graduate Diploma in Technology and Innovation Management and OSHC for the duration of my program. Refer Payment Details form. [ ] I have been successful in obtaining a scholarship / sponsorship and will attach a copy of my scholarship / sponsorship letter to this form to accept my offer. If my scholarship / sponsorship does not cover the full cost of my tuition or my Overseas Student Health Cover, I hereby pay the following amount AUD$__________________ for my tuition / OSHC. Refer Payment Details form. Mailing Address in Australia (if known): ______________________________________________________ Nationality:_________________________________ Country of Birth:______________________________ I will apply for my Student Visa at the Australian Diplomatic Mission located in:______________________ Student Signature:_______________________________________________ Date:___________________ Please return your signed Agreement and Response to Offer (ARO) together with your Payment Details form (if applicable) to: International Admissions Section UQ International The University of Queensland Brisbane QLD 4072 AUSTRALIA Email: Fax: +61 7 3365 1794
  4. 4. PAYMENT DETAILS Student ID Number: 42284257 Date of Birth: January 15, 1984 CRICOS Code: 031230G Mr Carlos Aravena Please select from one of the following payment methods: [ ] I enclose a banker's draft drawn on an Australian bank (with which your financial institution has a relationship, eg: ANZ, CBA) for AUD$___________________ made payable to The University of Queensland. [ ] Please charge my credit card. I authorise the University to process multiple transactions as necessary to pay AUD$___________________ (Complete details below). Mastercard [ ] Visa [ ] Card Number ____________________________________ Expiry Date ________________________ Name on Card __________________________ Signature __________________________________ Please check your daily credit card limit with your bank prior to making payment. Delays will be experienced if payment is declined. *Note Visa Electron debit card payments cannot be accepted. [ ] I have arranged for a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) for AUD$___________________ to: The University of Queensland Fee Clearing Account ANZ Bank St Lucia Branch Account Number: 014 281 8371 965 35 (ABA/Swift number ANZ BAU3M) Please quote your Student ID Number and full name on the TT advice, and mail or fax a copy to: International Admissions Section UQ International The University of Queensland Brisbane QLD 4072 AUSTRALIA Email: Fax: +61 7 3365 1794 Student Signature:_________________________ Passport Number:_________________ Date:___________
  5. 5. INTERNATIONAL TUITION FEES ADVICE FOR 2010 At The University of Queensland tuition fees are calculated on the basis of the courses you enrol in each semester. Within most program rules, students can choose from a range of courses to meet program requirements. As a result, it is not possible to calculate precisely the total cost of a program. The table below provides a guide to the unit cost of a course in each discipline area. Most courses are worth 2 units. A standard full time semester enrolment consists of 8 units (usually 4 courses). Fee Band Discipline Area 2010 Fees per Unit A Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies, Academic & Creative AUD$1145 Writing, Ancient History, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics or Second Language Acquisition, Archaeology, Art History, Australian Studies, Behavioural Sciences, Chinese*, Cognitive Science, Communication**, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Counselling, Criminology, Drama, Education***, French, Gender Studies, German Studies, German and Russian Cultural Studies, Greek, History, Humanities, Indonesian, Industrial Relations, Japanese*, Journalism, Korean, Latin, Linguistics, Literary Studies in English, Literature & Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Museum Studies***, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Policy Studies, Psychology**, Religion, Religious Languages, Russian Studies, Sociology, Social Science, Social Work, Spanish B Archaeological Science, Health Promotion#, Health Sciences, Human AUD$1380 Movement Studies, Indigenous Health, Midwifery, Music, Nursing, Nutrition, Physician Assistants, Psychiatry & Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Public Health, Sports Coaching C Anatomical Sciences, Aquaculture, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, AUD$1665 Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Conservation Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Food, Genetics, Integrated Sciences, Marine Sciences, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Occupational Health & Safety Science, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Sports Medicine, Structural Biology, Toxicology, Veterinary Pathology, Zoology Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Communications Engineering & Technology, Computer Systems and Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Management, Earth Sciences, Human Geography, Mapping Science, Physical Geography, Information Environments, Information Systems, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Mining & Minerals Engineering, Multimedia Design, Magnetic Resonance Technology, Physics, Planning, Power Generation, Statistics#, Technology, Water Engineering, Water Management Accounting and Accountability^+, Advertising, Economics^, Event Management, Financial Management^+, Hospitality Management, International Business, Law, Leisure Management, Management Studies^+, Marketing+, Organisational Communication, Real Estate & Development, Research in Business, Technology/Innovation/Management & Sustainability^, Technology Management, Tourism Management D Audiology, Dietetics, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, Occupational AUD$1950 Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology Agriculture, Animal Science, Forestry Studies, Horticulture, Land, Land, Parks & Wildlife Management, Plants E General Practice, Surgery, Veterinary Science AUD$2820 F Dentistry, Medical Studies, Oral Health AUD$3000 * Some courses are in Band B; ** Some courses are in Band B or C; *** Some courses are in Band C; # Some courses are in Band A; ^ Some Business Administration courses charged at AUD$2120 per unit; + Some courses are in Band E
  6. 6. The cost of each course is calculated by multiplying the number of units by the quoted unit fee. For example, in 2010, a 2 unit Law course costs 2 x AUD$1665 = AUD$3330; and a full time semester of 4 courses (8 units) in Law will cost 2 x AUD$1665 x 4 = AUD$13320. A Fees Calculator is available at (click on the 'What it costs' link) to assist you to estimate your tuition fee based on your course selection for each semester. PLEASE NOTE: Your deposit payment will reserve your place in this program for the semester indicated in your offer letter. Any outstanding balance of fees must be paid by the fees due date. Penalties apply for payments after this time. Tuition fees are subject to annual review and cost indexation. The listed course fees are for students commencing studies in 2010 and will be increased annually thereafter. Disclaimer: This information is correct at the date of posting: December 16, 2009. Fees Advice information may vary over time.
  7. 7. REFUNDS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Tuition Fees: 1 Commencing students - A student who in the first semester of enrolment at The University of Queensland cancels enrolment or withdraws from a program: 1.1 Before the Census Date - An international student who cancels enrolment during the period beginning immediately after the University receives the student's written acceptance of the offer of a place, until the date which is three weeks before classes commence must pay an administrative charge of AUD$1000. Cancellation of enrolment after this date, until the Census Date, will incur an administrative charge of AUD$3000. The remainder of tuition fees paid, less any other incurred charges, will be refunded. Census Dates, are March 31 in semester 1, August 31 in semester 2, and the date set by the Academic Registrar for summer semester or another teaching period approved by the Academic Registrar. 1.2 After the Census Date - The University will not refund tuition fees. 1.3 Determination of special cases - Students can apply to the Academic Registrar, and in accordance with the University's Fee Rules, to have a variation in the administrative charge in the following circumstances: A) they are unable to obtain a student visa; B) they failed to meet the University's English language entry requirements; C) where the issue is not clearly dealt with in the rules. 2 Continuing students - A student who has attended for one or more semesters of enrolment at the University and who cancels enrolment or withdraws from a program: 2.1 Before the Census Date - The University will refund tuition fees fully to students for the current semester enrolment if notified in writing of the withdrawal or cancellation before the Census Date. 2.2 After the Census Date - The University will not refund tuition fees. 3 Students granted Permanent Residency - Any student granted Permanent Residency status before the Census Date in a semester and who, by that date, provides the University with the appropriate documentary evidence of changed visa status, and continues her or his current enrolment as a domestic student, must pay full domestic student tuition fees for the semester in which the status changed and any semester thereafter. Any payment in excess of the charges for the semester in which the status changed, may be refunded to the payer, otherwise the provisions of rule 1.2 will apply. Application and payment of refunds: Requests for tuition fee refunds must be made in writing to the Academic Registrar and submitted to the Student Centre. Refunds are generally made to the person who originally paid the tuition fees and are generally processed within 28 days. For payments received online, a refund will be processed to the payer's credit card provided the payment was made within the past nine months and the card is still valid. For other types of payments received, refunds can be paid into a nominated Australian bank account or transferred to a bank account in the student's home country. Refunds of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) A) OSHC Worldcare - If a student cancels OSHC cover prior to arrival in Australia, OSHC Worldcare will refund the OSHC amount paid. For students who cancel OSHC cover after arrival in Australia, OSHC Worldcare will refund the OSHC amount paid, less a minimum cover of three months. B) Other healthcare providers - Students who use other healthcare providers should consult their provider about refund provisions in the event of cancellation. Refunds in special circumstances after the Census Date If a student withdraws from a program/course after the Census Date due to special circumstances, the student may be eligible to apply for Removal of Financial Liability Due To Special Circumstances. For full details visit Students may apply to the Academic Registrar to have their financial liability removed if they can show that all of the following requirements are met, and supply independent supporting documentation: A) application is made within 12 months of when the student withdrew from the course(s) or if the student has not withdrawn, within 12 months of the end of the study period during which the course was undertaken; and B) due to special circumstances, the student was unable to complete the course requirements; and C) the full impact of the special circumstances were not known until on or after the Census Date for the relevant semester; and D) those special circumstances were beyond the student's control. Fee Refund Guidelines and the Application to Withdraw form are available on myAdvisor at Any agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection laws or prohibit the student's right to pursue other legal remedies. Note that all financial transactions conducted by The University of Queensland are undertaken in Australian dollars. Further Information: Refer to Consumer Complaints and Queries at