Lifestream: The New Future of Blogging?


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I'm speaking at the 2009 WordCamp Montreal event July 11-12. This is the presentation I will be delivering.

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Lifestream: The New Future of Blogging?

  1. 1. Lifestreaming: The New Future of Blogging? Erin Blaskie
  2. 2. Lifestreaming: What is it? • Lifestreaming is a continual broadcast of events in a person's life through digital media. • Lifestreaming is the act of aggregating many streams, generally using a third party service that then shows the content in chronological order.
  3. 3. Lifestreaming: Why? • People are feeling the “need” to utilize all of these different sites but there is no automation or system to it. • Building a lifestream creates order in the midst of real life chaos.
  4. 4. Lifestreaming: Why? • Provides readers with a snapshot of the blogger’s life providing a much more in-depth look into what they are doing, reading and listening to. • Allows blogger to share things quickly, easily and effectively with readers.
  5. 5. Lifestream: Incoming Data
  6. 6. Incoming: What am I listening to?
  7. 7. Incoming: What am I reading?
  8. 8. Incoming: What am I browsing online?
  9. 9. Incoming: Where am I traveling?
  10. 10. Incoming: What am I shooting via video?
  11. 11. Incoming: What am I taking pictures of?
  12. 12. The Mobile Generation • Incoming information needs to also be portable, mobile and easily addable to your lifestream. • In this next diagram, an iPhone is being used as the basis due to the sheer number of apps.
  13. 13. The Mobile Approach
  14. 14. Outgoing Information • Once the information comes in to the blog, you need to syndicate it out to the various feeds / websites you belong to. • This is known as notifying your tribes that you’ve done a new action (also known as enabling stalkers to keep tabs on you…)
  15. 15. Lifestream Style Plug-Ins for WP • Lifestream - Pulls in data from many sources and produces a grid-like image of your updates. • My TwitPic’s - Displays recently uploaded pictures to • Sociable - Automatically adds links to favorite social bookmarking / networking sites. • Tweetly Updater - Posts a notice to Twitter when you update your blog.
  16. 16. External Widgets Added to Sidebar • Ustream video embed code. • TripIt ‘upcoming trips’ embed code. • Twitter widget. • widget. • Shelfari ‘currently reading’ embed code.
  17. 17. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  18. 18. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  19. 19. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  20. 20. Why Could This Be the Future of Blogging? • We’re sharing so much information that we need systems / automation to save time. • People are finding amazing things through the act of sharing - this allows that to happen in a one to many scenario.
  21. 21. Choices • We all have a choice as to how much we share. • We all can make choices about our open life experience. • Choose something that fits for you and create your tribes in an authentic way.
  22. 22. Closing Ideas • We need to come up with a balanced approach to this and ensure people know that they can turn the volume up or down to suit their life. • By making people more transparent, do we open up a positive outlook on lives or do we open up negative possibilities?
  23. 23. Learn More & Questions • (Life Stream) • (Business) • @ErinBlaskie (Twitter)