Pope Global Ventures, LLC Marketing Plan


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Pope Global Ventures, LLC Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Pope Global Ventures Pharmaceutical Sales Seminar Marketing Plan Discussion / Work Session February 6, 2008
  2. 2. PGV Agenda PGV Seminar Division – Situation and SWOT Analyses – Atlanta Seminar Objectives and Strategies – Tactics (Short List) PGV Corporate – Needs Assessment – Questions to address
  3. 3. PGV Seminar Division 2008 Objectives Launch PGV seminar series in Atlanta. Deliver seminars in select US cities. – Birmingham, AL - Charlotte, NC – Nashville, TN - Orlando, FL – Other cities TBD Achieve a net profit of $5000+ per seminar session.
  4. 4. PGV Seminar Division Situation Analysis New entrant in competitive seminar and pharma sales seminar markets. Currently boot-strapped – financial resources limited to support launch and market expansion. No structure in place for passive income (product sales) to reduce financial liability of live events. Current providers of pharma sales-related info products, seminars, coaching/ consulting services, etc. have established their niches online and off.
  5. 5. PGV Seminar Division Situation Analysis Google “pharma sales” direct competitors, pp 1-2. Pharmaceuticalsales.com Pharmaceuticalsalescareer.com Coreynahman.com Pharmaceuticalinterviewquestions.com Getpharmaceuticalsalesjob.com Pharmaceuticalwork.com Pharmaceuticalsalesinterviews.com
  6. 6. PGV Seminar Division SWOT Analysis Strengths Value in seminar information and bonuses. Team of experts throughout the U.S. Personal delivery allows for live Q&A. Immediate opportunity for up-sales / cross- sales of other PGV and partner services and products.
  7. 7. PGV Seminar Division SWOT Analysis Weaknesses New company, no consumer awareness. Deep field of competitors in both the seminar and pharma sales seminar categories. Currently focused on live event productions. High cost of entry for live events. Possible net $ loss with each live event.
  8. 8. PGV Seminar Division SWOT Analysis Opportunities – Immediate / On-site PGV and partners service and product sales. – Sales coaching services. – Resume services. – CDs or booklets of key seminar info and resources or of related non-seminar info. Resume collection for adjunct opportunities.
  9. 9. PGV Seminar Division SWOT Analysis Opportunities – Short-to-Long Term Adjunct services – PGV recruiting contracts. – Placement referral fees. PGV website – Webinars and tele-seminars. – Up- and cross-sales of PGV/partners products/services. CDs / DVDs / books / e-books / home study training courses. Sales coaching services, resume services. Affiliate programs.
  10. 10. PGV Seminar Division SWOT Analysis Threats Current competitors in the seminar and pharma sales seminar categories. Post-PGV entrants into the categories. Drug recalls. Bad press re: pharma companies, drugs, etc. Negative word-of-mouth re: PGV.
  11. 11. Pharma Sales Seminar Atlanta / Alpharetta Session
  12. 12. Overall Marketing Objectives Generate awareness of the PGV Atlanta pharma sales seminar amongst target audience groups. Generate 350+ unique visitors to PGV website for info and registration. Register 35+ paying participants into the seminar.
  13. 13. Target Objectives General psychographics Interested in income potential, intellectual challenge, meeting/working with new people, travel, making a difference. Focused on breaking into pharma sales or translating other sales experience in pharma. Seek to transition into a sales career. Seek to transition into a new career, exploring sales / pharma sales as a possibility.
  14. 14. Target Objectives Primary demographics: Aged 21-34 / 21-49 – Recent college graduates or graduating seniors – Working professionals w/ 2+ years experience – Unemployed professionals, particularly sales – Returning to work force (e.g. stay-at-home parents) Reside in the Atlanta metro or within 2-hour driving distance / 100-mile radius
  15. 15. Target Objectives Consider including bilingual speakers (w/ same psycho- and demographics) into the target mix. English/Spanish, English/Mandarin (Chinese), etc. High % of bilingual professionals (incl. sales) in Atlanta and surrounding metro area populations Take advantage of established contacts in these communities.
  16. 16. Geography Objectives Atlanta MSA Surrounding metro areas within a 2-hour drive/100-mile radius of Atlanta/Alpharetta – Athens, GA - Columbus, GA – Augusta, GA - Greenville, SC – Chattanooga, TN - Macon, GA
  17. 17. Scheduling Objectives MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN 4-Feb 5-Feb 6-Feb 7-Feb 8-Feb 9-Feb 10-Feb 11-Feb 12-Feb 13-Feb 14-Feb 15-Feb 16-Feb 17-Feb 18-Feb 19-Feb 20-Feb 21-Feb 22-Feb 23-Feb 24-Feb 25-Feb 26-Feb 27-Feb 28-Feb 29-Feb 1-Mar 2-Mar 3-Mar 4-Mar 5-Mar 6-Mar 7-Mar 8-Mar 9-Mar Seminar Marketing - Non-Collegiate Target Audiences Spring Break 10-Mar 11-Mar 12-Mar 13-Mar 14-Mar 15-Mar 16-Mar Seminar Marketing - Non-Collegiate Target Audiences Spring Break 17-Mar 18-Mar 19-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar 22-Mar 23-Mar Seminar Marketing - All Target Audiences Good Friday 24-Mar 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar 29-Mar 30-Mar Seminar Marketing - All Target Audiences 31-Mar 1-Apr 2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr 6-Apr Seminar Marketing - All Target Audiences 7-Apr 8-Apr 9-Apr 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr 13-Apr Seminar Registrant Reminder Emails Seminar
  18. 18. Marketing Strategies Recommended – PR / Publicity – Relationship Marketing To be considered within budget parameters (TBD) – Advertising
  19. 19. Marketing Tactics PR / Publicity Issue releases to secure media coverage – Major metro and local community newspapers – College newspapers – Local business and other editorially-compatible newspapers and magazines (deadlines allowing) – Synergistic target/topic local radio and TV programs – Non-competitive target-centric websites / blogs – Appropriate bilingual media outlets No-cost / low-cost event participation / displays
  20. 20. Marketing Tactics Relationship Marketing Personal correspondence, calls, and meetings to generate awareness and secure promotion of seminar to target audiences College career placement offices Outplacement offices Targeted networking groups 1st and 2nd tier PGV business and personal contacts
  21. 21. Marketing Tactics Relationship Marketing Consider creating a PGV affiliate program. Goal is to expand range of contacts / warm leads for seminars other PGV services / products. Implementation expands PGV offline and online partnerships – complementary businesses and individuals with contacts in target groups. Flat $ amount or % of $ per registered referral.
  22. 22. Marketing Tactics Advertising Consider potential low cost / high ROI / PGV brand-supportive avenues Select bulletin boards Business counter displays Classified ads Calendar / event listings Direct mail Display ads
  23. 23. Atlanta
  24. 24. Marketing Vehicles PR/Publicity: General Market Papers Atlanta Journal Constitution Fulton Daily Record Calhoun Times Gainesville Times Cartersville Daily Tribune Gwinnett Post Cherokee Tribune Henry Herald Clayton Tribune Jonesboro News Daily Commerce News Macon Telegraph Covington News Marietta Journal Dahlonega Nugget Newnan Times Herald DeKalb Champion Rockdale Citizen Fayette Citizen & Review Rome News Tribune Forsyth County News
  25. 25. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Local Community Papers Atlanta Daily World Champion Free Press Atlanta Inquirer Crossroads News Atlanta Intown DeKalb Neighbor Atlanta Metro Observer Dunwoody Crier Atlanta Voice Norcross Weekly Brookhaven Buzz On Common Ground
  26. 26. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: College Newspapers AUC Digest (Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, Morris Brown & Spelman) Emory Wheel Georgia State Signal Georgia Tech Technique Oglethorpe The Stormy Petrel
  27. 27. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Local Business Media Alpharetta Business Post Atlanta Business Chronicle Atlanta Tribune Magazine
  28. 28. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Local Radio / TV Programs TV – Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (WAGA) – Atlanta & Company (WXIA) Radio – TBD
  29. 29. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Other Local Media Possibilities Atlanta Magazine Atlanta Jewish Times Creative Loafing Jezebel Newcomer Points North Southern Voice Sunday Paper
  30. 30. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Relevant Websites/Blogs GlobalAtlanta.com Others TBD
  31. 31. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: Bilingual Media Outlets Atlanta Latino (English edition) Mundo Hispanico (English edition)
  32. 32. Marketing Vehicles PR / Publicity: No- & Low-Cost Events TBD
  33. 33. Marketing Vehicles Relationship Mktg.: College Career Placement Offices Clark Atlanta Emory Georgia State Georgia Tech Mercer Morehouse Morris Brown Oglethorpe Spelman
  34. 34. Marketing Vehicles Relationship Mktg.: Outplacement Offices/Services TBD
  35. 35. Marketing Vehicles Relationship Mktg.: Networking Groups Local Chambers of Commerce Toastmasters Others TBD
  36. 36. Marketing Vehicles Relationship Mktg.: 1st & 2nd Tier Contacts TBD
  37. 37. Marketing Vehicles Relationship Mktg.: Affiliate Programs TBD
  38. 38. Marketing Vehicles Advertising TBD
  39. 39. PGV Corporate Needs Assessment Define corporate branding. Who is PGV and what does PGV do? Where do seminars fit vis-à-vis other business ventures in corporate structure? Ditto pharma / healthcare specialties in seminars and other ventures? Should PGV be known as a key B2C and B2B resource in the pharma / healthcare industries?
  40. 40. PGV Corporate Needs Assessment Define corporate and division communication. What is PGV’s overall corporate message? B2C message(s)? – One-stop shop for pharma / healthcare sales-related information, products and services? – Other(s)? B2B message(s)? – Recruiting: “We help you obtain, train, and retain the best people for the job.”? – Other(s)?
  41. 41. PGV Corporate Housekeeping Need software to track # of PGV website visitors, # sales, and % conversions.
  42. 42. PGV Corporate Next Steps