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Workflow Toolkit


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Workflow Toolkit

  1. 1. Workflow Toolkit IDS Project Workflow Toolkit Cyril Oberlander, SUNY Geneseo Cyril Oberlander & Harriet Sleggs, SUNY Geneseo & Harriet Sleggs, SUNY Geneseo IDS Project Conference 2008 Presented @ IDS Conference, August 4-6, 2008 Materials available for download at
  2. 2. Workflow Toolkit What is it? Collection of documentation to improve workflow • ILLiad Settings & Templates • Best Practices & Techniques • Email.txt files & Word Templates • Version 1 is a download of useful files today • Version 2 will be a wiki with dynamic tutorials
  3. 3. Workflow Toolkit Requirements before we start… • In order to implement most of these, you need access to the ILLiad’s customization manager, and write access to your server’s Email, Print, and PDF or Elec Del Folders. • Most of the files in the Workflow Toolkit use ILLiad Local Info values and don’t require editing, but some of the illustrations for email routings require local emails, etc., so configure those to your own needs.
  4. 4. Workflow Toolkit Chapter 1 – General Tips & Intro
  5. 5. Best Practice and Holdings A Solution? PRINT v. 1-44 (1947-1990) |ONLINE v. 38- (1984- ) ILL OK
  6. 6. Chapter 2 Workflow Toolkit – Borrowing Email Routing for Borrowing means you can use an email to… • Send ALA forms • Send NLM a request • Send other libraries a request for renewal or resend • Bill users for lost materials • Automate delivery of full text • Send Acquisitions a purchase request • Send users; renewal or recall notices, or just a question about a request. • And More… Email Routings record all emails sent about a request, and it can change the transaction status of the request.
  7. 7. IDS Conference SUNY Oswego August 4-6, 2008
  8. 8. 7/29/2008 DRAFT
  9. 9. 7/29/2008 DRAFT
  10. 10. Previous Process Update Switch to Route Print Document Notify request to Document Refresh Document Delivery Electronic Document Delivery Status Info Delivery Search Delivery Delivery Pull Slips Menu Results 7/29/2008
  11. 11. 7/29/2008
  12. 12. 7/29/2008
  13. 13. Reminder - there are 3 pieces that need to be in place before using the new email routing •Create text file •Create email routing •Create routing rule
  14. 14. Workflow Toolkit Chapter 2 – Borrowing
  15. 15. Workflow Toolkit Chapter 3 – Custom Holdings & Direct Request
  16. 16. Workflow Toolkit Chapter 4 - Lending
  17. 17. Workflow Toolkit Chapter 5 – Document Delivery
  18. 18. Workflow Toolkit – Word Templates (See chapters: Borrowing, Lending, Document Delivery) BorrowingLoanSlips
  19. 19. User & Processing Citation Info. Information Paper folds In half
  20. 20. Borrowing Return Slips For regional courier services, IF BillingAddress2 has text LAND, it prints LAND in Red; IDS Project is BillingAddress1, and HUB is Address4
  21. 21. Lending Library, User & Citation Processing Information Info. Delivered Ship To By
  22. 22. Document Delivery (loan) – for home or department Delivery I chose “Mail to Address” So ship to my address appears here You can do the same with which library to pickup from, i.e. NVTGC, and other ILLiad fields
  23. 23. Document Delivery (articles) – for Paging or Storage requests Citation Information Library, User & Processing & Delivery Copyright Info. Delivered Info by Info
  24. 24. Workflow Toolkit Thank you & Questions? Suggestions?