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Chap1 Cap Capital

  1. 1. Definitely Needlepoint A Franchise Of The Future Your Name Thelma Bean Zola Waddoups A. Marie Leatham
  2. 2. A Natural Franchise • The art of needlepoint has never been more popular than it is today • Many of clients are interested in their own store, but do not know where to begin • All franchises would be individually owned and operated
  3. 3. Year-to-Year Comparison Our first year was Our second year was profitable significantly better
  4. 4. Sales Increase by Category
  5. 5. Sales Increase by Quarter
  6. 6. What We Provide • Site selection and initial setup consistent with our mission statement • Inventory and product selection • Detailed marketing program based on: – Classes of all types – A variety of social events • Financial model
  7. 7. The Next Steps • Create detailed financial proposal including funding requirements to launch franchise campaign • Identify at least two potential franchisees for next year • Expand to ten additional franchises in second year