Selected papers for oral & poster presentation


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Selected papers for oral & poster presentation

  1. 1. You Should register by payment of Rs. 500 (on or before 18 February 2008 Draft/Multicity Cheque in favour of Registrar, IIT Kanpur, payable at Kanpu Innovation & Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur -208016. Selected students for Poster Presentation Student Name Sayak Chaudhuri Rahul & Hemangini Subhayu Chakraborty Vijay Purohit and Saumya Misra Mr.Neelabh Mishra & Karmanye Thadani Manish Kumar& Punit Singhvi Bharat Pandey Ashish Chandra ,Prashant Kumar,anshul Kumar Ruchira Goel, Shagun Parashar and Vasudha Singh Uttara chatterjee Tushar Kumar & Ashok Sharma Madhumitha Krishna Kumar Shreyas dubey & Utkarsh. Anant Kaushik & Nishant Prakash Aditi Agarwal&Akhil prasad Neeraj Parnami. Nandha kumar m Kirthi Jayakumar Amit Kr& Ritesh Kr Srivastava. Aditi Singh and Aishwarya Menon Abhijit Kr Pandey and Shraddha Tanuj Bhushan and Pranati T.Bharat Ratna & Ms. Nidhi singh Mayuri Patel and Subhasis Saha Sourav Nath Jayakirupa J Anshuman Mozumdar and Kunal Chandra Agrawal Atul Dwivedi,Amit Tripathi,Romi Kushwaha, Alok Mukerjee and Himanshu Pandey Surya Mani Tripathi Aditi Gehlot Vinayak Mishra and Priyanka Rathi Nitin Kr Verma and Nitin Bhatnagar Preshit Vilas Surshe & Aniket Prasoon Trushil vora , Nirav Bhatt Krishna Chandra Dwivedi Namit Gehlot, Manish K. Kanth Smita saumya jha, sanjay khan
  2. 2. Bitihotra Sahu, Richi Mahapatra and Jeevan Ballav Panda Onkar,S.Harish and Meera Vinati gupta & Shivam Agarwal Rahul Purohit & Gaurav Srivastava Priyanka , Gaurav Abhishek Krishnan Bhargav,Rahul & sushant Arunava Mukherjee&Meha Rashmi Akshay Kshitij Bose& Akarshan Agarwal Shashank Singh Ms.Upasna kesarwani, Jaya Tripathy Selected Students for Oral/Paper presentation Student's Name Anupam J. Singh Jayant Kumar I.V. Siddhivardhana & Mr. Amit Rangari Tarun Mathur Niruphama & Tine Elizabeth Abraham Arunava Mukherjee&Meha Rashmi A.Harsh Vardhan &Abhishek Choudhury Yatin bhushan & Sonali Singh Ravi Prakash & Pallav Mongia Pawandeep Singh,Prashant Gupta Sourav Keshri,subhasish saha, Kaynat Sheikh Kush Kalra &Tushar gupta Vinay V. Mishra Harshita Bhatnagar,Rajul Bohra Mahak Chandak and Rumana Gauran Mr.Vaibhav Ganjiwale
  3. 3. ent of Rs. 500 (on or before 18 February 2008)or by Rs. 1000/- after 18th Feb.Send our of Registrar, IIT Kanpur, payable at Kanpur, should be send to: Chairman, Orga re, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur -208016. dents for Poster Presentation College/University National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata Gujarat National Law University Gujarat National Law University, Ghandhi nagar Gujarat National Law University Gujarat National Law University GUJARAT NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY NALSAR, University of Law University of Allahabad School of Excellence in law,Chennai Gandhinagar,gujrat. Raipur,Chattishgarh. Gujrat National LawUniversity. PG Diploma in IP Law RGSOIPL - IIT Kharagpur - 721302. Dr.Ambedkar law university,Chennaii The School of Excellence in Law, Chennai NALSAR, Hyderabad. Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad Hidayatullah National University, Raipur Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad Hidayatullah National University, Raipur School of excellence in Law, Dr. Ambedkar University, Chennai National Law University, Jodhpur Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur Hidayatullah National University, Raipur Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad Gujarat National Law University University Of Allahabad Gujarat National Law University Gujarat National Law University
  4. 4. Hidayatullah National Law University,ICFAI Law School Dehradun Gujarat National Law University National law university , Jodhpur IIIT ALLAHABAD NALSAR, University of Law/Student National Law School of India University,Bangalore Gujarat National Law University National law university , Jodhpur Hidayatullah National Law University IIT Kanpur Dept.of commerce ,university of Allahabad University of Allahabad dents for Oral/Paper presentation College/University National Law University, Jodhpur National Law University, Jodhpur NALSAR, University of Law National Law University, Jodhpur NALSAR UNIVERSITY OF LAW National Law University, Jodhpur Gujarat National Law University National Law University, Jodhpur Hidayatullah National Law University,Raipur.Chhattishgarh IIIT-Allahabad Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur,Chattishgarh Rajiv Gandhi National Law University,Punjab 147001 Mahindra Kothi,The Mall, Patiala, Gujarat National Law University Gujarat National Law University Gujarat National Law University Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad
  5. 5. y 2008)or by Rs. 1000/- after 18th Feb.Send the registration form along with the Kanpur, should be send to: Chairman, Organizing Committee, NC IPR 2008, SIDBI Topic NON-LITERAL INFRINGEMENT OF PATENT Patents amendment act 2005: Meeting TRIPS standards or disappointing national expectations? A theoritical approach to valuing intellectual property Traditional knowledge Biodiversity,Plant and Genetic Resources:Reviewing the current enforcement mechanism IPR issues concerning biodiversity and traditional knowledge of tribes IPRs & enforcement and folklore: Evolving Paradigms IPRs as drivers of international trade,foreign direct investment,technology transfer and licensing in knowledge driven economie Property in the era of IPR:In search of new definition Extra territorial enforcement of software and patents in India:A lesson to be learnt from the United States of America IPRs & TRIPS:International norms and their domestic implementation A different aspect of outsourcing,an old age home IPRs as drivers of knowledge capital Data Protection (An emerging need of day for growing knowledge economy ) Google Library project:Following the copyright debate The nuclear piracy in the dotcom stratosphere:Policy options and alternative approaches Commercialisation of intellectual property for small and medium enterprises in India Patent errors in patenting biotechnological inventions The role of WTO in protection of traditional knowledge' IP Issues in outsourcing to India' Traditional knowledge and folklore: Evolving Paradigms Enforcement of intellectual property rights: Human rights violation and its domestic application Trade Secrats & the doctrine of inevitable disclosure IPRs & knowledge driven economies - Copyright protection in cinematographic films and sound recordings Protection of confidential information' From reverse - engineering to innovation - A paradigm shift in patent law in India with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry' IPRs & the enforcement mechanism: Recognition, legislation and implementation Patentability of stem cell: An ethical dilemma or a legal conundrum' IPRs & Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Research System Intellectual Property and Fashion Industry Taxation of intellectual property: A call for better regulation of Transfer Pricing IPR Violation - service oriented Approach for IPR IPR and Competition Policy in India' Strategic IP Management by Companies:Need to frame IP Strategy and Developing of IP Strategy IPRs & the enforcement mechanism:Problems & prospects Intellectual Property Rights - Management of Knowledge Capital With Regards to New Emerging Methods of Intellectual Prope Creation of knowledge capital the objectives of IPRs :Myth or Reality?
  6. 6. Biodiversity and indigenous knowledge system: Intellectual property rights revisited' Is my Gene My Own:Gene Patenting and Enforcement Mechanisms' Impact of IP regime on diminishing agrobiodiversity:Finding solutions to conserve genetic variations IPR’S AND THE ENFORCEMENT MECHANISMS – PROBLEMS & PROSPECTS Legal & ethical implications of stem cell patent:A Study of International Norms Trademark and geographical indications: Conflicts and overlaps International Intellectual property regime' Copyright Issues in the entertainment and media industry Ass & licensing under indian patent law' The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Biotechnology IPRs: Implementation,management and risk pertaining to it' INFLUENCE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN IT: OUTSOURCING CONTRACT Topic IP insurance: Opening new vistas for IP protection Insurance coverage in IP Litigation' IPRs the concept of passing off Patent Litigation trend in India Springboard Doctrine and knowledge management PROTECTION OF TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE & BIOPIRACY PREVENTION Ip regime as a driving capital of SMEs - Work house in a knowledge driven economy Reverse Engineering V.Exploration: exploring alternatives to construct better legal framework Economic Analysis of third party liabilty for copyright infrigement on the internet The need to define open-format: A case study in context of IPRs' Patent Law & Trips: compulsory licensing of patents and pharmaceuticals IPRS as drivers of Knowledge Capital ISP liability for third party copyright infringement: A comparative analysis for setting international standard norms' Business method Patents - Need for Policy Appraisal People , Plants & Patents:A balance between IPR Protection and benifit sharing' Patenting of Micro-organism