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Sd Info Uk

  1. 1. StickyDrive – A Promotional Tool Brand the outside. The StickyDrive platform "brands the inside" of a flash drive by offering a graphic interface incorporating your logo and colour schemes. In addition StickyDrive offers useful functionality which assures continued usage, and presentation of your message! And brand the inside.
  2. 2. What is StickyDrive? StickyDrive is a versatile software program that is added to your USB flash drive that makes it a much better marketing tool. What can it do? When the USB flash drive is plugged in, a user interface to the flash drive appears on the computer screen with your company logo and message. So, instead of just branding the outside, with StickyDrive, your company branding appears on the inside too! You can add pictures of your products, links to your company web site, show your latest promotional video; in fact any content can be included. Best of all, this software enables you to update the flash drive with new documents or messages about new products even after you have distributed the flash drives. StickyDrive gives you an ongoing channel to communicate with your customers. Finally - we can deliver reports on the use of the flash drive! The number of times it is used, what documents were launched from the drive and which of your websites were visited... to name but a few!
  3. 3. Loading Screen Loading Screen: The “program loading” screen can be customised with your graphics and logo – your branding will begin from the very first moment your drive is plugged in. This is included in the basic package price.
  4. 4. Customised Interface Your own customised, branded interface: The StickyDrive platform can be customised to feature your logo, brand, products, and message. You can feature company product information, links to your website, videos (either resident on the drive or delivered dynamically) animations, slideshows; nearly any content that can be viewed through the internet can be delivered through StickyDrive!
  5. 5. Customised Interface Custom Top Skin Logo Custom Bottom Skin Brand Information Website Hyperlink Embedded Video
  6. 6. Top Skin: The top skin is always visible – it provides most of the controls for Top Skin – Custom Branding StickyDrive. It can be customised with artwork, photographs, logos, internet hyper-links, and other features. Custom background (photograph) Custom colour scheme matching your corporate or brand identity Logo activates “About Us” slide-out
  7. 7. Bottom Skin – Welcome Screen Bottom Skin – Welcome Screen: The bottom skin can be completely customised with your own graphics, video, Links to your slideshows, and other website content. This is included in the basic package price. Promotional Video
  8. 8. About Us: You can customise this slide-out area to share information about your company, products, and brand. Include your email address, phone number, and link to your website. Just click on the logo to view the slide-out.
  9. 9. This is cutting-edge technology! • We offer two levels of branding for StickyDrive: Basic Package Branding Features: • Loading Skin – Customised loading page during program initiation. • Top Skin – Custom or stock design interface skin. • Welcome Bottom skin - Custom or stock design interface skin. • Web Links – Up to 3 links to websites on welcome page bottom skin. Program Features: • File and Content Sorting • File Search Tool • Capacity Indicator – amount of memory left on the drive. • Document, Music, Photo File Filter Windows. • Embedded Applications – Music Player and Photo Viewer
  10. 10. Premium Package The StickyDrive Premium package includes all the branding and program features of Basic StickyDrive, PLUS the additional features below. Branding Features: • Unlimited web links, including links from any top skin window. • Incorporated video(s) – either loaded on the drive or streamed via the internet. • Design animation within the bottom skin such as scrolling ads or text. • Content menus on home page bottom skin with links to documents loaded on the drive.
  11. 11. Basic and Premium Software License Maintenance Fee Each new order for StickyDrive Basic or Premium comes with 18 months program support for maintenance and/or customer initiated updates. If you wish to support or send updates to flash drives beyond 18 months, there is a small charge per drive as a program maintenance fee, will be charged for each additional 12 month period.
  12. 12. Additional StickyDrive Services StickyDrive Services support customers in Three Ways: 2. Program Update Services: Update a skin and stored files* on StickyDrive Basic or Premium (per drive/per update): 5. Custom Design Programming: Providing custom functionality outside the scope of the Basic or Premium package; then (subject to project acceptance by StickyDrive) Custom programming services are billed at £60.00 per hour including program management, conference calls, and communication time. All Custom programming must be accompanied with a programming work request. • Hosted Content: Companies can store documents, music, videos or other content on StickyDrive servers, if required. The content will be hosted for the initial 18 month license agreement, after which a new hosting charge would be required (at the same rate) for each additional 12 month period.
  13. 13. Contact us to discuss StickyDrive in greater detail.