Technology in education


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Technology in education

  1. 1. By: Lynsey Crowell
  2. 2. Title Page  Menu  Article 1: pages 3-6  Article 2: pages 7-9  Article 3: pages 10-12  Conclusion 
  3. 3. ONLINE GRADE BOOKS Parents can have access  to their child’s grades, schedule, tests, and assignments. Parents are also able to see if their child had been tardy or had a discipline problem.
  4. 4. Years ago computers were few and far between in  schools. Today many schools have a computer lab or laptops that can be transported from room to room. Podcasting is also another way students are engaging  in technology. This helps create excitement when the podcast carries the voice of the child.
  5. 5. I think that the online grade books would be a  great asset to any classroom for students, parents and teachers. This is something that I had never heard of  before reading this article. A quote that stood out to me in the article was  “The trouble with education today is that we have forgotten that we are all not the same.”
  6. 6. Blogs can be used in the classroom between  students, teachers and parents. Blogs can also be used as instructional  resources and as a place to display the work of a student. Teachers are also able to post instructions for  assignments and homework help.
  7. 7. By blogging students can improve their writing  skills. Students are also able to share ideas between other  students and/or teachers. Parents can also be involved by subscribing to the  classroom blog. Parents would be able to see class schedules,  assignments, etc. is a popular blog site for  teachers to use in their classrooms.
  8. 8. I think that there are many good uses to blogs in education. I can’t  wait to begin teaching and have a classroom blog of my own. I think using this can enhance the learning desires of students by making it new, fun and exciting! A quote I found very true from the article was, “Blogs have great  potential in education.” How to use 
  9. 9. Students in high school are able to take on “real  life” careers in a virtual world. They use computer applications for  most of their work, becoming proficient in  programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power-  point, Illustrator, and Publisher. 
  10. 10. I think this would be very useful in the  classroom. It not only lets them deal with checking their  pay but lets them get a feel for the life they may want to live. It may help them strive more to succeed. 
  11. 11. Overall, education for all will be enhanced by  the use of technology in classrooms. Whether it is elementary, middle, high school, or college. There are many new and useful types of  technology available…it just needs to be used in a helpful way.
  12. 12. Hong, W. (2008). Exploring Educational Use of Blogs in U.S. Education. US-China Education  Review, 5(10), 34-8. Retrieved April 23, 2009, from ERIC database. Hughes, Katherine L., and Joanne Wang Golann. quot;A Virtual World with Real Results.quot;  Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers 83.3 (2008): 34-8. ERIC. H. W. Wilson. IUPUI Library. Indianapolis, IN. 23 Apr. 2009 <