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Power Point


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Power Point

  1. 1. Article Number One Summary Personal Reflection Article Number Two Summary Personal Reflection Article Number Three Summary Personal Reflection Conclusion
  2. 2.  “Blogging? It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson!” by: Lorrie Jackson  On www.Education NEXT
  3. 3.  Blogs are evolving › Blogs allow anyone to publish info on the internet › Blogs have become a journalistic tool  Blogging helps students become better writers › Research shows students write more, in greater detail, care more about spelling, grammar and punctuation. (Jackson L., 2005) PREVIOUS NEXT
  4. 4.  Students interest in writing increases › Students are aware that many people will be viewing their blogs  Blogger  Live Journal  Blog meister › Allows teachers to review each post and either approves or returns posts to students for editing (Jackson L., 2005) PREVIOUS NEXT
  5. 5.  This article gives good reasons why blogging is effective in the classroom. It is beneficial to teachers and students. Also this article is a great resource for tips on how to use a blog, what a blog is and how to keep students safe while blogging. PREVIOUS NEXT
  6. 6.  “Learning through Blogging: Graduate Student Experiences”  By: Robert Davison NEXT
  7. 7.  Davison says “Communication is a fundamental part of learning. As instructors, we communicate with each other, as well as with our students, who also interact with us and each other. Indeed, we can go further and assert that communication is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. It is not surprising therefore that a wide variety of IT based communication tools have been developed, and that many of these have found application in the context of learning.” (Davison R., 2009) PREVIOUS NEXT
  8. 8.  Students enjoy blogging › Most students write more entries than the minimum required › They read each others entries › Students learn from each other by reading and commenting on each others blogs › Students who tend to be quieter benefit from blogging; they can share ideas at their own pace (Davison R., 2009) PREVIOUS NEXT
  9. 9.  This article gives more reasons why blogging is effective in the classroom › Students enjoy blogging › Students open up more in blogs as opposed to general class discussions › Students learn from each other without the teacher doing too much › Easy for teachers to create discussion questions and let students react PREVIOUS NEXT
  10. 10.  “ Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom”  By: Mollie Crie › An educator with 22 years in the classroom. She currently teaches for Bedford County Schools in Forest, Virginia NEXT
  11. 11.  Blogs are User friendly › Require minimum technical knowledge › Students/teachers find them convenient and accessible via home or library  Educational Benefits › Excellent tool for communicating with students for teachers › Highly motivating for quieter students › Opportunities for students to read and write mentoring can occur discussion forums (Crie M., 2005) PREVIOUS NEXT
  12. 12.  Using Blogs in Class › Classroom management  Can be used for info for students › Collaboration  Mentoring  Peer review › Discussions  Open discussions outside class › Student Portfolios  Present and organize (Crie M., 2005) PREVIOUS NEXT
  13. 13.  This article gives reasons why blogs are effective in the classroom  How to use a blog  What to use blogging for  Blog Risks to consider PREVIOUS NEXT
  14. 14.  Blogs are effective in the classroom  Blogs benefit teachers  Blogs benefit students  Blogs are easy to use  There are some Risks that should be considered
  15. 15.  Crie M., Initials. (2005). Using Blogs to integrate technology in the classroom. Teaching Today, Retrieved from cationupclose.phtml/47  Davison R., Initials. (2009). Learning through blogging: graduate student experiences. Elearnmagazine, Retrieved from best_practices&article=44-1  Jackson L., Initials. (2005). Blogging? it's elementary my dear watson!. Education World, Retrieved from