Zongkers Custom Furniture


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custom work done by President of the company Dennis Zongker

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Zongkers Custom Furniture

  1. 1. “Griffin End Table”Next 7 Slides Dennis Zongkers Work “Old World Craftsmanship”
  2. 2. Carving the Griffin’s for The “Griffin End Table Legs”
  3. 3. Dennis Lee Zongker “Old World Craftsmanship” “The Making of a Majestic Griffin Style End Table”
  4. 4. 3 Hand Carved Lions For “Griffin End Table Legs”
  5. 5. Drawing out the Marquetry… for the End Table Top
  6. 6. “Griffin End Table” Marquetry Table Top
  7. 7. Chess Table and Chairs Built by, Dennis ZongkerNext 4 Slides
  8. 8. Chess Pieces and Playing field & Storage drawers
  9. 9. Chess Table Legs The center post of the table is the king upside down. Scaled up 9 times. And the four feet are the knights scaled up.
  10. 10. The chairs back has a abstract figure of a lady queens body. The top of the chairs have a queen’s crown. And the bishops are on booth sides of the crown.
  11. 11. Decorative Parquetry Dining Table
  12. 12. Decorative Parquetry “The Window Method”
  13. 13. The table pattern itself is called parquetry. Geometric forms brought together in a picturesque scene, representing planets and streaks of shooting stars. Center of Table Looking through the glass >>>
  14. 14. “Carving Out a New Life for Old Furniture” By, Dennis Zongker Wood Carving Illustrated Published in 2008 Fall Issue
  15. 15. Before After
  16. 16. Carving on the rocking chair Published in Fall Edition of Wood Carving Illustrated 2008
  17. 17. Beginning of a Carved Box By, Dennis Zongker Currently In Progress
  18. 18. The Top of the Carved Box “Roses for the, assemble of love.”
  19. 19. Teaching Project: Purple Heart Chair Apprentice Learning
  20. 20. Apprenticeship Under Dennis Zongker 16 Year Old Millard South High School Student: Eric Zongker
  21. 21. Apprenticeship Under Dennis Zongker “In most parts of Europe, by law around 1600 to 1800, a boy approximately 9 years old was chosen by family trade to become a cabinetmaker. It required at least eight years of mandatory education. The training consisted of a high degree of technical training that would ensure a high standard of work.” By, Dennis Zongker
  22. 22. “First an apprentice spent several years in the workshop of a master furniture maker, followed by at least as many years as a journeyman. In order to become a master, a journeyman had to prove his competence. A young man around 22 to 24 years of age could be a master of his trade, and could be commissioned for cabinet making jobs.” “All of this training, one could see how cabinet making, furniture making, carving, joinery, marquetry and many other related skills, could reach such a high standard of technical skill. In today’s world one could be called an Artist. While yesterdays Cabinet Maker was considered a tradesman.” By, Dennis Zongker
  23. 23. Acanthus Leaf Theme" Dinning Table & ChairsNext Slide Completed Table
  24. 24. Hand Carvings, Marquetry and Furniture Making By, Dennis Zongker
  25. 25. “Lion Carvings” Each lion’s size 17” tall x 12” deep x 9” wide. Dennis carved both of these lion’s seven years ago. He mostly carved them to for the experience on carving. Dennis favorite animal is a lions because he loves the way they show strength, loyalty & pride.
  26. 26. Carvings…Corbels and Replica's
  27. 27. Carving Houses from’ “Old Photo’s”
  28. 28. Zongker Brothers
  29. 29. Purple Heart "Medal of Honour“
  30. 30. Back & Front Of Purple Heart
  31. 31. “Gothic Cat Carving” Wall Plaque “When I first started carving nine years ago. I spent most of my time sharpening my carving gouges. On this “Gothic cat” I didn't use any sand paper. I was really trying to make it look like old world style of craftsmanship. By showing the carving marks that gouges leave.” (Dennis Zongker)
  32. 32. “Gothic Cat Carving” Wall Plaque Close up Pictures
  33. 33. Wall Plaque For the owner of Werner Paint Supply Christmas Gift
  34. 34. Carving a Replica of a 150 year old music box top
  35. 35. Marquetry Of Rose’s Made into Wall Plaques
  36. 36. Marquetry Rose Bud Made into Wall Plaques
  37. 37. Armoire’