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Star Wars


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Isn't it weird that this was almost two years ago?

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Star Wars

  1. 1. Star Wars The Use of Leitmotif • Popular film composer • Award Winning John • Works with many directors Williams • Use of Wagnerian leitmotif
  2. 2. The Imperial March Good vs. Evil Republic vs. Anakin vs. Empire Darth Vader
  3. 3. Duel of the Fates Light Side vs. Dark Side • Anakin’s Internal Struggle • Jedi vs. Sith
  4. 4. The Imperial Probe •Epic •Fanfare Start of Movie
  5. 5. The Rebel Fanfare The Rebel Alliance Winning Battling or Losing Uneasy
  6. 6. Luke’s Theme Luke When on Tatooine When in danger When heroic
  7. 7. Princess Leia’s Theme Princess Leia Organa On Rebel Ship When heroic Love Interest
  8. 8. Star Wars The Use of Leitmotif • Connect with people on a new level • Allow continuity throughout Leitmotifs the series • These leitmotifs make Star Wars so memorable • Thanks Wagner!