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Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
K16 Soul Bits Tec. Reverse Osmosis purification plays a great role in the supply of high quality fresh tap water. These well-proven Reverse Osmosis tap water systems are the preferred selections for any application where ultimate reliability, low maintenance cost/effort and committed customer support are of utmost importance. Water makers are available directly from the manufacturer and in many countries through a fast growing net of factory-trained distributors. We are the makers of the pure drinking Water Plant. Our water plants are known for technical excellence, easy maintenance and purified water. We specialize in providing hi-tech water treatment solutions at the most affordable rates.
We are pure water plant maker of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems for exclusive apartments, commercial and industries internal plant provide and for land based operations such as small communities, hotels and beach houses.

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  1. 1. Industrial / Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems 28,800 – 43,200 GPD Specifications / Prices - RO44 Series Three models and two designs options for flow rates up to 30 GPM. Standard features (package #1) • Power coated steel frame • FRP multi-port pressure vessels • Pre-filter housing and cartridge (20” B-B) • Webtrol® multi-stage centrifugal pump • Automatic inlet valve • Low-pressure shut-off with auto restart • Tank level input • Pretreatment interlock input • Adjustable recycle line • Pre-filter pressure gauges • Pump discharge pressure gauge Flow meter for product water •Flow meter for reject water •Flow meter for recycle water •Check valve for product water •Sample valves for product water •On / off switch Features included with package #2 •CI-1000 electronic controller with product water TDS meter and alarm output •Programmable concentrate auto flush
  2. 2. Feed water connection 2quot; Flange Product water connection 1.5quot; Flange Reject water connection 1quot; Flange Feed water pressure requirement (min.) 10 PSIG Drain requirement (maximum) 31, 39, 46 GPM Electrical requirement 230VAC/60hz Phase 3 Amps 30 Models, Specifications and Prices Model Price m³ Per Recovery Membrane Feed Water Typical GPD Dimens Number US$ Day (Adjustable) Qty./ Size Required* Rejection (GPM) R44-16-1111000 $ 26,195 28,800 109 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 31 98% 192quot;x26quot; R44-16-1131100 $ 27,990 28,800 109 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 31 98% 192quot;x26quot; R44-20-1111000 $ 29,300 36,000 136.2 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 39 98% 192quot;x26quot; R44-20-1131100 $ 31,100 36,000 136.2 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 39 98% 192quot;x26quot; R44-24-1111000 $ 32,370 43,200 163.5 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 46 98% 192quot;x26quot; R44-24-1131100 $ 34,165 43,200 163.5 65%-75% 4quot; x 40quot; 46 98% 192quot;x26quot; *At 65% recovery. Notes: Performance specifications are based on 77°F feed water, 3 SDI or less, TDS below 1000 and pH of 8. Please see water temperature conversion charts to determine actual production rate for each installation. Chlorine reduction and other pretreatment may be required. Membrane rejection rates are based on membrane manufacturer's specifications. Pre-filter is Flow-Max® FM4X3 filter housing, constructed using 316 stainless steel and 2quot; MNPT pipe fittings Flow-Pro® FPMB5-30 melt blown filter cartridges. Systems are designed for use with municipal and well water.