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  1. 1. Once upon a time in a magical, faraway land there was a place where little Elves were busily making very bright, amazing clothing for Ms Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. They sewed oh-so- carefully making gorgeous red-riding-hood jackets, super-spunky zebra dresses and oooh-la- la eyes & lips dresses. As each piece of clothing was made the other Elves would look at it, looking this way & that assessing every little design. Everyone agreed that every single item of clothing was just drop-dead gorgeous! Then all of a sudden a hush descended upon the little Elves. Something so bright, shiny and lipgloss-glossy had just been finished. Everyone at once seemed to hold their breath. Lo and behold, what a glorious site - the Agatha de la Rouge Jacket was born. Oh this jacket was truly the Pièce de résistance. Even the other items of clothing were amazed. Red Riding Hood couldn’t believe anything could be redder than her. Zebra dress was a little put out that Rouge could strike a pose better than she. And oooh la-la dress was so disappointed it looked like her shiny eyes were going to cry. Rouge looked at herself up one sleeve and down the other. Oh yes, she was without a doubt a work of art. The Elves bustled about, trying to catch a glimpse of themselves reflected in her ultra-glossy coating. All of a sudden there was a booming sound and everyone ran this way and that in a flurry. The boss-man thundered in and all the little Elves shook and trembled. “Good, you are finished,” he boomed and swiftly put plastic over each and every item of clothing. Riding Hood, Zebra and oooh la-la were all shoved this way and that, into boxes, squished right up next to each other then they heard… “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo….” it was Rouge - she was being put in plastic as well, her protests became muffled. Then she too, was shoved in a box with all the others. The Elves could only look on in astonishment as the box was picked up and out with it under his arm marched the boss-man. What seemed like an eternity passed. The clothes became despondent and depressed. They didn’t think they would ever see the world without a plastic cover. They were hustled and bustled and muscled about. Thrown into trucks and planes and trucks. Left sitting still in warehouses. Were they ever going to be rescued? Just when they were about to give up all hope they heard a voice. It was a sweet voice, and it said “oooohhhh it’s Agatha!”. Suddenly there was a rustling and the box was thrust open and in shone the light. The oooh la-la eyes & lips dress blinked quickly. “Where are we?” she whispered. “Oh, look at this, and this! And this!” the voice belonged to a very nice and kind lady and she pulled out each item of clothing to have a look. She carefully hung them up to admire them. “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, just look at you!!” she squealed. She had found Agatha de la Rouge. She ripped off the plastic instantly, stood back and put one hand on a hip and held it up. “Oh my, you are amazing.” she whispered. Rouge beamed with joy and became just a tiny bit shinier. “Don’t you worry my pretty, I am going to find you a good home - a girl will love and adore you and shine when she is wearing you!” declared the kind lady. And so the search began.