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  2. 2. “your single source”
  5. 5. In the pursuit of artistic perfection, Man has struggled digitally matched proof; densitometers and as well as dreamed. Historically, his reach has often spectrophotometers; high-end color management exceeded his grasp in achieving excellence in design. software; and multiple in-line flexographic label After centuries of disappointing trial and error, presses, allowing us to cost-effectively streamline the eventually there dawned the Renaissance. Suddenly, various processes we offer. This technology is matched art was lifted from its imperfection and unreliability by our exacting prepress and printing methods, which with methodical, scientific formulas for artistic design. distinguish New York Label from other flexo printers Art had surpassed itself. and enable us to deliver exactly what our customers expect – every time. Thanks to the discoveries of the Renaissance, today’s designers employ sound principles and reliable SCIENCE. Equipped with the science behind all our methods. In the artist’s pursuit of his dreams, there’s flexographic printing, there’s no need to improvise. no guesswork in bringing forth beautiful design. We’re proud to have perfected our processes so that your designs are faithfully reproduced This is how New York Label without approaching the costs approaches its work. Since 1878, we Since 1878, generally associated with offset, rotary have been offering labels and tags of screen and gravure printing. the highest quality. During the we have been Eighties, recognizing the value of Flexographic printing is valued by flexography, we launched our exclusive offering labels consumer product industries for focus on flexographic printing. In various advantages not always offered 1993, we took excellence to the next and tags of the by other printing processes. In level by improving our systems with addition to being less expensive, the help of a Deming philosophy- highest quality. flexographic printing is extremely based quality consultant. As a result, flexible, allowing shorter runs, die-cut we enhanced our ability to better and two-sided printing services in-line, fulfill our customers’ expectations of and other specialized services. For this high quality and great service at a competitive price. reason, producers of bath & body, wine & spirits, Our success was recognized by the Society of Training culinary, vitamin and other products rely upon and Development, which gave New York Label the Best flexographic printing to best present their merchandise in Class Award for Organizational Transformation. to their markets. INNOVATION. Tags and labels certainly have come a VALUE. You’ll value the attractive prices, flexibility and long way from the handmade paper and wooden quick turnaround that New York Label offers in presses used in the 18th century. Every technological producing high-quality labels and tags – without the innovation has reinforced the science of printing. New uncertainties once thought to be inherent in high-end York Label doesn’t hesitate to employ the latest design products. And, enamored of the excellence of technology available, including the standard-setting our work, your customers just might take for granted Kodak Approval® System, which produces a perfect, the science behind the art.
  6. 6. Culinary & Gourmet Gourmet cooking is nothing less than artistry Whether you want four-color, PMS or spot color with edible components. A chef’s creations are process printing on paper, foil or film marveled at by culinary art lovers. Anyone can substrate, with lamination or without . . . please a gourmand, who’s more attentive to whatever ingredients suit your product, our quantity than quality; it takes a real cook to expertise will serve up the best labels satisfy a gourmet. imaginable. The gourmet cook works with the finest SINGLE SOURCE. We didn’t get to be the ingredients; he knows that shortcuts on quality leading supplier of tags and labels in the will spoil the cuisine. Therefore, Northeast by offering our his grocery list contains the customers a limited menu. In freshest vegetables, the highest- ...our expertise addition to our fulland die-cutinventory of grade marinades and oils, and substrates, inks only the most flavorful cheeses. shapes, we’re always ready to Happily, as consumers have will serve up provide the specialized services become more discerning and your customers’ industries sophisticated diners, there has the best labels require. For example, culinary emerged an abundance of product labels often require a gourmet culinary products on imaginable. special coating to accommodate the shelves of even the most the stamping of an expiration ordinary grocery stores. Today, date; no problem. Need a supermarkets offer a wide combination of a spot-color selection of such products as balsamic vinegar vignette with a four-color halftone? That’s what and olive oil, for example. In such a we’re here for. competitive market, even the finest culinary product has a real challenge in standing out ONLINE. As a courtesy to our Authorized from the crowd. Online Distributors, New York Label offers our Stock Guide – a swatch booklet with samples QUALITY. Like the most conscientious chefs, of the paper, film and foil substrates available New York Label understands how to blend the – free of charge. This gives you just a taste of best ingredients to create a quality product. the full menu of services we provide to our Our labels give your customers’ culinary customers. So visit today. products the competitive edge in their market.
  7. 7. SUBJECT: GOURMET OIL LABEL SUBSTRATE: Hi-gloss paper SCREEN: 175 lpi COLORS: Four-color process, 3 PMS colors FINISH: Stampable UV varnish FORMAT: Die-cut in rolls COMMENTS: Stampable UV varnish used to accommodate the stamping of an expiration date.
  8. 8. Bath & Body Let’s be honest. We’d all like to have a privateTHE “NO LABEL” LOOK. A bath and body spa in our homes; oh, something like an product’s characteristics (color, consistency, ancient Roman sauna and bath suite. etc.) should be complemented by the label. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for most of New York Label delivers the specialized us, so we’re elated to have the next best thing services to suit every unique product. One – bath and body products. These products feature that’s popular, the “no label” look, instantly offer us the luxury the ancients inexpensively simulates the look of enjoyed at their leisure – long before such silkscreened bottles. We accomplish this by nuisances as telephones, deadlines and using opaque U.V. inks on a transparent doorbells were even imagined. adhesive film, allowing the consumer to see the actual PACKAGING APPEAL. Bath and our “no label” product through the label. body products appeal to us on a These labels are moisture- sensory level; there’s nothing look rivals resistant, vibrant and attractive. intellectual about it. We revel in Our “no label”-look labels rival the fragrance and color of these silkscreening, those produced by the rotary concoctions, indulging in a sort screen process – but at a of mental “detox.” But before but at a much substantially lower price. we even make our selection, purchasing one product over lower cost. Whether the product is another, we’re definitely shampoo, gel, body lotion, body influenced by the packaging. wash or bubble bath, we know that you demand the best labels to meet your Manufacturers deliberately choose the customers’ needs. New York Label offers the fragrance, color and texture in developing a finest flexographic services to satisfy every new bath and body product. The combination scenario. With life already so full of chosen is calculated to evoke a certain annoyances, why give yourself any emotive effect in the consumer. This approach unnecessary worries? Let us handle the is carried through in the elements that science to give you the satisfaction. constitute the packaging: the type of dispenser, the material of the container itself, and the color (or transparency) selected for dispensers and caps.
  9. 9. SUBJECT: BATH & BODY WASH LABEL SUBSTRATE: Transparent film SCREEN: 133 lpi COLORS: UV opaque white, metallic silver FINISH: Gloss UV varnish FORMAT: Die-cut in rolls COMMENTS: UV opaque white ink used on clear film to simulate screenprinting for the “no-label” look
  10. 10. Vitamin Forget glamour, luxury and whimsy. Vitamins with highly similar packaging; the brand is are levelheaded products. They don’t offer immediately recognizable from product to you fame or an instant fortune. Like an old- product. Consistent color is a crucial element fashioned country doctor, a jar of vitamins within each manufacturer’s product line. soberly tells you exactly what it can do for Consequently, precise color repetition is you – no empty promises, no miracles, no essential, especially because these various embellishments of reality. Truth in labeling is containers sit side by side on the shelf. New at a premium here. York Label comes through (with flying colors!), matching colors exactly, even from lot to lot. ROLL TO ROLL. Although the vitamin market isn’t regulated as Additionally, we take pride in rigorously as the pharmaceutical how well we’re able to reproduce industry, recent FDA regulations . . . in the vitamin the small type on vitamin labels, have radically affected not only excelling in challenging areas, vitamin products, but the industry, legibility such as reverses. On our labels, printing industry that labels the text is cleanly replicated for them, as well. For instance, and consistency are legibility. And, in the vitamin vitamin product labels that were industry, legibility is an absolute once printed by offset presses an absolute must. must. on sheets are now being printed by flexography, roll to roll. This COMPETITIVE EDGE. Who needs method satisfies the FDA’s glamour when you’re being restrictions against “loose” labeling, which can reliably assured of good health? However, result in mislabeling of containers. New York although it’s been said that a good product Label’s expertise in roll to roll flexo meets this sells itself, that’s not easy to do on a shelf emerging necessity in the vitamin industry. Our that’s cluttered with competitors’ products, all exacting S.O.P.s (standard operating vying for the attention of the health-savvy procedures) further ensure accuracy in bar consumer. So, give your customers’ products a coding, ingredients and every component of competitive edge. New York Label will every label. invigorate any vitamin product line’s energy level...that’s something you can rely on. CONSISTENCY. Vitamin producers tend to market their entire range of dietary supplements, e.g., Vitamins A, B12, Zinc, etc.,
  11. 11. SUBJECT: VITAMIN LABEL SUBSTRATE: Hi-gloss paper SCREEN: 133 lpi COLORS: 2 PMS colors FINISH: Gloss UV varnish FORMAT: Die-cut in rolls COMMENTS: Color from run to run critical for brand consistency
  12. 12. Wine & Spirits The Latin proverb, “In vino veritas” (In wine heritage, as well as the particular (sometimes there is truth), is as old as the seven hills of almost miraculous) climate and soil Rome. Wine and spirits, unique among the conditions of a region. This legacy needs to vast array of beverages enjoyed throughout be preserved; the label on the bottle history, have occupied an exalted place on identifies and reinforces this. the stage of life. Is this simply because of their intoxicating properties? Perhaps it has SOPHISTICATION. New York Label understands something to do with the aforementioned that the mystique of a fine wine, scotch, ancient adage. In any case, there is much cognac or other type of spirits should be more to wine and spirits than reflected in its label. Ordinary the alcoholic content. labels just won’t do. Whether the coating is gloss or matte, These beverages embody . . . labels that will varnished or not, and the intangible qualities that one printing in spot-color or four- cannot measure, justify or even manifest the color process, hot-stamped or explain adequately. Unlike not, we can put your message sports drinks, wine and spirits product’s spirit in on the bottle...on a tangible, do not pretend to quench your exquisite label. thirst or replenish your electrolytes. They don’t really intoxicating style. Whether a bottle appeals to supply vitamins or sustain your consumers merely visually or body’s health. And while the on the reputation of the best wines and spirits can boast a definite product, it’s essential that the product’s cachet, they do not exist to impart a trendy quality is announced to consumers in the chic-ness to the imbiber (unlike certain best possible packaging. Perhaps clothes do brands of bottled water and ubiquitous not make the man, but a poor wardrobe coffee blends out there). They simply hardly does justice to the soul within his possess an elusive appeal. breast. The same is true for wine and spirits. New York Label will adorn each and every IDENTITY. Wine and spirits are not “here product as it deserves. Rest assured that today, forgotten tomorrow.” A fine wine or we’ll give you labels that will truly manifest liquor perpetuates (or, in some cases, the product’s spirit in intoxicating style. establishes) an honored legacy, often intertwined with an illustrious family’s
  13. 13. SUBJECT: WINE LABEL SUBSTRATE: Hi-gloss paper SCREEN: 133 lpi COLORS: 2 PMS colors, 1 metallic FINISH: Gloss UV varnish FORMAT: Die-cut in sheets COMMENTS: Die-cut in sheets for hand application
  14. 14. Health & Beauty The search for the Fountain of Youth is a as hi-gloss, thermal transfer, and litho, as well universal quest. From ancient mythology and as an assortment of foil and film substrates. popular literature to today’s proliferation of Select a matte or gloss lamination, with a health clubs and age-reversing cosmetic choice of coatings: matte or gloss varnish, etc. treatments, it isn’t hard to find evidence of Moreover, you’ll have the full range of ink Man’s desire to turn back the hands of time. processes (four-color process, spot, etc.) and This isn’t easy to do. Undaunted, however, colors from which to choose. We’ll help you consumers continue to invest in all kinds of define the precise combination of elements for health and beauty treatments: labels that are nothing less than perfect. masks, creams, scrubs, ointments, mineral solutions and CONVENIENCE. In addition to more! printing, the choice of services mentioned above, our inventory of thousands of die-cut shapes Of course, this obsession with coating and further customizes your labels to youth and vitality has engendered innumerable suit your customers’ products. die-cutting all Because of the wide diversity of products that promise to restore what time has stolen. With so products within the health and much competition, how does a in one pass beauty industry, an extensive product line get the attention of variety of label and tag shapes is required. New York Label offers the consumer? Labels. you the convenience of our in- house, specialized label shape catalog. Simply CHOICES. Exactly how does the label enhance select the exact die-cut shape for your product. a health and beauty product’s allure? Well, that depends on the specific personality of a TURNAROUND TIME. Although consumers product. What kind of treatment is the may regard Time as the enemy, we believe that consumer being offered: a facial scrub, time is of the essence in what we do. In fact, therapeutic body wash, or perhaps a cream to with the efficiency of flexography’s in-line erase wrinkles? The label should reinforce the printing, coating and die-cutting all in one consumer’s confidence in the product, pass, we’ll complete your labels in no time at all! amplifying the product’s attributes. New York Label offers a full catalog of paper stocks, such
  15. 15. STANDARD SUBSTRATES High-Gloss White Mylar Chartreuse DayGlo High-Gloss Opaque Clear Mylar Green DayGlo High-Gloss Piggyback Computer Imp. Silver Mylar Pink DayGlo Litho Crystal Fasclear Thermal Direct Litho Opaque Vinyl 50# Liner Thermal Transfer Litho Piggyback Coupon Bright Gold Foil Semi-Gloss Transparent Polystyrene Dull Gold Foil Smudge Proof Red DayGlo Bright Silver Foil Laser Orange DayGlo Dull Silver Foil STANDARD PRODUCTS Die-cut/Rolls Warehouse Hang Tags Shipping Pinfeed Butt Cut Tab in Web Laser Sheets Mailing Face Slit Consecutive No. Sheeted Piggyback Wafer Seals STANDARD INK COLORS* Reflex Blue Purple 032 Red Black Process Blue 021 Orange Green Rhodamine Red Yellow Warm Red Violet Rubine Red 072 Blue 185 Red 286 Blue 347 Green 485 Red 432 Grey 109 Yellow 280 Blue 348 Green 267 Purple 469 Brown 300 Blue * simulated with four color process inks (not for color matching)
  16. 16. T 800.257.2300 • F 631.234.7556 50 OVAL DRIVE ISLANDIA, NY 11749 WWW.NYLABEL.COM
  17. 17. Come Visit Our Showroom Great Performances If life were a movie, what kind of reviews would yours get? All too often, our existence is crowded with more drama than we need. With the many complications we experience on a daily basis, it's important to have a ready-to-enjoy entertainment system available at the push of a button. Unique Audio Video presents audiophiles and movie lovers alike with integrated home theaters, where the only drama is on-screen. Our expertise in installing the latest audio/video equipment and security systems guarantees you a hassle-free zone in which to enjoy your favorite CDs, DVDs and other media. We offer custom-designed whole-house installations at residential and commercial locations, to suit every need: from simple two-channel stereo setups to multichannel loudspeaker systems working in concert with state-of-the-art receivers and displays to “smart home” systems featuring up-to-the-minute technology. We know you don't need any more suspense in your life. We're here to make sure your home cinema experience gets rave reviews. Reel to Reel We continue to play a supporting role in your sporting events and other programming under optimal conditions at home. We’ll also keep your integrated array Home Theatre entertainment and home of lighting, temperature, security and other automated automation systems, long functions humming along at your command, resulting in after you first press the exceptional comfort and ease of use. Power On button. Our Whatever follow-up service you may require, Unique customer service keeps Audio Video is ready to assist you. Whether it’s an your home screenings equipment demonstration, repair emergency, upgrade or rolling…with no unwelcome any other contingency, just give us a call. You can rely intermissions. on our certified technicians, who take pride in meeting It is our pleasure to provide technical support for your your every need. For more than 20 years, Unique Audio professional-quality audio/visual system so that you and Video has been thrilling home audiences with unrivalled your family can continue to enjoy your favorite movies, technical support. 1361-9 Lincoln Avenue | Holbrook, NY 11741 | T: 631.588.8634 | F: 631.737.6538 |
  18. 18. Sit Back And Enjoy… Identifying Your Sound Space Choosing A System Pass The Popcorn Your home is much more than just a piece of real estate. It’s You have any number of options in selecting a system that’s flat-panel plasma display or a rear-projection monitor, such Your viewing and listening environment is as important as the image and sound where you take refuge from the “slings and arrows” of daily life. perfect for your lifestyle. If you entertain outdoors a lot, for as OptomaTV™. This 21st century display is ideal for HDTV quality produced by your home theater components. We offer you an array of furnishings Today’s audio/video technology makes it possible to keep the world at instance, all-weather speakers are perfect for enhancing your broadcasts, with razor-sharp images and six-channel sound, and accessories to complete your home cinema experience. We have everything from luxury bay, taking pleasure in great music recordings and the inexhaustible events on the veranda, poolside, on the lawn…wherever you and features the Emmy-winning Digital Light Processing (DLP™) theater seating to candy counters; electric shades for your display to popcorn machines; wealth of films produced since sound was first introduced to the spend a lot of time. Or perhaps you’re intense about motion technology from Texas Instruments. OptomaTV – available in decorative component racks and shelving to movie posters. Once your entertainment space cinema. Conventional two-channel stereo is no longer your only pictures, reveling in every detail – the subtlest expression in an a 50” and 65” unit – has a slim, lightweight design and is is ready, it will be difficult to think of any reason you’ll ever have to leave home (oh, yeah, option. Audio performance now includes multichannel sound actor’s face, the exhilarating feel of wide panoramas and the configured for a true 16:9 aspect ratio picture so you can you’ll just need to pick up some popcorn). reproduction, with dedicated low-frequency components, center emotional impact of sound effects. A home cinema system, enjoy widescreen viewing without letterboxing or distortion. channel speakers, and front and rear surrounds. Combined with with its surround channels, center channel and subwoofer all Another possibility for a system setup is a dedicated theater, a display monitor, this constitutes home theater. associated with an advanced display monitor, is obviously for you. with a 100” (or larger) electric screen, an HDTV projector, theater One possible system for someone who wants all the bells and whistles of a sophisticated audio/video setup would be a NAD L 70 receiver (with a built-in DVD player) paired with a seating, a multichannel surround sound system and accessories. A third popular preference is an A-BUS™-distributed audio system for three to eight rooms, with a 300-disc CD player. Total Home Integration Canton MX16 system (the speakers are in the form of small We’ll help you to decide just what kind of entertainment setup With all the astonishing features now found in audio/video the concept of a kitchen appliance to previously uncharted cubes). Just add a TV and you’re all set. Your options include a is right for you. and “smart home” systems, “Star Wars” seems less and less like territory. Send an email and check out a Web site, listen to a fantasy. You can choose from among a wealth of components CD or your favorite FM radio station, watch a movie, check out that incorporate space-age technology. From the digital TV the traffic report, or check on your sleeping child upstairs… broadcasts and film soundtracks all from your kitchen. To distribute audio throughout your that mesmerize you to the hard- home, Russound’s® revolutionary A-BUS® module replaces Home Automation ware used to play them, there yesterday’s clumsy and overcomplicated equipment with an has never been a more exciting integrated system to keep you singing along with the music time for movie, sporting event while you go about your routine tasks from room to room. Many homeowners are boosting the IQ of their domiciles rity, multiroom audio, outdoor sprinklers…you name it. These and music enthusiasts. with automated systems. Constituting what’s known as “smart systems can be programmed however you like, according to Never before has it been so easy to take advantage of such home” technology, these systems do everything but load the your lifestyle and schedule. Lighting, for example, can be trig- Motion pictures are a synthesis advanced technologies from the comfort of your home. We’ll Design & Construction dishwasher. Home automation provides enhanced security, comfort and safety for you and your family. gered by sensors, coming on when a door is opened or a car enters the driveway; or it can be set to operate on a timer. of artistry and technical wizardry, both on camera and behind the show you how you can make it all work for you to fit into your lifestyle. The components that make up your home theater, stereo continue to meet the high expectations of connoisseurs. Also, the lights can be programmed to go on should the alarm scenes. Audiences experience the explosive impact of films Unique Audio Video offers a comprehensive selection of largely through the technologies imbedded in the sound- or any other entertainment setup are critical to the level Renowned for its “music first” approach to sound reproduction, be tripped, to help deter intruders. options in integrated lighting and temperature controls, secu- tracks. Today’s movies feature DTS®, Dolby® Digital, THX® of enjoyment you’ll experience for years to come. That’s NAD offers receivers, DVD, CD and MP3 players, stereo and Today’s smart homes can even be controlled and monitored and other encoding, so it’s important to have the electronic why Unique Audio Video uses only the finest products in our multichannel amplifiers, and other components to process remotely. Parents can receive an email message when their components and loudspeakers that can handle these effects, installations. music and motion picture soundtracks with the greatest children return from school. Service visits, such as housekeep- faithfully reproducing them so that you fidelity. Unique Audio Video is dedicated to installing ing and lawn maintenance, can be monitored. Residents can With the increasing popularity of flat-screen displays, can enjoy a film the way the director the highest caliber in electronics to give you the greatest disarm alarms by telephone or over the Internet to permit certain companies have emerged as leaders in the industry. intended you to. An ensemble of speakers enjoyment possible. entrance of visitors. Get email or telephone alerts in the event Our discriminating customers choose from among such elite to acoustically “image” the soundstage When it comes to loudspeakers, it’s hard to surpass the of an intrusion, carbon monoxide detection, leaks, freezing convincingly is a must-have, along manufacturers as Panasonic, NEC, Electrograph and Fujitsu. performance of products by Canton, Pinnacle, Triad and PSB. temperatures or any other condition that would require your with a receiver and DVD player with One much-demanded product, for example, is Fujitsu’s 50” attention. Security cameras can be viewed on your laptop high-resolution Plasmavision® SlimScreen® P50XHA10US The most demanding music and cinema buffs are pleased to the requisite technologies onboard to find that components such as PSB’s Image Series floorstanding, while you’re sunning yourself in the Caribbean or enjoying an process the program material. monitor. This plasma display features an award-winning espresso in Rome. digital video processor, virtually eliminating flicker and bookshelf, center channel, powered subwoofer and bipole One product that enables you to surround speakers reproduce audio material with an exceptional With a combination of voice recognition, Internet access multitask your entertainment with more producing a superior image so that your favorite actors, musicality. For those who prefer in-wall speakers, PSB’s and all the other sophisticated features available in these sys- mundane activities is the iCEBOX™ athletes and artists will seem to be right in the room with you. CustomSound Series offers great performance unobtrusively. tems, home automation will leave you nothing to worry about by Westinghouse™. This unit takes Enthusiasts require sophisticated electronics to handle All the loudspeakers installed by Unique Audio Video are top- – except your kids’ SAT scores. their program material of choice. Manufacturers such as NAD of-the-line products to satisfy a knowledgeable clientele.